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Krul luck for Tottenham as goal woes continue.

Posted on November 10, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Another defeat and possibly another situation when AVB has been swayed by the media to change his lineup. Brad Friedel was called into the team to start his first game of the season while Gomes was his deputy on the bench, even though Lloris had been declared fit days ago and had said that he was ready to play. Lloris is the ultimate sweeper keeper and had he been out there it is very likely that he would have been far sharper from his line and cleared the Remy danger before it had a chance to happen. the same thing happened against West Ham when Defoe was brought into the lineup and the rest is history.

There can be no argument that Tottenham went for this game and controlled possession by 65% to 35% and with 31 shots including 14 on target Tim Krul and his defenders performed heroics to keep Tottenham at bay, he was helped by some poor finishing and extremely poor delivery at free kicks and corners from Christian Eriksen.

So in consecutive games Tottenham have dominated in all aspects, had the opportunity to climb higher in the table and close on the leaders and have come out at the end of it with just a single point and no goals yet again. It is hard to see how a goal or two did not bring some much needed points to the Tottenham tally today as they battered away at the Newcastle defence once the changes occured at halftime, obviuosly the most significant was Sandro for Dembele who had one of those days when he coukl do nothing right and was continually caught in possession. The injury to Chiriches was perhaps more significant as it meant that AVB had just the one change up his sleeve in order to turn the game around. He had to use it to bring on a second striker in the form of Defoe but the team was crying out for Lamela to see what he could do in tight congested area.

Andros Townsend was swamped by Newcastle defenders whenever he received the ball and consequently had one of his least effective games, a problem he must learn to overcome. Jermaine Defoe did very little and hopefully Emanuel Adebayor will somehow manage to endear himself to AVB once more, gain full fitness and actually offer a much greater threat when the need to switch to two strikers occurs.

All in all this was not a poor performance by any stretch of the imagination but a terrible result no doubt, Sigurdsson, Dembele and Eriksen have all had far better days and will do so again. the tempo in the second half was far better and must be encouraged more often while Townsend must surely be asked to switch flanks from time to time to get the better of defences and offer different options to the team.

On a brighter note Younes Kaboul continued to improve his match fitness and looked comfortable, Walker was a constant threat often driving past Townsend and stretching the Newcastle defence, if AVB needed any more proof that Sandro is the only defensive midfielder you need in any game then this was it as he was his usual commanding self.

This might just have been one of those occasions when Lamela rather than Defoe was asked to play close to Soldado in the central attacking areas, his quick feet and ability to take on defenders in tight areas might have been the better option but then I’m no expert and can only give my opinion.

Disappointed as another opportunity lost and these are the sort of games the team must be winning to achieve their aims, the pressure is now heaped upon them when they have to fave City, United and the team ahead of them Southampton. Tottenham cannot afford to lose touch with the teams around them but they are likely to drop to 7th or 8th by the end of the day. Pressure on.


14 to “Krul luck for Tottenham as goal woes continue.”

  1. BigH says:

    I am sorry but AVB again got the line up wrong today. Dembele has been poor all season bar a game or two, He simply is not good enough defensively as a midfielder and does nothing going forward. With erikson and siggi the team was far too lightweight and anyone putting in their foot was going to cause us no end of trouble. No suprise first goal came from indecision from Dembele and Paulinho and they won every 50/50 ball. Why the hell does AVB not realise Sandro is the main man for the holding role? 2nd half we were much better, won more tackles, moved the ball quicker, but had no luck. I would have got lamela on for erikson. We desperately need a benteke type forward to mix it up a bit and again we nsimply cannot play to soldado’s strengths. AVB needs to wake up and realise that some players are simply not performing and that in jan a striker like benteke is a priority

  2. Tom says:

    Lamela rather than Defoe for me and agree Sandro as the only guard needed. Because chi riches picked up injury one sub had to be wasted.

