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Liverpool/Arsenal “Experts” continue chipping at Tottenham.

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Guest Writer

After a week when Andros Townsend, the rising Tottenham star, has captured most of the sporting headlines, when most of their other international stars have either reached the World Cup finals in Brazil or are facing a playoff later in the year, we find that these so called experts from Sky Sports or in newspaper articles still seem reluctant and are begrudging of giving Tottenham or their players any credit whatsoever.

Let’s take Kyle Walker, he has taken the chance to play at right back in the absence of Liverpoo’ls Glen Johnson and has been extremely solid defensively and as effective and threatening going forward as we know he can be, he has pace to spare and as a newcomer to the England team has rarely put a foot wrong. Michael Owen, who had a sensational England and Liverpool career before disappearing  to Madrid seems to think otherwise, he has gone on record as saying that Kyle Walker is “overhyped” and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about! Jamie Redknapp another ex-Liverpudlian also had some fantastic words of encouragement for the new and longterm England fullback, he felt the need to say this about Walker:

“I’m not Kyle Walker’s biggest fan. Going forward he’s fantastic but defending is sometimes an after-thought for him. If Glen Johnson was fit he’d definitely be my right back but because of injuries Walker has to play. I just hope he remembers he has to do his defensive duties as well. He sometimes forgets that, thinking he’s a winger.”

I would imagine that most England supporters and probably plenty of those of Liverpool will be a little surprised at the implication that Johnson is such an accomplished defender, if ever a defender goes missing or is likely to be caught out going forward then it is him, and with nothing like the pace of Walker to fall back on he would only have the edge in experience that a player approaching 30 yrs would be expected to possess.

Quite frankly Jaimie Redknapp is becoming a bit of a joke figure in the media, Mourinho took him to the cleaners on TV and his constant opinion on the teams, players and coaches of international and Premiership teams borders on ridiculous, he was one of the first to encourage Gareth Bale to leave Tottenham for Madrid which at the moment doesn’t seem such wonderful advice. Michael Owen, with the voice perfect for TV if you would rather watch something on any other channel or go out, has such an opinion on a player he has never faced, In eight seasons back in the Premier League Owen has played just 110 games for the three clubs he was contracted to, most of those games as a substitute or withdrawn player.

On the subject of voices made for the radio or TV another Jamie, this time Carragher also cast his expert opinion back on the Premier League with an article on Sky Sport again, specifically aimed at the ambition of Tottenham and their chances of achieving their objectives this season, he said:

Tottenham Hotspur: Jamie Carragher says they won’t make top four .”Villas-Boas has a quality squad with plenty of strength in depth but a lot of those players have not been in title-winning or title-chasing teams before.”

The title of the piece is not making the top four but the meat of the article is about not winning the Premier League title. As always he goes for the usual suspects to finish in the top four apparently forgetting that only recently he was talking up Liverpool’s chances of winning it, now they are fifth at best! He uses the fact that a few of the new signings have not yet settled perhaps forgetting that a few have, add to them Danny Rose and Townsend, who have both been superb so far, and Tottenham, a team who finished last season one point behind Arsenal, three Chelsea and six City have been written off by Carragher not based on form but because they have actually invested in players, something he and his like suggest all the top teams must do to improve.

A couple more articles from Sky Sport, one from Alan Smith and the other from another writer, both pointless and both erring on the side of any player but a Tottenham player. Smith reported on the big calls that Hodgson now faces in the forthcoming World Cup, the choices he must make when choosing his squad and final eleven, his advice, take them all if they are fit, very helpful. On the subject of Townsend and Walcott, a comparison that will now be made regularly this season, rather than base his opinion on ability and what the player brings to the England team he brings Lamela into the equation for some reason:

You look at Andros Townsend’s situation at Spurs and they have bought a player in Erik Lamela for £25m and he plays on that right side. You have to think at some stage that Lamela is going to get a shout if Andros has a couple of quiet games and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Argentine lad get in.

The other Sky Sport report  again gave the nod to Walcott having this piece of magical reasoning to ram home the point:

In truth, anything approaching the 21 goals he netted for the Gunners last term should be enough to ensure Walcott retains his starting place.

How about a mention of five Walcott goals in 36 games for England including three in one game in 2008, is just 2 England goals since enough to guarantee a place in the team?

