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Loan attempts for “flop” Lamela have gone away.

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Eddie S

Forty-five minutes football in far off Canada last Wednesday  finally put to bed all the stories of Italian interest in the services of Erik Lamela, until then he had been branded an expensive flop by all sections of the media and many of the richest clubs in Italy circled in the hope of picking up a bargain on loan with a view to buying at a knockdown price if a success. One half of excellent football in a friendly against a decent MLS club does not a star make, but to every Tottenham supporter he represents hope and expectation.

It seems strange but the two biggest underachievers last season were our two most expensive purchases, Roberto Soldado was expected to score more than twenty goals while Erik Lamela was to be the star attraction to help us forget the departure of Gareth Bale. While arsenal supporters were busy laying into their superstar midfielder when things started to go downhill, the vast majority of our fans remained supportive of the two players throughout.

None other than Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa spoke of the massive potential of our young Argentine and they have always firmly believed that he would go on to become a huge star, as supporters we have witnessed fleeting glimpses of play that only the best are capable of producing.

The fans are firmly with Lamela and Soldado and though nothing is certain the work is going in, the confidence is returning and the belief of teammates, coaches, fans is growing.

Next week the remainder of the squad return and Pochettino and his coaching staff will then set about building the confidence of our other record signing Paulinho and bringing the rest up to speed. They will return to find a happy, smiling, rejuvenated Lamela desperate to prove himself in the best and most competitive league in the world no matter what Gareth Bale might think.

8 to “Loan attempts for “flop” Lamela have gone away.”

  1. Gunner says:

    Ha ha I’ve heard loads of spurs fans giving out like mad about lamela being a waste of money ye are like all fans( including arsenals) ye expect big things from big money signings so grow up and stop giving digs to the arsenal fans about ozil

    • Tony says:

      Sorry mate but your talking crap, the vast majority of fans have always maintained support for Lamela, if you expect big things from big money signings please explain the poor showing from Ozil. We are comparing a 21 yr old from Argentina with 18mths in Italy behind him before turning up in London, your man was an experienced pro with 3 yrs at RM behind him and he failed for most of his 1st season.
      You gooners really make me laugh always immune from criticism but fond of giving it out.
      surely you must be growing a little tired of the “always in our shadow “crap, you have won the same number of trophies as us in 9yrs.

  2. Arsenaltan says:

    Ozil was a flop tell me whohad more assist than him in your shadow team

  3. Arsenaltan says:

    Hahaha eriksen had 8 assist ozil had 10 assist our worst mid is better than your best HAve That

    • Stantheman says:

      as usual the gooners miss the point, a so called £43m superstar supposedly the finished article and a 21 yr old at a quarter of the price outshone your signing. Will you ever admit we got the better of you in the market?

    • Tony says:

      Eriksen started 27 games last season scored 10 assisted 10. ozil started 33 games scored 6 assisted 11, hows your maths? while your on subject £43m- £11m equals a bargain with similar abilities and qualities.

    • steve says:

      just for once be honest, you obviously go on arsenal sites if you do this one , can you honestly tell me that b4 you won FA Cup the majority of your fans were not slagging off Ozil?
      If you wish I’m sure I could supply a link to it if you want proof.

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