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Liverpool are going the route of Tottenham last year.

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Guest Writer

Liverpool and Sky seem to be rolling out all the old names from Liverpools past in some sort of effort to convince everybody that they are not going to fall into the same trap as Tottenham of a year ago, Brendan Rodgers they assure us is a master when it comes to buying players and unlike Tottenham will easily cope with the loss of Suarez and challenge for the title. I agree that he has acquired a few players with premier league experience and that it will help considerably but there are other problems to overcome and at the moment Liverpool look like that will buy even more than the seven of Tottenham.

So far Rodgers has acquired the following players and the comparison with Tottenham of last season is strangely familiar:-

Rickie Lambert= Roberto Soldado-  though purchased for considerably less money never a prolific score and 4 years older .

Adam Lallana= Christian Eriksen- they keep referring to Lallana as a young talent yet he is 26yrs of age and has absolutely no European experience while that cannot be said for Eriksen and who is still only 22 yrs of age and came at £14m less.

Emre Can= Etienne Capoue- a youngster with potential against a then 25yr old at a similar price, currently neither club know how these two will pan out.

Markovic=Erik Lamela- both exceptionally talented but both still only potential stars of the EPL, Liverpool paid £20m for the services of Markovic and though the media try to say that Lamela cost £30m it was Euros.

Lovren=Chiriches- central defenders, Liverpool paid £20m for their man who they will expect to be first choice at that sum while the much cheaper Chiriches was always bought as backup while he gained experience.

Tottenham also added Paulinho and Chadli, two experience internationals for a combined fee of £24m but at the moment Liverpool are having to look again for more recruits with the deal for Remy falling at the last hurdle, they have still to replace the goals and assists of Suarez and they will not find that player or be able to afford or attract a player even close to such quality.

Players with premiership experience will help the process but there is still the problem of managing the squad and the players expectations, most probably all but Lambert will expect to play on a regular basis, some as first choice and that will not be an easy situation to handle when they have the same players bar one who almost took them to the title last season.

Because of their involvement in European competition and the rounds of international duty that will come up they will still have the problem of integrating the players into the system, already Lallana and Can have been held back by injury.

Nobody can say with any conviction that Liverpool won’t suffer though the odds suggest that they will, not necessarily because of lots of new arrivals but because of having to cope without Suarez/Bale and modifying playing style to compensate.

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  1. Akhil says:

    Wikipaedia states that he was signed for 25.8£+4.8£ add ons. I know anyone can edit wikipaedia but still they are reliable. Almost every paper at the time of signing told that he was being signed for 30m pounds. Instead of simply blaming media, you could prove it wrong. Show us a reliable link that shows his true transfer fee.

    • Tony says:

      I agree with those figures so £25.8 it is, that was 30m euros, as for the addons do you for one minute thinks that any of those have been achieved or paid? of course not and they won’t unless we actually win something or get in CL with him contributing considerably.

    • Tony says:

      i asked one of your compatriots last week your starting lineup with all your “stars”, what is your answer to the dilemma
      “GK, 4 defenders and presumably Giroud up top leaves 5 more places in starting lineup, who do you choose from Sanchez, Ozil, Podolski, Cazorla, Flamini, Arteta,Walcott, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshire? You would assume that Flamini or arteta starts leaving just 4 places.

    • Jimmy says:

      Get a life you fxxking boner.

  2. Akhil says:

    I agree. But you cannot argue that he was 30m euros only. I’m pretty sure none of the add ons would’ve been paid now. But still you could pay it in the future. Since 4.2m is a considerable amount, part of it could be based on appearances alone. Him scoring goals, you getting into top 4,winning a cup or two etc. What i’m trying to tell is you cannot blame media for reporting he was signed for 30m pounds.

    • Tony says:

      Like the media you are using the words he was signed for £30m, he wasn’t he was signed for 25.8m with possible add ons of 4.2 which might or might not have to be paid in part, in full or not at all. Why don’t the media report the facts? because like you they prefer to try to ridicule the club and the player based on his previous non performances. Let’s work on facts and the facts are as known to both you and i because we have taken the trouble to check

    • Tony says:

      Are you still thinking about your starting lineup? or do you want to play 15 players every game.

