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Lamela stays and will get the chance to shine.

Posted on January 11, 2014 by Guest Writer

In the short time Erik Lamela has been with Tottenham, that is all of 133 days, exactly 19 weeks, he has been accused of being a flop that Tottenham have already given up on and that they would be happy to see him leave if they could get a decent percentage of their fee back. By all accounts Juventus are his biggest suitors and it has been reported that they would be prepared to offer 35m and their 30 year old forward Vucinic for him, in the Mirror today it was reported that Vucinic is valued at around the £8m mark so that would involve Tottenham taking a massive hit even though the fee for the lad was only £25.6m until the top ups kick in.

The big question in the Mirror was:-

“Football Spy: Should Spurs swap Erik Lamela for Mirko Vucinic with Juventus?”

Of course that’s a simple answer to a ridiculous question in my view “A resounding NO”

A 21 year old with massive potential or a player not much younger than our own Jermain Defoe whom we allowed to depart.

A 21 year old bought 19 weeks ago for over £25m for his potential or a 30 year old heading towards the twilight years of his career.

A 21 year old adjusting to a new team, a new league, a new culture and a new language has still participated in 15 games for his new club, has opened his goalscoring account and provided 3 assists and has been marked down by non other than Ossie Ardilles as a future great.

With the departure of Jermain Defoe imminent perhaps we are destined to see Erik Lamela make some appearances in a more advanced and central role as a creator and taker of goals player closer to and around a central striker, that is the role so glorified by the Argentinians and one that they expect him to take in the future. It certainly seems to be an area in which he could excel as in Europe the goals that he created for Defoe and then Soldado were both clever passes from a central position.

Tim Sherwood’s announcement that Lamela stays and that the club have extremely high hopes for him is good news and such an announcement and honesty might actually be something that they practice more often as too often us supporters are left in the dark to ponder some quite ridiculous possibilities, like will Levy sell or keep Modric and Bale perhaps!

Thank goodness this Lamela situation has been clarified at last, in what world would a club give up on a youngster after 19 weeks? a youngster that they have spent £25m on and who has had precious few chances or a run in the team to show what he is about, imagine had Tottenham given up on Gareth Bale after 19 months let alone 19 weeks or at the age of 21 yrs, that would have cost a few great seasons and a tidy profit of some £75m.

Let’s hope Erik Lamela goes on to become our third great Argentinian to follow in the footsteps of Ossie and Ricky.



2 to “Lamela stays and will get the chance to shine.”

  1. Eric says:

    Imagine if we had given up on bale when he new

    • Tony says:

      Bale only got into team because of ekotto injury anf then played furthet forward because of his form when ekotto was fit. In summer before talk was of sale to Birmingham.

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