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Madrid must make do with Suarez, Bale is happy at Tottenham

Posted on May 31, 2013 by Guest Writer

With so many mixed messages coming out of Anfield and from Suarez’s agent it is left to us to listen to the player himself when trying to decide what the future holds for him. The club and his agent seem to be suggesting that the player is very happy on Merseyside whereas Suarez own attitude smacks of a player readying himself for the exit door.

It seems the media have another agenda for him, other than his footballing ability, as they continue to write about his misdemeanours which include racial comments as well as biting an opponent. The soundbites from the player himself suggest that he is actually manoeuvring an exit strategy and conveniently blaming the media rather than his own disgraceful behaviour. No matter, as from a selfish point of view Real Madrid will now laud him as their signing to trump Neymar over at Barcelona and cease this senseless and pathetic play for Gareth Bale.

Real Madric are now beginning to come across like a needy child as they continue to bang away using the same old routines, first Modric and then Ramos talk up the player, then their ambassador Zidane and President Perez keep up the assault with inane remarks, the latest comments come from Luis Figo, another who only took up the Madrid challenge when he reached 28. Just who will they dig up next, perhaps it will be David Beckham or Michael Owen!

It is now becoming a little pathetic and Madrid are behaving like petulant children, they are beginning to put themselves into a corner and will become a bit of a laughing stock unless they win this battle with Tottenham. the price has risen from £50m to £80m in a matter of a few days as Madrid pull out every dirty trick to try to upset the player, agent and club into falling for their charms.

Tottenham are playing this calmly and quietly and not getting into a battle, Daniel Levy has stated he will hang on to his stars, he said the same 2 years ago and stuck to his word and there is no reason to doubt that he will do the same again, however, once again he probably faces a situation in that nothing less than qualification for the Champions League will do this coming season and so must back AVB all the way with top quality signings.

Just why the British press are so determined to encourage Bale to desert these shores for Spain is beyond me and surely their efforts would be better served encouraging that he remains in the English league, so bringing excitement to all the grounds Tottenham visit and help maintain the Premier League’s reputation as the best in the world.



1 to “Madrid must make do with Suarez, Bale is happy at Tottenham”

  1. Abigail says:

    Absolutely agree. How much longer can Real get away with tapping up the way they do? And to make matters worse the English press seem to want Bale to leave too. Sad state of affairs in football today where the media, agents and rich clubs dictate the run of play. I have faith in Bales commitment to Spurs, and I do believe he will stay 1 more season, but we must invest this summer or else, I believe we won’t get this chance to break the big four once and for all, for a number of years, unless we seize this opportunity. Bale to stay and some quality signings, sort it Levy! COYS!

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