There seems little doubt that both players will be on the plane to Brazil if fit, Walcott a little injury prone still whereas Townsend is not really the Johnny Come Lately everybody seems to believe he is, he played twelve games for QPR last season and was voted their player of the season because of the quality of performance he produced, he has started all but one game for Tottenham this season and excelled in every game, add two from two standout England performances and Townsend is not only doing well but consistently so.

Nobody knows how the season will pan out but for me as a Tottenham supporter to continuously see articles from so many of these “experts” who all have so much to say and are so opinionated that you wonder why they are not coaches are involved with clubs themselves, perhaps that is too difficult or too much like hard work, it’s so much easier to put your name to something a little controversial or that sucks up to the supporters of the top four clubs and Liverpool.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that Jamie Redknapp actually played for Tottenham or his dad managed them as he has no allegiance whatsoever to us, Carragher also forgets that he scored as many goals for Tottenham as he did Liverpool.

No doubt every time Tottenham fail to win there will be negative comments from the same old people, when it comes to England the negative comments are a little surprising coming from ex-England players who probably should know better and be building up the youngsters to encourage good performances not knocking them to side with their favourites.



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  1. 6YardsOut says:

    They’ll be crying at the end of the season when Tottenham finish above them and they end up in a Europa League spot.

    • Tony says:

      They keep stating the usual four will hard to oust and that Spurs and Liverpool are challengers for even the title itself but two of them are going to miss out on the CL and it would be dangerous to write off Everton and Southampton, they will both cause upsets.

  2. Eric says:

    Johnson is as much a liability as Walker n townsend provides that spark ahead of walcott although he should go to Brazil.With Suarez leaving in Jan I just don’t see pool in top 4 with United joining them.My top 4 would b city chelsea us n arsenal

    • Tony says:

      Johnson is nothing without his attacking play even pool supporters admit he gives them the jitters. I can’t bear to hear Owen, can’t understand Carragher, his written words are as moronic as his spoken ones, as for Jammy redknapp when he comes on tv I switch over or off, cannot stand him.

  3. whlspur says:

    the media is made up of Liverpool and Arsenal players in the main but expect a big influx of chavs soon as they are all coming to the end of their careers.

  4. Eric says:

    Is it just me or does Carraghers words are too hard to understand on sky.

  5. BigH says:

    This should be no surprise to any of us. Scousers are just bitter because they are now finished as a ‘big’ club. Rednapp is still sore cos his dad got sacked by us and the Woolwich lot are just jealous. I note Gary Neville is far more balanced and worth listening to, but he does know what he is on about. Sky have always disliked us as we upset thier love in sessions with manu, scumsea, woolwich and scousers and they are so biased its untrue. To hell with them, its for us to prove them wrong

    • Tony says:

      It’s no surprise but infuriating and to think that those multi millionaires are being paid to voice such crap is even more annoying. When Keegan lost it all those years ago I know exactly where he was coming from but it needs someone to really stick it to them. spurs did it by beating City and Liverpool under Redknapp now we need AVB to do the same.

  6. Caleb says:

    I’m an arsenal fan and I think both clubs will get top 4 at the expense of united.

  7. Toppy says:

    Townsend is an exciting player to watch but to say he would bench walcot(in one of your articles) after two matches is ridiculous. This is majorly the problem with england futbol.Overhyping players who wouldnt even break into brazilian, spanish NT is detriment to their development.just Let them develop.He has a long way to go before becoming half a player bale is. @those experts, its not only your team that has been critized by them. It is funny how you pin pointed those who spoke ill of your team without mentioning those who believe you are title contender.

    • Tony says:

      I’m sorry but I do not agree.walcott has rarely been as productive as townsend despite 36caps.and to suggest the hype is not good is ridiculous.every star player lives for it.when people start to knock or doubt them is when things can go wrong..a huge proportion of the country was excited by townsend he added to England something walcott has never really had might change but currently townsend is a mile ahead.I agree there is the occasionalarticle of praise but all the usual names at once is a bit odd.only paul merson has had much nice to is funny how we have pinpoint these articles but is also funny that half of skys articles knocked spurs in someway and the other half could not be relatedas a matter of interest what is your take on walcott going to the world cup when 16and never playing for arsenal?not comparing townsend to bale nor saying good enough for Spain or Brazil just the best option for England now in place of walcott.most would agree.