      • Caleb says:

        Debuchy mertesacker koscielny Gibbs
        Ramsey (hopefully a new Dm) but for now… Flamini
        Sanchez(whilst theo is injured) ozil cazorla
        Giroud(until theo is back, then Sanchez here)

        • lou says:

          hope your right as Tottenham will have a great chance of finishing ahead of Arsenal this season with either of those starting lineups.

          • Caleb says:

            Arsenal team has improved and so has spurs especially if they get schneiderlin but I wouldn’t say a great chance although anything is possible in the prem

      • Caleb says:

        I don’t understand your comment about 15 players a game? Severe team needs good squad depth

        • Tony says:

          point being you do have arteta, rosicky,ox,podolski,wilshire, walcott, new dm, and are you really going to start with sanchez on his own up top!then you have gnabry, sonogo, campbell. all those similar players and few options at the back seems strange. you do need depth but you seem to have an abnormal amount of similar players of similar quality who will all expect to play often and that is just not possible.

          • Caleb says:

            Sanchez is more than capable of playing up top by himself or with a partner, with players supporting him he should do well as he has good attributes for the prem. yes we do have a lot of players but gnabry will probs go on loan, sanogo won’t expect loads of game time, may even go on loan. Campbell will start some and be a impact sub mainly but he can’t expect much more in his first season with us after loan spells.with injuries players like rosicky, podolski and wilshere will be very useful. Rosicky knows he isn’t a starter but will get game time same with podolski. Jack can becom a starter if he steps up his game and attitude and remains injury free. I’m sorry but the depth in midfield and on the wings shouldn’t be a concern for us

          • Tony says:

            don’t disagree about the depth but my point is that there is too much of it

    • Jimmy says:

      So what cock?? Who cares

  3. Akhil says:

    Like last season, og12 doesn’t have to start all the games. Arsene said when we signed alexis,he can play him with og12 in a 442 or without him in a 433. And we have an able back up in joel campbell. That’s why he said we dont need anyone upfront. We’ve signed ospina i.e, goal is covered. Arsene said, our pole will start the season in goal but ospina will be given a chance to prove his worth. Our ideal starting 11’s.4231 Back5 new dm ramsey, alexis ozil theo, giroud(campbell). 433 new dm ramsey ozil, ox alexis theo. If we sign a dm, we’ll have a deep squad.

    • Tony says:

      you need a DM no doubt but no mention so far of wilshire, arteta, flamini, podolski, rosicki or cazorla who was arguably your best midfielder along with ramsey last season. don’t you perhaps think you are a tad overloaded in midfield areas and lack depth in the centre of defence, defensive midfield and up front?

      • Caleb says:

        Up top we have giroud who is an out and out striker then many many orthodox forwards who can play there, theo, Sanchez, Campbell, podolski

        I would like another striker though

        • Tony says:

          ill give you podolski who is probably better suited to there than wide left. nobody has mentioned sonago or whatever his name is, is he a duffer?

          • Caleb says:

            At the moment he is nowhere near good enough, although he didn’t do too bad whenever he played(in big games too bayern and Liverpool) but until he scores some goals and gets some game time. Could come good but is still raw

          • Caleb says:

            I would also say Sanchez and Campbell show they can play up top as they displayed at the World Cup. Theo has also showed glimpses there although I am not saying he is an accomplished striker but has the potential to

    • lou says:

      Unless you have missed something the Guardiola setup of playing 6 midfielders has had it’s day with Barca and Bayern no longer the powers they once were and needing to change thinhs, Wenger on the other hand is still working towards that style, it’s too late mate.

  4. Akhil says:

    @caleb, mate i think the only way spurs could achieve anything is by fielding 15 players! Lol!!!

  5. Akhil says:

    Sorry, it was meant to be 4231 theo ozil alexis ; giroud. 433 new dm ramsey ozil; theo alexis ox.

