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Just what are AVB’s plans for next season?

Posted on May 23, 2013 by Eddie S

Well not pretending to be in the know or an expert on the matter, but simply as an observer, ardent Tottenham supporter and somebody who prides himself on knowing  a bit about the game from years of playing and watching, let’s try and analyse or second guess AVB’s plans for the coming season.

It is common knowledge that AVB enjoyed his best moments too date when coaching Porto to an historic treble domestically and in Europe, this was achieved, predominantly, off the back of a 4 3 3 formation, this featured a high line a very fluid midfield threesome and a front 3 each providing a goalscoring threat. In a forward 3 there was the considerable threat of Falcao he was backed up by Hulk, Walter and Varela at various times, each of those 4 managed to get double figures that season ending with 40,35,12 and 10 goals respectively.

Tottenham have dabbled with an offensive 3, Bale has obviously excelled in the role adopted by Hulk but none of the others have been able to score sufficient goals to make it work, Lennon who would seem ideal just doesn’t score often enough, and JD with his 11 goals is not prolific enough or good enough as the central focal point. Sigurdsson and Dempsey have stepped in when needed and done ok in a role alien to them and in detriment to their own game.

For the majority of the season the 4 3 3 had to be tweaked to get the best from the squad available and so in the main Tottenham set up in a 4 2 3 1. Because of injuries to Kaboul and Gallas, AVB had to rely heavily on Michael Dawson but because he lacks pace the high line was diluted slightly to accommodate him. Until the injury to Sandro his partnership with Dembele was regarded as the most impressive and effective in the league. The 2 of them in tandem allowed a 3 man offensive midfield to operate just behind a lone striker, one able to hold up play and create openings for them as well as get on the end of goalscoring opportunities. Lennon managed 4 goals, Adebayor 5, Defoe 11, Dempsey 7 and Sigurdsson 3. Only Gareth Bale filled his boots.

For this coming season it is likely that he will continue with the 4 2 3 1 system that served so well and probably suits Gareth Bale most as it allows him to operate in various offensive positions rather than become tied down. The return of Younes Kaboul will enable the team to revert to the high line simply because he possesses great pace and with the return of Sandro there will be additional protection. Hopefully Moussa Dembele will be encourage to be even more offensive and that should allow his own goal tally to improve. In front of those 2 at least 3 of the 4 players will be expected to score a decent amount of goals each and so I think that Lennon will probably not feature quite so often and AVB will look for 2 players to score a decent return of goals, 1 of them specialising over on the left rather than making do.

As the season progresses and when the need calls, it is very likely that the team will seamlessly switch formation to 4 3 3 especially when faced with a some of the teams that will be difficult to break down.

Not easy and not guaranteed obviously but Tottenham and AVB must find another specialist centre forward able to bring 20 goals to the party and another offensive player at least able to chip in with double figures. Goal difference is an issue that must be addressed next season as once again it has proven to be approx.15 to 20 shy of the top 4 teams and could prove crucial come the end of the season.

I get the feeling that there will be little warning, if any, of some of Tottenham’s intended purchases and that there will simply be club announcements once the deal has been done. In the past not only have Tottenham lost out to Chelsea (Oscar comes to mind) but Daniel Levy has had to suffer a fair amount of ridicule and been slaughtered in some quarters because it has been alleged that he tried to do deals on the cheap and so left insufficient time to complete. There might possibly be an element of truth to some of this but in all likelihood it is complete rubbish.

Anyway that’s my take what does everybody else think?



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