  8. Pudoh says:

    Listen to this pundits now…..becus there eyes re cleared now,so many of them tipped spurs as tittle contenders,i dont even see spurs as top 4 club…i said this even wen u were second and comparing townsend to walcott is just how small spurs re,well spurs is not even as strong as pool so i dont see spurs finishing 5th,6th is my bet amd any one who tinks united will not make top 4 has the brain of a kid

    • Tony says:

      Another worried gooner. There are no pundits who actually tip arsenal for the titlebut some state that like Spurs they have the players and the ability to do so.Sorry mate but if you can’t see that Townsend is playing so well that he is a very serious threat to walcotts England spot and you can’t see that Spurs now have better squad than utd then you are a kid.why do you have to keep denying that Spurs arw a threat to you and all the top four.Most clubs still fear that Spurs are likely to become the huge power that they once were, a club able to buy the best players and broke transfer records regularly, once the break into the top 4 and begin to win trophies they will surpass all the other London clubs in the financial stakes, especially with Levy at the helm. Be worried be very worried.

  9. Pudoh says:

    This is not a case of ‘worried gooner’ although am a gooner,am not in any way comparing afc to spurs bcus they dont share same ambition this season…afc is going to challenge for the title..dont knw if we will win it,hard work asking who does spurs want to kick out of the top4???man u’s class and top players will always bounce back but not for the trophy this year but they must be in top4….man city a sure bet top be tittle challengers…chelsea?? Yu know wat mou can do…liverpool even looks stronger and more ambitious than spurs right now…so out of this 5clubs i mentioned yu only re above one which is united who yu can neva finish above….for me liverpool will shock the top4…they certainly will finish above yu this season….be real

    • Tony says:

      hahaha your logic is ridiculous Tottenham also have top players, younger and better than many at United who are mainly past their best, RVP and even a rejuvenated rooney are the only players sure to get in this Tottenham squad., same with Chelsea really and as Mou doesn’t play why worry about him. To be honest the only team who really concerns me is City and I believe that they are the only club with a bigger better squad than Spurs. Liverpool! are you kidding me they might get top four but they will be behind Spurs as they don’t have as good a squad or players as us. Suarez and at a pinch Sturridge would be the only players capable of getting into Spurs squad and in truth yours. City apart other than suarez, RVP and Rooney who would you want from utd, chelsea and liverpool, nobody, other than possibly a keeper as you have problems there whereas Spurs already have one of the best.
      You believe you are so superior to us and yet you are just 3 points ahead and are playing the best football you have played in 8 years and have all your players at peak, poor old spurs are struggling to find their best team and getting all their new players up to speed so think how well they will do when they are playing well. Think about what you are saying and don’t be so ridiculous, Spurs are your match and have as good a chance as you of finishing top or in first four, get used to it and worry about yourselves. Spurs are superior to United and Liverpool that much is clear, City are probably favourites for the title and it will be ourselves,arsenal and chelsea battling with them.

  10. Pudoh says:

    Spurs finish top or in top4???? Well what will break ur heart most unlike last season is dat u spent over 100+million…chelsea man u city arsenal will finish there any of this tree except united will win the tittle…i know u re a fan and its hard to take but u cant help but watch…

    • Tony says:

      Arsenal finish top????????!!!!!!! don’t make me laugh. Spurs spent over a £100m but sold £110m so still in credit.I know you are a fan as well but you still cannot give a reason why Spurs cannot beat you or any of the others, Spurs squad is stronger and they have many players better than all of arsenal,cheksea,city and united, they have finished 4th and 5th a point behind last year so how do you arrive at your decision. It’s hope , hope that Spurs don’t finish above arsenal because your not used to it, not many years ago you were finishing 40 points or more in front and now you are struggling every year to finish ahead, well let me tell you those days are coming to an end, spurs will finish in top 3 so your only hope is that you get enough points to finish ahead, I still have my doubts as you are at the top of your game and Spurs are nowhere near theirs yet, WORRIED?

  11. Pudoh says:

    Ok the end of season commet…..enjoy the roller coster

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