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Kyle Walker backed to join Chelsea!

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Tony

A so called exclusive from Harry Sherlock of Sports Direct News suggests that Chelsea are the red hot favourites to sign Kyle Walker before the season begins, he says that they have emerged as the shock favourites to sign the player contracted to Tottenham for just another 4 years, he goes on to say that Tottenham will play hardball and will probably demand as much as £15m for the player. Hilarious, just think back to a couple of years ago when Chelsea tried to sign Modric, now that was hardball, and any attempt to prise Kyle Walker away will be dealt with in the same way.

This has got to be a wind up and Sherlock must surely be a Chelsea supporter out for a laugh. Last season statistically was Walkers best ever, he was not perhaps as offensively efficient as the year before but the defensive side of his game eventually improved dramatically.

Tottenham are actively looking for and intending to purchase players that will enable them to challenge for the title itself this coming season, just why would they ever contemplate selling one of the best fullbacks in the league and the potential England right back for the next ten years.

I think this transfer story can be put down to some sort of prank or the writers wish to wind up Tottenham supporters, Kyle Walker is going nowhere and certainly not to a Chelsea about to be beaten in the league by Tottenham for the second time in three seasons.

6 to “Kyle Walker backed to join Chelsea!”

  1. garduff says:

    Guys what’s going on with the childish articles and particular the even more childish finishing lines “Chelsea about to be beaten by in the league by Tottenham for the second time in 3 seasons” whoopee fucking do….come on guys your really becoming “The Sun” of Spurs Blogs with these comments….the last one was about Gareth Bale being advertised in Times Square and that Arsenal fans would be devastated to see it…..everyone is entitled to their opinion but the lack of debate on your blogs say’s it all to me.Good luck in future blogging but you won’t see me back lads,the standard is woeful.

    • Craig says:

      Not clear whether you support Arsenal or Chelsea but both articles clearly made a valid point, Arsenal, Madrid and all the top clubs must be devastated that Tottenham can retain the services of the best player in the league, and it is fact that Chelsea finished a couple of places behind Tottenham the year before last. Maybe you believe that only your opinion counts but it is fair to believe that spurs will challenge for the title, Chelsea do, so with only 2 points on Spurs last year why shouldn’t they expect to finish ahead.

    • Tony says:

      The article suggesting Walker is favourite to go to chelsea comes from absolutely nowhere, no sources, no reasons and no logic and so it needs a response of contempt, I guess you must be a gooner as the point of the Bale comment was aimed at United, Chelsea and Arsenal, in fact all clubs believing that Tottenham are an insignificant club compared to them. Tottenham and Bale are the face of the Premier League in the States right now and not them. As for debate none is required, Arsenal are falling further behind the top clubs and Tottenham are catching them all including chelsea yet again. If you can’t accept reality then steer clear.

  2. Craig says:

    Never gonna happen, another made up story for effect. Even more Bale stories cropping up again, it really is pathetic.

  3. garduff says:

    What i find amazing Tony is you assume I’m not a Spurs fan,of course i am…..that’s what’s so annoying mate….the comments in the last couple of articles don’t articulate how Spurs are closing the gap…it’s more of “oh arn’t we doing so well and i wouldn’t like to be following those other teams” type of blog…i’m basing this on the childish comment referring to beating Chelsea.I’m not getting into an argument about this but if a fan can’t highlight when he sees poor articles then what’s the point of having blogs?Also a second point Craig,i’m not saying Madrid/Arsenal/Utd arn’t devastated but the article clearly states it’s in relation to Spurs getting advertising space in the States as opposed to Bale staying at Spurs…..this is the reason blogs like DML are a cut above Just Tottenham News,,,,factually correct in debate and other than when someone has a go there are plenty of responses to each article.I have the right as you say to stay clear and i’m gonna hold you to it now,bye lads.

    • Tony says:

      I also enjoy much of what appears on DML although I’m still not convinced that you are not a chelsea supporter. I don’t see your point at all, is it not valid to state the belief that spurs will not finish higher than Chelsea, as they did 2 yrs ago, it doesn’t take much to see that Spurs are right up there with them, 2 pts behind and with a record points total behind us, all that with a new coach and lacking depth in the striker dept. You seem to forget that I am a fan and have been through plenty of disappointing and “nearly” years and now I firmly believe this is a special squad and Spurs have a special coach. Cheer up mate it’s really is time to lose all negativity and start to believe.

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