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Liverpool line up Capello as Brendan Rodgers replacement.

Posted on December 02, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

After spending  more than £90m since his arrival at the club the Liverpool hierarchy have become concerned that the club has slipped seven points behind the league leaders and to make matters worse are now just three points ahead of one the teams in serious trouble Tottenham. Having spent a fortune on twelve new players and committed the club to such an enormous outlay very few of the newcomers have managed to establish their position in the team and a few have already been loaned out to try to find some game time.

The recent appointment of Kenny Dalglish as non executive board member might be a more ominous sign that he is about to take over the reigns as the coach of Liverpool for the seventh time at least until after the World Cup when Fabio Capello might become available’ Today Liverpool took what was a minor beating from a Hull team that has struggled to score goals and yet three times the keeper had to pick the ball from the net and in all honesty it could have been a few more.

The Liverpool owners, after investing such a huge some expect the club to be in the top four this season but having dropped to with just three points of Tottenham they are becoming increasingly concerned that Rodgers might not be the right man for thejob. their lineup today included a free transfer, Toure from Manchester City, and a loanee from Chelsea but only one of their eleven purchases actually started Simon Mignolet. Sturridge would have started had he been fit to do so but that still leaves nine other purchases scratching their backsides on the bench or in the stand, just who is responsible for player purchases?

Of course I have to apologies to Liverpool supporters for using their club as example of the type of disgraceful journalism that Tottenham and AVB  have had to contend with for weeks. It just happened to be you today but could easily have been David Moyes and United and at half-time of their game with Southampton Chelsea were close to being the guinea pigs.

It’s very easy to make up a case and stir up a bit of unrest with something slightly controversial, in the case of AVB the point he has made is very valid as some of the disgraceful articles about him have been too many and have gone on for too long, City have trailed Tottenham almost all season and yet no knives out for their coach who has only won the Intertoto Cup in his career back in 2004, or Moyes or even Mourinho. Probably only Wenger and Arsenal are immune from criticism this season as the only club actually performing to the level their standing warrants.


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  1. Eric says:

    M new to British tabloids and must say the level of professionalism in the British press is shocking.I agree media world over for the most part are the same but how outlets like daily fail and metro are allowed to function is just beyond me.Freedom of press is one thing and but what these ppl resort to is mere vandalism

    • Tony says:

      As you say it is pretty much the same the world over but some of the pwtty vindictiveness in football especially can go to far. Opinion is fine but when the mails two senior sports writers publish articles in consecutive days ridiculing a mans qcheivements and implying he blames everyone but himself, wrongly, then there must be an agenda against him. They turned the fans on him at chelsea and that did for him and they are trying the same tactic again. Avb sees it and now at last our supporters are beginning to see it. How can he be so terrible for us when as a club we are actually doing better despite losing not one but two world class players. They should be taken to task but the mail will bolster sales because of this so job done and to hell with Spurs and the crap they have to deal with.

      • Jide says:

        It’s not surprising what the press in this country gets up when it comes to character assassination. I was more disappointed in Sam Alladyce’s comments that AVB should in many wards grin and bear it.

        Did he say that to protect himself from the media mob who has kept quiet on his failings recently?

  2. naska says:

    soldado is awaste of space,i know admin will try to compare the situation with henry,rvp and cr7.These players were young and had time on their side just like lamela but if and if soldado comes good after 18 months as admin says it will be too late .

    • Tony says:

      Lets hope the coaches do a good job then in quick time. We all expected him to be a huge success by now but his record suggests it is there. Coaching is not just about the player but the whole team getting the best from an individual. I still dont think defoe is the one to replace him ade if anyone at the moment.

  3. Tony says:

    Haha can’t you see it for what it is a spoof to highlight the crap spurs have had to put up with this season. Think you might be that moron banned recently, keep it up and you will be next. If you can say anything positive about Spurs it might be good but don’t think you have it in you.

  4. Tony says:

    stop whining if you don’t like it the answer is simple don’t read it .

  5. Tony says:

    That might be your opinion but not that of many others. By his own admission AVB was brought in to bring through a more youthful squad and get rid of the old guard and the owner abandoned the project because the players kicked up. Spurs are not a regular top four team and we all know the four expected to win the day because of stability and wealth. Spurs are not then in decline but fighting to become one of those four. only city have managed to and because of their money and little else. not a media agenda? why then change his words to make him look bad to his players and why publish an article suggesting even you could have taken porto to 4 trophies and an unbeaten season. Try saying something positive about spurs next time you comment as failure to do so will end in a ban from the site. Can’t see it happening as convinced you are the same person banned last week.

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