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Just who will be the new Tottenham forward?

Posted on July 20, 2013 by Tony

Most Tottenham supporters wake this morning scratching their heads and wondering just who Tottenham intend to sign to lead their attack next season, yesterdays events really did come out of the blue as all the signs and newspaper articles regarding Christian Benteke led him to Tottenham’s door. Of course there was no comment from Villa or Tottenham of any offers made or declined and so we will probably never know if the player was ever a genuine target of Tottenham or of what went on, if anything.

We do know that David Villa was a true target of Tottenham and that he slipped away with the interest of Atletico Madrid and almost certainly the promise of guaranteed playing time in his favoured position before the world cup in Brazil. Since then presumably Tottenham have returned to the drawing board and if Benteke was truly the alternative we find ourselves back there again.

Many strikers have already found their new team for the coming season, just yesterday Jovetic and Negredo were confirmed at Manchester City and the numbers are dwindling, so who is available and more importantly who can Tottenham afford or have a realistic chance of signing.

Loic Remy slipped into the Championship with QPR and he is a player that they would like to remove from their wage bill as he earns a significant amount. He is probably the forward most like Villa in performance and might fit the bill, but until the allegation hanging over him is resolved one way or another nothing is likely to happen, he has apparently been bailed until September but if nothing happens before then  there will be nothing doing.

Gomis of Lyon is certainly a bit of a handful but is not what you would call a prolific striker, he will be 28 yrs old next month and probably doesn’t fit the bill.

Leandro Damiao, surely that ship has passed, maybe not if the Benteke raid was real and Tottenham have genuinely lost out on another target. Once the dream of most Tottenham supporters but in all fairness he does not seem to have progressed nor his ability improved. His many suitors seem more in the minds of the player, agent and his club President as there are still very few offers for his services and none for a significant sum. This one cannot be totally ruled out but could only happen at the right price as his ability to reach the level required might be in doubt.

Roberto Soldado is certainly one of the best around but will cost a bundle and he is 28yrs old, age doesn’t particularly have a bearing as Levy was prepared to fork out on Parker and Villa, but there is a vast difference between writing off £6m or £7m with little chance of any return, and the £15m plus it would take to sign Soldado. He has got to be one of the favourites but continues to send out mixed signals, he’s staying, definitely staying, might leave, fancies the Premiership, content and staying at Valencia! Very frustrating but is it all part of the game?

Suarez, no chance at that price, Higuain, a great fit but spoilt by Arsenals wage offer and the thought of dealing with Perez, quite apart from the ever increasing fee.

Jackson Martinez of Porto, it has gone very quiet on that front and as yet no reports of him signing that new contract. Dealing with Porto is no easy job and we know from bitter experience it can all fizzle out to nothing. The problem with this one is that Porto are cash rich and need not sell, they will certainly not be in any mood to bargain.

It might be a longshot as wages will certainly be an issue but Edin Dzeko must be feeling a little bit surplus to requirements at Manchester City, he has finally seen off Balotelli and Tevez, was the clubs top premier league score last year with 14 goals from 16 starts  and 16 appearances from the bench, and City splash out on two more expensive strikers to go with Aguero. This might possibly have some legs particularly as the two clubs go to Hong Kong for the tournament next week.

Unless Baldini and AVB have a trick up their sleeve I really can’t see beyond those players mentioned, but one thing is for sure, Tottenham must start the season with three forwards and one of them must be a prolific goalscorer.

It must be said that before yesterdays events optimism was very high, but as the transfer window ebbs away and we creep closer to the first game of the season there is a slight feeling of deja vu. Even now Tottenham are in a far stronger position to start the season than they have been for years, there remains total confidence that the team will get the results needed before the window closes, but just for once it would have been nice to have all transfer business done and the team settled.

Thats Tottenham.


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