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Kroenke confirms Arsenal fans misled by thought of Suarez signing.

Posted on September 27, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

The Telegraph reports on an interview held with Stan Kroenke, Arsenal’s majority shareholder, in which he confirms that Liverpool were never going to sell Suarez to them or anybody else this summer no matter what sum was offered, they still allowed the story to develop and made a couple of ridiculous offers, firstly they offered £30m already believing that a £40m release clause existed and so they raised their offer to a single solitary pound over that amount.

At one point it seemed certain that Higuain was heading to the Emirates but they baulked at a fee of £30m and gave all their supporters the impression that the deal was abandoned to buy Suarez. Rooney was apparently on the agenda but was never, ever a realistic possibility and so the transfer window continued to roll along, Tottenham splashed the cash and eventually broke their transfer record on no less than three occasions, and Bale was still their player while all this was going on, Arsenal talked the talk and had just a single free transfer to their name.

The turning point was the home defeat to Villa which resulted in the Official Arsenal Supporters Club insisting that the ongoing talks over a new contract for Wenger be put on hold such was their disappointment at was was happening.

“In recent weeks Ivan Gazidis has spoken of the club’s intent to offer Arsène Wenger a new contract,” said a statement. “The AST believes this is inappropriate. For several transfer windows now Arsenal have not used all the resources available to strengthen the team. Arsenal supporters are dismayed by this continued lack of ambition most notably illustrated when the manager describes fourth place as like a trophy.

is what hey had to say on the 18th August and interestingly enough soon after that Flamini signed, another free, and they began the search for a significant signing. Kroenke was at pains to stress that this was not in any way a panic buy, but while most Arsenal supporters have been taken in most sensible parties a little more detached from the situation can see it was probably not the case.

“We weren’t there to make a statement,” said Kroenke. “It’s absolutely not done for that. It was done purely because our manager views him as worth that money,”

Arsenal have been in this situation before as in 2011 they suffered a humiliating 8-2 defeat to United and felt the wrath of their supporters, on that occasion they rushed out and bought three or four players on the last day to steady the ship. then and in any transfer window since Arsenal have done just about enough to steady the ship and to achieve what Wenger considers a successful season, fourth place.

The fan group ‘Where Have Our Arsenal Gone’ on Sunday also sent a personal letter to Gazidis and told him that Arsenal fans had even come to blows with each other in the stadium on Saturday. The letter reflects on how Gazidis spoke in June of the club’s enhanced financial firepower.

“What has happened since then is nothing short of a disgrace,” it said. “Yet again we’ve spent the summer dithering while others around us have strengthened, and once more we start the season playing catch-up. 

Obviously Arsenal supporters are very happy with the signing of Ozil, who wouldn’t be, but did they really need that type of player? it was defenders, defensive midfielders and forwards on their wishlist. While results continue to go their way they will be happy of course but should they experience a difficult period all the anger will return and the mist will clear again. Just look at their bench this weekend and consider what strength in depth they have, we know they have some injuries but that is the same for all clubs and won’t just mysteriously stop happening it is part and parcel of the game.

At the moment results allow for talk of Wenger’s new contract to be raised again and they will not hit any barriers following such a good run. Rest assured that Wengers contract will be wrapped up quickly rather than drag on like in the past, Ozil’s signing was designed to placate the Arsenal supporters and secure Wenger his new contract.

Of course I am a Tottenham supporter and really do not care what troubles Arsenal have, but I do object to being dictated to by arrogant Arsenal supporters telling me that because of a single signing they have suddenly turned into title favourites, they haven’t and will soon fall away, they might well retain a top four position, I don’t care because I believe with some justification that Tottenham are better now than at any time in Premiership history, and as far as last minute goals to plunder three points, Bale might have scored them last season but the team will do it this season.


3 to “Kroenke confirms Arsenal fans misled by thought of Suarez signing.”

  1. craig says:

    wenger already about to sign for life, a right result for spurs.

  2. admin says:

    we look on arsenal sites as well and articles and supporters always knock spurs, it’s good to turn the tables and prove a point at the same time. wenger is all over the media right now talking up his new contract. the con worked a treat and you all fell for it. he normally keeps arsenal waiting to sign new contract but not this time I wonder why?

  3. steve says:

    don’t make me laugh we have had to put up with crap for years, about 17 of them. 3 point lane and always in our shadow, do you think spurs supporters said those things.It’s our time and we are going to milk it. It’s just the beginning with every trophy spurs win we shall ridicule you rotten as you have us. It was bound to happen it goes in cycles, the wealth of the CL clubs made those cycles a lot longer than normal.

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