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Madrid in market for Ramires or Paulinho in January! Ramsey might be a more realistic target.

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Scraggs

It always happens during the international break and the quiet moments between transfer windows, reporters are looking for stories to supply editors to fill the back pages and today we are treated to one of the best by the Metro. Apparently the Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has begun to draw up plans to recruit a box to box midfielder during the January transfer window because of concerns over the fitness and longterm future of Xavi Alonso.

According to the Metro because Ancelotti was the coach at Chelsea when Ramires joined them he is their main target, they follow that up with the hilarious suggestion that he is valued by them at in the region of just £15m, they go on to say that Madrid are also linked to Tottenham’s Paulinho as an alternative to their number one choice.

Apart from the ridiculous price tag associated with a Chelsea player of Ramires stature, ability and importance and a contract until 2017,  Tottenham’s Paulinho has also been mentioned as another option, a player that cost them £17m, has played just eight games for the club and is just a few months into a five year contract, just what hope would they expect to have? To compare these two players to Xavi Alonso is also a little far fetched as Alonso is no box to box player and Ramirez and Paulinho do not possess his range of passing.

The perpetrator of this piece is the Arsenal blogger Jamie Sanderson

Trust me I'm a Sport Reporter for the Metro.

Trust me I’m a Sport Reporter for the Metro.

who continues to produce articles that rankle with the supporters of Chelsea and Tottenham, perhaps the fantastic form of Aaron Ramsey and the number of goals he is scoring might grab the attention of Real Madrid before the January window and he will probably cost less than £10m, not only that but their latest superstar Gareth Bale will be able to tell them all about his countryman and perhaps two Welshmen in Madrid might help them both settle into their roles more easily.

I have scoured the Spanish media for any information as to the reliability of these reports but have found nothing to substantiate any of it as expected, until I see it for myself in “Marca” that trusted and respected arm of Real Madrid then there is little to concern any of us.(sarcasm of course)

Let’s see what tomorrows headlines are as I feel sure that the likes of Vertonghen and Lloris are doing well enough to warrant attention from Barca or Madrid and will grab the attention of supporters.



7 to “Madrid in market for Ramires or Paulinho in January! Ramsey might be a more realistic target.”

  1. 6YardsOut says:

    Letting paulinho go would be a massive mistake. Top player there, keep hold of him as long as possible.

  2. Eric says:

    Swap deal including adebayor b Morata n we listen to them

  3. Levy says:

    This article is pointless. Why anyone would consider such impossibilities are worthy writing about is beyond me. Then again, one may not be an Arsenal fan but valuing Aaron Ramsey, a player in the form of his life, at less than 10 million is utter rubbish.

    • Tony says:

      that is precisely the point the metro and the sports writer we refer to is talking crap, 1.Alonso is no box to box midfielder and never has been. 2.Ramirez must be worth upwards of £30m in todays market not £15m. 3.Paulinho has been at Spurs for just weeks and they imply that madrid might go for him if they can’t get, no won’t get Ramirez. 4.Of course Ramsey is worth far more than £10m based on current form and his age. The point of the article was to have a pop at morons who make a bloody good living writing drivel.

    • steve says:

      the article is a tongue in cheek dig at the tabloid rubbish dished up, the complete crap the metro reporters continuously headline with and obviously the Spanish puppets of RM marca. it’s not meant to be serious at all.

  4. whlspur says:

    haha just look at the picture of the metro sports writer and clearly he can’t be taken seriously with that hairstyle. He is constantly dishing up ridiculous articles to grab attention and always having a dig at clubs other than his beloved gooners. I like these type of articles aimed at these fools who describe themselves as sports reporters, just like Adrian durham who simply spouts outrageous comments to attract a reaction.

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