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Levy stands firm as Tottenham create winning squad.

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Guest Writer

The Gareth Bale saga continues to rumble on as Tottenham supporters continue to be bemused by the entire affair. At the outset there was anger and a sense that the attempt to buy Bale was wishful thinking on the part of Madrid, that then turned to amusement as comical stories began to appear in Marca and were taken up by every British tabloid and media outlet, the amount needed to secure his services grew from £50m and rapidly passed the current record fee and seems set at somewhere in the region of £105m as we speak. United and PSG interest has come and gone at various intervals but it has always been all about Real Madrid as everybody associated with them have publicly courted the player.Apart from the occasional reference from AVB stressing that Bale belongs to Tottenham and they are counting on him for next season there has been precious little from the player or Daniel Levy, in actual fact there has been nothing.

It is no secret that there have been a few articles published by JTN disappointed and disgusted by what is perceived as Bale  doing “a Modric or Berbatov” since going on tour to Hong Kong with the club, a buttock injury followed by a foot problem has prevented him training or playing with the squad, it has all smacked of the close season when Berbatov and Modric wanted to leave the club and tried every devious trick in the book.

With less than two weeks remaining in this transfer window and with the season having already gotten underway it remains surprising that the deal has not been completed, if anything talk is dissipating slightly as it seems that Madrid are distancing themselves slightly form buying, maybe Madrid are attempting to reduce Tottenham’s demands as there have been a number of articles and comments suggesting he is too expensive, Raul is the latest suggesting Tottenham have overvalued the player, what many seem unable to grasp is the fact that Tottenham want to keep the player and so for anybody to buy him they will have to pay substantially more than he is actually worth, their only other option is wait for three years when they can sign him for nothing or nearer to the end of his contract his value will reduce.

Ten days ago it looked all over but now it is not quite so clear, perhaps Tottenham and Madrid have implemented their partnership agreement and are reaping the benefits along with Bale to gain enormous and free PR, all three have been permanently in the papers for weeks now and every media outlet is all over everybody connected with the clubs and players, massive worldwide promotion with no cost is worth an absolute fortune to both clubs. It seems that Gareth Bale is intent on joining Real Madrid at some stage in his career but could this actually be for the future rather than now, be it because of Levy remaining steadfast in his conviction that there will be no sale this year, because Madrid do not have the money to make it happen or because the situation has been created to promote all parties worldwide.


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