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Lewandowski set to join Bayern! What is the point of the German league and Pep Guardiola.

Posted on May 27, 2013 by Tony

Bayern Munich wrapped up the German league weeks ago and  finished 25 points ahead of their nearest rival with a plus 80 goal difference. The top two fought it out Saturday for the Champions League and Dortmund gave it a great shot for 25 minutes before Bayern picked them apart. The biggest shock has been Goetze signing for Bayern even before the final and it now transpires that Lewandowski is also set to join them.

Dortmund have hardly run Bayern Munich a close second in the league but now being about to lose two of their very best players to the champions renders the title chase next season a foregone conclusion and any achievements of Guardiola useless. For 2 of Dortmunds biggest stars to even consider joining Bayern is disgraceful and an affront to every Dortmund supporter that has idolised and contributed their hard earned to the coffers of the club. Both players had their pick of all of the big clubs in Europe and so there is no excuse for such abysmal behavior.

We have stated on JustTottenhamNews before today that Pep Guardiola, fresh from a fortunate position at Barcelona with a bunch of players at to the top of their profession, bailed just as their powers were waning and they were about to enter a slump( not domestically due to lack of challengers). Many fully expected that Guardiola was destined for either the Chelsea or Manchester City jobs, who knows had he waited even the United job might have been offered. Of all the jobs in Europe and with some of the biggest clubs to choose from he plumped for the easiest of the lot, Bayern Munich, absolutely dominant in their domestic league by a record margin and now made far easier by buying Dortmund’s 2 most influential players. Not for Guardiola a challenge to actually test his ability for once as he would rather just hoover up any sort of trophy to put on his CV.

Bayern will have the league wrapped up by Feb/March on the way to a domestic double that will enable them to put every playing resource at their disposal to winning the Champions League and in my view renders the competion and any of their achievements useless. Try winning the Champions League and domestic double in the English Premier League, it’s happened only once, try just maintaining a top four position and doing well in the CL, the other year Chelsea let their standards drop in the league and finished sixth, that though enabled them to concentrate on the CL which they won.

You can knock the EPL and the quality of the English teams as much as you like but they must contend with at least 30 tremendously difficult encounters over the course of a season, there is also the League Cup, European competition for the best teams as well as participation in the greatest and most famous cup competition of them all the FA Cup.

Even before the 2012/13 season has come to an end in some countries it is not difficult to predict the outcome of every major European League for next season with the exception of the English Premier League, you might think that you could pick up a pretty penny from the bookies but the odds will be so prohibitive and the final outcome so obvious that it is not possible, let’s see how close we are:-

Germany-1st Bayern Munich,  2nd Dortmund.(provided the team is not further decimated because of lost ambition) it could be Bayern B team if they could enter.

Spain- 1st Barcelona, 2nd Real Madrid.

France-1st PSG, 2nd Monaco.

Italy-1st Juventus, 2nd AC Milan.

Almost certainly at least 4 of those teams will be involved in the last eight of the Champions League, not because they are so superior to the 4 EPL entrants but because they have a much easier ride domestically and can plan and commit to doing well. Every team in the list above will qualify for the following season no matter what, in fact in 10 or even 20yrs from now it will be the same teams barring a financial catastrophe.

At least in England whilst it has been the same teams in the main, Tottenham and Manchester City have crashed the party a few times and the chase now consists of perhaps 6 or 7 teams as Everton and now Liverpool have joined Tottenham in threatening to upset the current order. As for the rest of European football you can keep it.

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