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Manager merry go round will ensure new Bale contract at Tottenham.

Posted on May 10, 2013 by Guest Writer

Great news from Old Trafford that “Fergie” has retired and that David Moyes has been appointed to replace him. With Gareth Bale winning so many plaudits as well as awards it has been suggested that one of the really wealthy clubs would snap him up, especially if top four is not achieved.

Fortunately for Tottenham this coming season is set to become a bit of a lottery for every major club around and especially those that could possibly afford a player of Bale’s ability. United have long been touted as a destination for Gareth Bale as the replacement for the last Welsh player of exceptional quality, Ryan Giggs, now that Ferguson has gone they begin a period of change and it remains to be seen whether Moyes can continue to bring success and whether Ferguson remaining in the background affects things for the new set up.

Chelsea are another club able to afford him and offer huge wages but apart from the fact Levy will not sell to them they to, as every season of late, face more managerial upheaval. Mourinho will be the likely new man and whilst he will obviously do well, especially with the cheque book available, his time at Madrid has hardly been the highlight of his career and he will return with his reputation a little tarnished and with only limited recent success.

Manchester City have unlimited resources but are a club in turmoil, a team full of mercenaries only after the wage packet and whilst they will always compete it is unlikely that they will ever dominate and attract the very best British players. Mancini will do well to survive the sack the summer as his record based on outlay is poor, if he has any say on players purchased then there have been far too many failures and at hugely inflated prices. City have performed terribly in the Champions League and after 2 attempts are still to reach the knockout stages. Just who might replace Mancini could be the issue as there are no obvious candidates other than the current coach of Dortmund perhaps.

Real Madrid has been the most obvious destination because of his similarities to Ronaldo and the partnership agreement between the clubs. Mourinho is about to walk before he is pushed in what has been a poor period for him and Madrid due to the dominance of Barcelona. It is widely reported that Ancellotti will be the new encumbent and so that will mean that another of the wealthiest clubs, PSG, will need a new coach.

Barcelona themselves whilst they still have the worlds best player in Messi also have some ageing stars and coaching problems, sadly because of ill health to their coach he has been away for long periods and this still remains a situation that needs resolving.

Over in Germany the leading club is Bayern Munich and Pep Guardiola has already been appointed for next season. Bayern have won their league at a canter, they have also bought their closest competitors star player Goetze and look like adding their star forward Lewandowski, this will ensure an even more dominant season in the German League enabling Bayern to concentrate their efforts on the Champions League. The Guardiola reputation will be further enhanced in a one team league. My guess is that he will never take on a job in England as it would be far to difficult to dominate, unless he does he cannot be mentioned in the same breath as Ferguson and Mourinho.

Only Russian or Eastern bloc clubs could afford the likes of Bale apart from those mentioned above and that is never going to be an option for him, only the 2 Manchester clubs, 2 Spanish clubs and Bayern Munich could realistically be in the frame for him, 3 have confirmed a change of coach for next season and the other 2 are highly probable.

Provided Tottenham continue to improve and show the ambition to do so Gareth Bale will remain with them,  they will certainly have his services for the coming season as every possible destination sets out on a transitional period. Tottenham have a head start with the appointment of AVB last summer and Daniel Levy might be well advised to actually extend his contract with Tottenham, he has rebuilt his reputation in a very short period, he has proven himself to be every bit as good as expected when Chelsea paid an enormous sum for him, he is tactically astute and has the entire club on side and pulling together, any sort of success at Tottenham will attract the attention of the biggest clubs.

This summer promises to be exciting, AVB has been accepted and will be given the players that he feels will improve the team considerably, it is likely that Tottenham will spend big but within reason. AVB is extremely knowledgable in the world market and as well as a couple of  well known targets it is just as likely that a couple of unknowns will arrive.


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