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Jermain Defoe-Farewell, Thanks and Good Luck. (Video)

Posted on January 10, 2014 by Scraggs

Of course it’s no great surprise but finally the official announcement of Jermain Defoe’s departure has been made. In what has been one of football’s worst kept secrets for what seems like months he has joined Toronto in the MLS in what we are led to believe is a very lucrative four year contract, it has been reported by Sky that he has become the highest earner in the MLS just ahead of a couple of our previous forwards Clint Dempsey and Robbie Keane.

Tottenham have apparently retained his services until the 28th February which will allow him to make a couple of further appearances, especially in Europe where he might expect to extend his Tottenham goalscoring record. Hopefully Levy and Sherwood do not see Defoe remaining until the end of February as the solution to the striker numbers needed to see the club through to the end of the season in May.

JD has not always been everyone’s cup of tea during his time as a Tottenham player but he has been loyal and productive, it shouldn’t ever be forgotten that he has featured in 361 games for our club and has scored 142 goals, not as prolific as some might have us believe but he is our fifth highest scorer ever and has a very decent England record ¬†with 55 caps and 19 goals.

Defoe leaves for the MLS while still at a level of performance that remains good enough to perform at the highest level and that all points to a prolific goalscoring period in his career and a wonderful opportunity for Toronto to do well, they are certainly investing for success with JD and Michael Bradley on board.

So it’s farewell to JD come the end of February, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses but he has been loyal and has always shown real affection for Tottenham and their supporters, he will be remembered fondly as one of our own and always welcomed back at the Lane his adopted home.

Here is a little reminder of what we shall be missing at the end of an era and with the loss of a player that has been a part of our Tottenham lives for the past ten years(other than that short break down south):-


10 to “Jermain Defoe-Farewell, Thanks and Good Luck. (Video)”

  1. wandering yid says:

    Jermaine Defoe he’s a Yiddo
    May you light up the MLS like you have the Lane
    Good luck JD

    • Stantheman says:

      For ten years he has brought us plenty of excitement and some great goals, he had his faults and we all know what they were but he did seem to have a genuine affection for the club and supporters. From what I understand the the dressing room and training ground will be a duller place after his departure.
      For him this is a great move, good money, long contract and they will love the way he plays and the goals he will plunder, expecting great things.

  2. Eric says:

    Hopefully this means we are getting a new striker

  3. dan says:

    Eric that’s a bit heartless it’s a bit like sending your child off to school for the first time, sad but inevitable.
    But yes can’t wait to see who replaces him haha

    • Eric says:

      Knowing levy with transfers and Tim with his youth obsession don’t expect much.Most likely someone from the youth set up will join in,its risky considering soldado has yet to find his feet,ade is seconds away from his annual mood swing and kane is not ready.It’s a shame cause 4 place is still achievable but afraid I don’t have much faith in Tim,levy and their ways.Having said that they have my support and m hoping we get Cl

      • Don says:

        It’s a difficult emotion to handle at the moment, you feel that you have to support Sherwood because Spurs are your club and yet I really don’t think he is up to the task nor am I happy with his obsession with Redknapp and all things Redknapp, including Ade and his favourites. I want him to succeed because if he does Spurs do and yet I can’t get away from the idea that he might have backstabbed our previous coach and that he is leading us back to the dark ages in football terms.CONFUSED.

      • Tony says:

        I happen to be ok with Kane being involved especially if Sherwood also includes Lamela in a more central role close to either Soldado or Ade. LB for me is essential, happy with Rose but need back up/alternative and NOT Vertonghen when fit.

  4. Eric says:

    Same with me.I don’t care Ho well he does but we need someone experienced in the summer who can bring his own staff and make sure he’s given enough freedom to make his one footballing decisions and also the entire backstabbing episode doesn’t occur again

  5. BigH says:

    Pleased for him. Been a great servant and although he hasn’t quite gone I really wish him the best. Dont hold your breath on a replacement

    • Tony says:

      He has been one of us for the best part of 10 years and say what you will about him has always put the effort in for the team. The last few years have been difficult as the game and systems have changed so much so that he has had to adapt his game accordingly. Our highest modern day scorer which says something.

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