  3. Spursfan4Life says:

    Deluded spurs fan above sandro is the main man for the holding role. ? Are you blind sandro is rubbish hes the worst player ive ever seen he adds nothing to the spurs midfield at all and dumbele is just as rubbish as blandro. Soldado takes the bollox though against newcastle hes woeful. I was at the lane today he is simply shocking

    • Tony says:

      With comments like that clearly you have never played the game. Dembele had a poor game today clearly as did sigurdson and eriksen even townsend was snuffed out but still the team pummeled newcastle dearching for equalisor. Inspired keeper defensive performance and some bad luck cost us. There is some work to do and 11games is no time. Crazy talk to start whining and moaning when only point behind chavs ahead of city level with utd and 3 points off 3rd. Stop moaning and support the team until they get it right afterall there have been no better times in 40 years.If you are a real supporter do your job and stop moaning. Sick of every moron going on turn after a defeat grow up and be realistic it could be worse yo might be a city supporter.

    • tom says:

      What crap you were probably waiting for the gooners to come on tv as you don’t support Spurs. You have no idea. Players hqve bad days sometimes tqke Ozil you wouldnt pay 5m based on todays performance. Go away and troll elsewhere.

    • Jide says:

      Spursfan4Life?!, I do not believe you are with comments comments like that. I would not say anymore! No need to give you any ,ore credit.

      We need to hold firm guys. Yes, the first half was nothing to write home about. But things like that do happen. But second half shows what the teamcan do. However a goalie comes and has a blinder like that! Messi and Ronaldo combined would not have scored against Krul yesterday.

      We need to play the beast more. I will also suggest that AVB looks at Adebayor once again.

      But all in all we as fans need to keep the faith. The good times are around the corner.


      • Tony says:

        Have to agree that a player like Adebayor is more likely to change a game, him and Lamela over Defoe now I am afraid. Agree with Eric that Townsend needs modify his game as he is becoming predictable already, a switch to the left occasionally might do the trick.
        Not the result we wanted but not the terrible performance being suggested by some. these negative tactics are doing damage against all the top clubs now, Chelsea and City outplayed the opposition and didnt get the result they deserved.

  4. Eric says:

    Everyone knows how to play townsend he’s so predictable.Siggy performs once in 10 matches,we have outgrown both lennon n defoe,friedel n gomes are no back up keepers.For a club wanting to regularly be in the Cl our net spend in the 3 years has mostly been positive when we don’t have quality back ups in the keeper,striker,lb n wingers positions.U can say all u want about having an off but if u can’t beat teams like Newcastle n west ham at home then we definitely don’t deserve Cl.Other tops are struggling but they have the squad n mentality to come back,our history n squad suggests we don’t

    • Tony says:

      Defoe is a 442 player and unless he plays alongside Adebayor or another big target to win headers he is no longer the answer in tough games, still think Lennon has his uses but would like to see Townsend switch regularly to play more orthodox left sided wide at times. We need Chadli and Rose on the left to stretch teams as both know how to put a ball into the box for a player like Soldado. Hopefully Lamela will now come along and offer more to the team, he is the type of player to hurt defensive teams with amazing ability in tight spaces. That run to earn the penalty on Thursday shows his worth.

  5. Pudoh says:

    Yu guys will keep excusing ur flaws until the season comes to an end…..Spurs is an europa league team…the 107milla spent is desieviing the fans and Avb too and the levies re giving the supporters false hope which will only amount to pressure….time to see all dis is kaming

    • Tony says:

      So says the gooner who still believes that Ozil wasn’t a panic buy and will turn you into champions, Just hope the £43m spent doesn’t end in Arsenal becoming a europa team. Eight teams in the battle for 4 places and nobody is so superior as to relax for one moment. Don’t take anything for granted as liverpool and southampton could also finish ahead of you. Arrogance doesn’t mean success.

  6. Pudoh says:

    Lol liverpool and southampton above arsenal?? Arsenal europa league??? And u tink yu know football? Wow…..well the worse dat could happen to arsenal is finishing second or 3rd…liverpool dow may make champs league…but yu spurs….its a no no sorry to say but dis is the fact

    • Jide says:

      Pudoh, why not stick to Woolwich gooner site and let us dream our ‘false dreams’ as you keep saying?

      What exactly did Ozil do yesterday? What impact or influence did he have on the game? Why not worry about that before sticking your nose where it does not belong! You Woolwich gooners can’t just help yourselves.

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