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Make or break month for Tim Sherwood

Posted on March 07, 2014 by Scraggs

Though I believe the decision has probably already been made to bring in a new high profile coach for the upcoming season and that Van Gaal is the preferred option, there must always remain the incentive for the current coaching team to win through, obviously the initial incentive was money with an eighteen month contract handed to Sherwood for a job likely to last just six months BUT the fact remains that if he can lead the club into the Champions League against all the odds then he deserves to lead the squad into the new season.

As was the case with the appointment and then the tenure of AVB support is divided over the future of Sherwood irrespective of the final league position and the clubs venture in Europe, many see him as an ex-pro that knows his way about but doesn’t have the nous to lead what is the fifth best club in the country and the eight biggest in the world, the team still has no identity on the field of play and performances are haphazard at best, others though point to his record with just a couple of league defeats to his name and a points haul up there with the best.

Personally I would prefer have preferred that Sherwood had learned his trade at a decent level before being thrown in at the top and though he has done very well, is a valued employee of the club and might well one day being a great coach perhaps alongside a wily old head and proven winner the like of Luis Van Gaal then Tottenham might at last be onto a winning formula and one with ongoing longevity.

Before all these decisions have to be made and formalised there remains the battle ahead and this month is going to be crucial for all concerned. Tomorrow Sherwood leads his team to Chelsea the current league leaders hoping to consolidate their position and forge seven points clear, the home fixture was very much a game of two halves earlier in the season as the introduction of the departed Mata turned the game in Chelsea’s favour and a draw was the right result. Last May’s 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge was also well deserved and while chelsea are likely to start with an almost identical team Tottenham will have arguably improved significantly and if the team is set up correctly and makes an immediate start will surely have a chance.

Next week it will be the visit of Arsenal and they like some of their supporters will be beginning to doubt their season will end well, injuries continue to pile up and the brittle Jack Wilshire is sidelined and out of the game again, their season like all the others over the last nine looks to be petering out to nothing and just perhaps this time it is the turn of Tottenham to turn the tables and catch and overtake them.

It doesn’t get any easier as their is the small matter of a visit to a rejuvenated Liverpool to concentrate the mind and depending upon the results in the meantime it will be hoped that the fixture will still remain a vital six pointer.

Three massive encounters to navigate that will ultimately determine our season, four or five points is an absolute minimum and the hope that once March is out Tottenham are still in the reckoning for a top four position. A home win over Southampton is also a must and that won’t be an easy task.

Four games and a month that will help define the future for Tottenham as well as Tim Sherwood and his coaching team and though I have my doubts I am a Spurs supporter first and foremost and for the sake of our season I hope he pulls it off.



3 to “Make or break month for Tim Sherwood”

  1. steve says:

    got to support the man and the team it’s not like he is trying to play badly. they are all working hard to produce the goods and the away support which is fantastic should be replicated at home.

  2. Eric says:

    Even if we don’t get the points I want to see some good performances and efforts from the lads

    • Tony says:

      This is one where I would settle for a point but as you say more importantly it is the performance and fight that is more important before next week and liverpool.

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