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Looro’s predictions.

Posted on November 01, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

And so we come to that part of the week that you all so eagerly anticipate my expert opinion on the forthcoming fixtures, not enough to see me talking absolute tosh on the beeb you can also read about it you lucky people. Last seaon QPR were not really relegated as you will see from my real prediction table they finished comfortably in 8th position just four points behind a sorry Tottenham team.

Sat 2 Nov 2013 – Premier League

Newcastle v Chelsea 12:45

  • For me Jose Mourinho is the most humble person that I have ever come across and so deserves all the luck imaginable when it comes to winning titles and cups. Not once have they been outplayed this season and were the better team by far in every fixture played. Ignore the statistics and everything that you witnessed on TV when Chelsea met the German and European Champions Bayern Munich in the Supercup, that was all propaganda, the best team lost which you should always remember. We should all be thankful that Jose was overlooked by United and City and the fact that Chelsea had run out of options as he will give the young English players their chance and with the World Cup coming up at the end of this season keep an eye out for a young speedster at the back by the name of John Terry, it wouldn’t surprise me if he earned a call up to the England squad along with the other young Englishmen making a name for themselves Lampard and Cole. What chance do the home team have none, 7-0 Chelsea.
  • Fulham v Man Utd 15:00
  • Much like Andre Villa-Boas last year Martin Jol probably only has 25 minutes to save his job and the opposition manager only marginally longer by about 5 years. Both teams are struggling to produce the results their respective squads deserve but because they were Champions last year Manchester United are big favourites to win every game they start and have a god given right to finish in the top four. Wayne Rooney has discovered a new lease of life and is playing better than at any time since he last entered new contract talks, United are hopeful that he will sign a new contract in January but insist it is not about money as they are only prepared to go up to ¬£13.9m a year and nowhere near the ¬£14m he is demanding. United of course 4-0 Rooney double hat-trick.(!!!!!!)
  • Hull v Sunderland 15:00
  • Who cares they can never win the league and are nothing when compared to the mighty Liverpool. Bore draw 0-0.
  • Man City v Norwich 15:00
  • Like Chelsea and Manchester United , Manchester City are certainties for the top four and qualification into the Champions League and are another team happy to give youth a chance. I do have a soft spot for today’s opposition Norwich as I was once on a train that pulled into Norwich station and I bought a coffee there, it was good, for that reason Norwich to score but city to get twelve in reply.
  • Stoke v Southampton 15:00
  • Mark Hughes played for Manchester United so he is automatically a great coach having the ear of Fergie, Southampton are I think flattering to decieve although I am not entirely sure as their manager seems to have a speech impediment that I cannot understand, is he Scottish? Boring 0-0.
  • West Brom v Crystal Palace 15:00
  • Even more boring and even less interested 0-0.
  • West Ham v Aston Villa 15:00
  • Pass 0-0
  • Arsenal v Liverpool 17:30
  • Now we are talking the fourth and fifth teams guaranteed to finish in the top four one of which should go on to win the league, which of them is anyone’s guess as they are the away team today. Unfortunately Arsenal were unlucky not to add a forward to their squad in the summer as unlike the other teams in the Premiership their coach was unable to secure his new contract and only had three days of the window remaining in which to make a big signing to con the supporters for another year, by then Higuain, Rooney, Fabregas, Fellaini, Suarez, Bernard, Williams and several other stars managed to resist the temptation of winning nothing for another season. ¬†Liverpool on the otherhand managed to buy several players to add to their squad most of whom will be looking to go out on loan come January having failed to break into the team, like Borini, Aspas, Allen and Llori. The teams are first and second in the league with very little to separate the sides, Arsenal have home advantage while Liverpool are not so good away from Anfield. This one is impossible to call but if I have to then Liverpool just to edge it by 7-0.

Sun 3 Nov 2013 – Premier League.

  • Everton v Tottenham 13:30
  • I have been saying all season that these teams will finish 21st and 22nd in the league and I see no reason to change my opinion, the little teams of Liverpool and North London cannot hope to compete with the five teams I have chosen to definitely finish in the top four. Without Fellaini and Bale both teams will struggle and up until now have been extremely fortunate to have had their best starts to a Premiership season. Really don’t care 0-0.
  • Cardiff v Swansea 16:00
  • Why are they even in the English Premier League! chuck em out.

Fulling expecting to get every result right this week so get your hard earned on it.

Last seaons final top 8.

1. Man Utd 38 29 9 0 96 Side arrow 0
2. Arsenal 38 28 7 3 91 Up arrow +2
3. Man City 38 25 11 2 86 Down arrow -1
4. Chelsea 37 23 10 4 79 Down arrow -1
5. Everton 38 21 10 7 73 Up arrow +1
6. Liverpool 38 19 11 8 68 Up arrow +1
7. Tottenham 38 16 12 10 60 Down arrow -2
8. QPR 38 16 8 14 56 Up arrow +12

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    Might even get more correct results if not scores right with this spoof than eddie s.haha

  3. tom says:

    Coming up to half-time and those Manchester predictions don’t look so farfetched at the moment.

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