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Just who is driving the Sherwood for the job agenda and why?

Posted on March 22, 2014 by Guest Writer

It seems pretty obvious that only a small percentage of Tottenham supporters originally backed the appointment of Tim Sherwood although for a period results managed to bolster those numbers, but since the turn of the year and especially after the high point of victory at Old Trafford his standing has slowly started to dwindle away and the vast majority are expecting the appointment of an experienced coach after the World Cup. In the space of just twenty games in charge Tottenham have now lost eight games but more importantly since the day that he took over just a little over three months ago Tottenham have been eliminated from three cup competitions and are outsiders for a top four position having dropped well off the pace.

Though Tottenham put up a decent performance away to Benfica the team that turned out almost picked itself from those available and it was against a team that had really done the hard work the week before when leaving White Hart Lane with a resounding victory. Since the turn of the year our so called great English hope has led the team to seven defeats and two draws in just sixteen fixtures, hardly the stuff of dreams and yet the media still pumps out what a great job he is doing and the need to give him the time and means to turn results around, not the sort of comment flying around when the previous coach was in place, doing far better and having to cope with so many changes.

Despite all of this Jermaine Defoe, Robbie Keane, Danny Rose, Jamie Carragher and now Paul Robinson amongst numerous others have all had articles printed talking up the attributes of Sherwood, a coach who has in a very short space of time taken what was a decent team backwards. Though Tottenham might not have been certainties for a top four position they were certainly major contenders and have been a top five club for a good number of years now, they were not a team in desperate trouble but possibly a team slightly underperforming was the worst case scenario.

So just what are the credentials that Tim Sherwood has that all these ex-players, pundits and hacks are promoting? He has no experience in the job at any level not even with the Tottenham youngsters as he held the title of Development Officer, Inglethorpe and then Chris Ramsey coached the U21’s. ¬†He has no coaching credentials or badges even though many would have us believe that he was being groomed for the job by Daniel Levy! just when was he thinking of taking his badges? He joined the club in October 2008 as a part time coach along with Harry Redknapp but he was never one of his trusted aides and I cannot recall ever seeing him on the bench alongside him or AVB. Before that this great hope was actually in the football wilderness, after having his contract terminated a year early at Coventry he went off the radar for more than three years, obviously nobody spotting the coaching ability that we are all being told he possesses! just why if coaching was his passion did he not take his badges then?

When Di Canio rages at his players he is off his head and yet when Sherwood does he is showing passion! We are led to believe he got and deserved the job because he knows the players and the club from top to bottom and yet results are deteriorating? he didn’t need additions in the January window despite being offered assistance with funds yet now bemoans some of the players he has and the summer newcomers. Even his temperament is now being brought into question as he took his place in the stands on Thursday and has stated he might have to do so more often!

Players that have left have no agenda but equally their opinion should carry absolutely no sway, the likes of Jamie Redknapp does have an agenda against Tottenham while most of the pundits have affinity with Liverpool, Arsenal, United and to a lesser extent City and Chelsea, none of them wish to see a new order and only the re emergence of Liverpool in place of United has made this season more bearable to many of them.

Sherwood has been lauded for having the foresight to bring Adebayor back into the team but he has failed to score a league goal since the 12/2 and has hardly had a shot in the time since or against any of the top opposition yet he is rested in midweek and will presumably be reinstated back into the team come Sunday. He has found a very able young midfielder in Bentaleb but he has cost us goals and problems with occasional lapses in concentration and errors of judgement, of course expected of young players introduced into the team but for that same reason should be used correctly and rested from time to time.

Since Sherwood has taken over results have deteriorated and chances and attempts on goal are dwindling, players are chosen but there is all too often no method for doing so as they are asked to play out of position, it feels like he picks his favourites and tries to create a team from them e.g.  Eriksen is a central midfielder and playmaker and has been one of the successful purchases and Sherwood seems to be trying to find a place for him in the team and only has the left available so puts him there.

He talks of lack of passion within the squad and ships out Holtby who still watches the team at every opportunity, he talks of lack of leadership, if that is the case give the captains armband to a leader like Sandro, he talks of the need to get players in the right positions and then plays Walker right midfield and Lennon behind Adebayor! he talks of getting the forwards into positions to hurt defenders and watches as Adebayor drops deep and wanders out to the wings all the time even when he is the only forward.

I’m sorry but I have yet to read a single article promoting Sherwood for the job which has any real merit or that contains a valid reason for doing so. Pep Guardiola did it but still had a years experience with the B team before doing so and his badges, Tottenham are no Barcelona and the Premier League is not the Spanish League, there are very few easy games in England as Tottenham have learned to their cost in recent times and Tim Sherwood is no Pep Guardiola.

Daniel Levy has to get the appointment right for next season or the momentum will completely disappear, Tottenham have already lost a number of great players in the last two years, there are none at the moment but plenty with the potential to be and so the appointment of a coach with experience and track record is essential.

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