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Kaboul and Rose wrongly penalised suggests rule change needed. Apply red card and suspension after the game!

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Tony

In the space of just a couple of months Tottenham have twice been on the end of poor refereeing decisions and if it’s not bad enough that in both cases penalties have been given and scored from it is also the loss of the player for the remainder of the fixture that is so concerning. As is so often the case the recipients of these decisions are invariably the teams going for the big prizes, we have seen it all too often over the years especially in the case of Manchester United but we can all probably remember times when the top fashionable teams get the benefit of the doubt or decision.

Against both City and now Chelsea wrong decisions have been made against Tottenham with almost an entire half still to play and the game in the balance based on the scoreline at the time. It can be argued that the results wouldn’t have changed and that might well be the case but we have everyone of us seen teams overrun and seemingly well beaten come back to take a point or three, only a year ago City were in control over Tottenham until the final twenty minutes when changes brought about three goals in the final twenty minutes for a win, even on Saturday and against all the odds Tottenham had dominated Chelsea for almost the entirety of the game and had every chance until that point in time.

Quite apart from the ruination of the game for a great many spectators both at the stadium and watching on TV there is no way to compensate the wronged team and the remaining players for the extra effort that they have to put in to compensate, on Saturday Dawson had to be withdrawn with a muscle problem and as a team our goal difference and confidence took another battering and totally unfairly as it turned out.

There is a place for red cards of course and that must not change but this ridiculous situation seen most clearly in recent weeks of a foul, penalty and sending off really has to stop. It is fair to say that in the cases of both Rose and Kaboul that incorrect decisions were made by the referee but also take a look at City and Arsenal in the Champions League, yes they were fouls but in both cases the players appeared to be making authentic challenges for the ball and not being cynical, just how can a keeper who commits himself to a challenge and entitled to go to ground to spread himself pull out when a player just gets ahead of him, I did have some sympathy for the Arsenal keeper because it could and does happen to any keeper.

It seems quite obvious to me how to resolve this issue, we have always had to put up with the referees interpretation of when is a penalty a penalty and unless we go with video technology that will not change but in the case of the red card it seems that the solution might be to award it retrospectively, after the game and in that way there can be no more contentious issues and those wronged only have a penalty to contend with. There is a case for keeping the red card for obvious cynical or dangerous situations and some will say a penalty is not enough as it might be missed or saved but that is the case for a goalscoring opportunity anyway, Robben or Messi might not have finished the move. If the ball is about to cross the line and a handball occurs give the referee the option of giving the goal OR a penalty and red card, one or the other.

Surely the answer really is that simple as the wronged are not further penalised and action can still be taken after the game resulting in suspensions if that is what the authorities require to ensure more goals.


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