  6. Pranavtrue gooner says:

    Chambers provides cover for 3 Positions. if jenko is not loaned out chambers and jenkinson can cover the cb positiin. If vermalean stays then we may loan jenko and buy a new cb. Flamini n arteta are the current cdm. But i’m pretty sure that a new dm will be signed. Wilshere,ramsey,ozil,rosicky all can play in wings too. Sanchez,campell is definetly versatile n can play anywhere in the front three.. Pretty strong n goodlooking squad. Dont forget diaby. If he can stay fit(i’m nt sure) He is a beast.. Such a classy and commanding midfielder .. This makes the squad very strong..

    • Tony says:

      the kid is 19 and has 23 premiership games with some of those off the bench and you have him covering 3 positions! good luck with that.

  7. Akhil says:

    Central Defence: mert, kos, verm, chambers. How that is short? Dm: arteta and flamini. Hopefully a new dm No way short. Poldi and rosicky were back ups last season. Cazorla will start a good number of games. For eg, theo is out till mid september, till that alexis will start on right cazorla on left. Wilshere will be ramsey’s back up. He’ll start few games in no.10 role. Also remember we’re talkin about arsenal. There’ll be injuries, quiet a few.

  8. Akhil says:

    Cant believe people are still saying we’re copying barcelona. Our playing style has been similar since 1996. There’s been changes in Formations. But arsene never played without a striker. Henry and rvp weren’t strikers either. They didn’t score headers often. They were strong and skillful. Alexis destroyed england playing striker. He is strong, skillful and can finish. How exactly that is copying barcelona? Watch football before commenting…..

    • Tony says:

      sorry but that was a friendly, it was experimental with 6 substitutions, take a look at his gooals taken well but stemming from horrendous defending by england. he won’t get the same opportunities against the big boys.

    • Tony says:

      do you read or does it actually sink in, many of you are suggesting leaving out Giroud and playing Sanchez as the focal point of the attack, wenger might pull the wool over your eyes yet again but Sanchez is no out and out striker he is essentially a midfielder/ number 10, that is what Barca turned into once they eventually began leaving out Villa. I watch football and played it did you?

  9. Akhil says:

    Gotta clear the rosicky thing. He is 34 now. Last season sometimes he didn’t even make the bench. But whenever called upon, he performed well. He got his regular 1 year extension. He’s there for squad depth and tactical switches in big games. He could start all the cup games. He is a veteran and imo a legend.

    • Tony says:

      wishire is not 34 nor the Ox. Got to say you hand legend status out very easily, in the time he has been with you he has done ok but not any better than that.

      • Caleb says:

        He isn’t a legend in the same way as henry for ability and well he’s henry but is a legend because he is a player loved by all arsenal fans similarly to Ledley king never reached his potential but that was because of injury but to me anyway is still a spurs legend

  10. Pranavtrue gooner says:

    if david ginola and klinsmann are ledgends of spurs, i cant even count the Gunners lgends!!! Even that shitty adabeyor can be considered!! Lol..

    • Tony says:

      don’t think so lol!!!, I’ll bet no other gooner would refer to rosicky as a legend, henry, wright, viera,adams,wilson are good examples but you haven’t got one in your current squad at this moment.

  11. Akhil says:

    Mate, this tony guy doesn’t understand anything. How alexis is a midfielder? He never played the 10 for barcelona. He is very very good in tracking back from right wing position. It doesn’t mean he is a midfielder. He’s an suarez, aguero type forward. Henry and rvp weren’t strikers when we signed them. Theo and alexis could both lead the line. Atleast this is what arsene said. I take his word more seriously than a maniac like you.

