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Madrid attitude changing over Bale pursuit.

Posted on August 11, 2013 by Tony

It certainly seems that some pressure has been lifted in the past week in relation to the pursuit of Gareth Bale, shortly after Madrid’s supporters polled 93% against the club spending more than 60/70m euros on Bale, rating him way behind their current hero Ronaldo, soonafter that Perez himself began to publicly doubt that he was worth that sort of fee, strange bearing in mind both he and Zidane had previously suggested money was no object in order to secure his services.

What does this suggest? are Madrid now beginning to have second thoughts or have they finally realised that they cannot actually finance the deal in a suitable way so as to satisfy Tottenham and Daniel Levy, he seems intent on ensuring the fee is paid in full, strange perhaps as he allowed Luka Modric to go to Madrid last year on the never never.

There are so many theories floating about at the moment that it is difficult to know exactly what might happen, perhaps a deal has been struck and Tottenham are going about buying replacements before clubs realise they have such a huge sum to spend, highly unlikely as any request for a player that might offer something like Bale’s qualities will immediately set alarm bells ringing.

We have all been scathing of stories emanating from Marca over the past weeks but as it has turned out some have been proven to have an element of truth on occasion. They still believe that it will happen and have implied that they might have to succumb to releasing Jese and /or Morata to Tottenham to get their man, to be honest just how they will be able to accommodate both youngsters, should they secure Bale and tie Ronaldo down to a new contract, is difficult to see when they will have both superstars, Isco, Benzema, Ozil, Kaka and Di Maria as forward options.

As was the case last year when Perez pleaded poverty while trying to buy Modric he will be trying to beat down the price, hopefully this time Levy will not give in to the bluff, just how can the richest club on the planet one year struggle to buy Modric for £33m, needing a payment plan, then a year later attempt to buy the new jewel in the crown for £100m.

So what is it to be? done deal, no deal or made up deal to garner enormous PR for both clubs and Gareth Bale. Will any Madrid players form part of any transfer if it does go ahead? or will Daniel Levy extract every last penny from Madrid and jeopardise their falling foul of financial fair play regulations..Perhaps Daniel Levy will stand firm as he did with Modric and refuse to sell this year.

This is all becoming very wearing and monotonous now and needs to come to a conclusion one way or another.


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  1. alee says:

    The simple truth of the matter is that Levy can afford to stick to his guns because he knows that Bale will not throw a sulk once the transfer window is closed and not play to his full potential for the season.

    Bale may want to leave, but he is not desperate to. He is more than grounded enough to know that he has got things pretty good at Tottenham and has a good 2 or 3 years to go before he reaches his prime, which means he can wait a year or so before he pushes for his big move. This, all in stark contrast to how Suarez is treating Liverpool.

    What is more, Levy knows that Tottenham are going through a defining period in their history where they have the chance to step into the VIP class of European football clubs.

    He knows he needs to take a gamble, sacrifice the big money of a Bale sale for now so that he can help spurs push up into the top four and maybe win a trophy or two, and then recupe that lost sale money when Spurs, established as a ‘Champions league club’ and with a new stadium, can be sold for that much more than what they could be sold for at the present.

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