    • Tony says:

      He is not an out and out striker capable of playing on his own up front in the EPL, Please don’t kid yourselves and compare him in any way to henry and rvp and now suddenly walcott can also lead the line, then why not before now and why the need to buy sanchez if that the case. you lot really are the most gullible I have ever come across.same as no money to spend cos of stadium, no trophies cos of stadium, its been open for 7 seasons!!!!!
      Wenger wasn’t dancing with joy at wembley because you had won something after 9 years it was because he could sign a new lucrative contract. you didn’t buy ozil until you were threatening demonstrations and demanding his going and it’s the same again this year. This myth about developing youngsters is also now proving to be just that, walcott,wilshere,gibbs,ox,good players but they always were and none have gone on to become stars or even first choice in the team just very good squad players.
      He is very very good in tracking back from right wing position. your words, so not an out and out striker normally but a midfielder with an eye for goal, like lampard, gerrard etc. maniac??? no, just someone with a different take on the crap wenger feeds go from double winners and CL finalists in such a short space of time and with just one cup to show for it does not suggest to that wenger is what you make him out to be, plenty of others have done better without the resources or the funds that you lot have had, like liverpool, dortmund,atletico, even redknapp on two occasions matched him with top 4 finishes.

  12. 5starG says:

    Spurs will finish above arsenal as usual……….haha tony I admire your resilience…..I wish spurs repay ur faith soon but it will neva be at our expense that’s what ur stubborn skull can’t understand…….if u eva knew a thing about futball u wount argue sanchez possibility of leading the line….remember Thierry and rvp they even doubted arsene wen he told them they would play as cf…..haha they re one of the best that grazed the game today…….so bro tell me…….y cant sanchez follow suit. …..

    Bcus u see the future?

    • Tony says:

      no bcus he isn’t up to their standard.Remember this during the season if you don’t add a DM, a proper alternative to giroud and another CB, at some point you will all turn on the board and wenger again lamenting that they did not act. Surely after 9 seasons of the same bullshite you are not conned once again because of one slightly fortunate fa cup win.
      Prediction time .Tottenham to win a CL place along with the gooners but as usual no cigar or trophy for arsenal. To be quite honest i really don’t care whether you finish ahead of us because i don’t care about you lot, I am Spurs and like you I believe in MY team and that is as it should be.

    • mick says:

      you arrogant piece of crap, in the last 4/5 seasons there has been a fag paper between the 2 clubs and you fail to see there is little between them other than experience of seeing the season out. last season we deserved to beat you in both league games and had we done so our positions would have been reversed so don’t keep giving it the bigun.I remember henry onlt too well but that was a long time ago about 10yrs back in the day when you were a real force unlike now. remind me again what RVP,fabregas,walcott, wilshere and legend rosicky have won in their time with arsenal, nothing, the last three were not in the starting lineup at Wembley and Walcott only featured in the 3rd round.
      You all act like you are an unbeatable force within the game but you are little more than fodder for the best clubs anxiously looking over their shoulder as if waiting for Spurs to come steaming through, and they will soon.
      How do I know this? because I saw it in the past and I see it in the future.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You’re a fool

    • mick says:

      haha you are obviously a gooner who has been conned year after year and really doesn’t like to hear the truth. look at the facts the teams have been separated by a single point before last season and spurs outplayed you totally at the Lane after the early goal, at the Emirates we still made more chances, better chances and dictated most of the game, take 6 points off your total add 6 points to ours and that was how close it was.
      Facts don’t lie mate, you finished ahead of us true but we are close and have been for 4/5 years and we are at least trying to make that step up and not simply treading water.
      i’ll bet you fall for that old chestnut of “the cheques in the post” every time.

  14. CraigZWE says:

    Spurs have never finished above Arsenal, doubt it would start now.
    But I think Spurs could put up a fight with the right investment, provided Arsenal no longer invest.
    I think pool will drop out top 4 while United will return, can Spurs top United to fourth, that is the question.
    Hope so.

    Why do media love pool so much?

    • Tony says:

      Of course tottenham have finished above Arsenal and the cycle will change again soon. Tottenham have been putting up a fight for about 5 yrs now but a lack of experience and redknapp losing focus while chasing the England job cost us. I agree that pool will struggle though the media will be disappointed and they love them so much because so many of their players have jobs in the media because they are not very good at coaching. lawrenson,hansen,souness,redknapp,rush, boring owen,and others including Carragher who is a complete knob when i can understand what he is actually saying.
      Still don’t fancy a poor united to bounce back they just need too many quality players in this window. closer but no cigar.

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