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Media continue Bale assault.

Posted on July 29, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Whether Gareth Bale does eventually leave or not the conflicting stories continue unabated, and the most worrying aspect is that the British press are taking their lead from Marca, the Spanish sportspaper in the pocket of and the mouthpiece of real madrid. Far from championing the English Premier League the press in England seem intent on driving one of the greatest talents for many a year into the Spanish League and a major competitor of English teams in the Champions League. What is happening here? Is the press so intent on protecting the positions of the current top four that they would be happy to see the league itself weaken rather than Tottenham or another team oust one of the usual four?

Today one paper has stated that Daniel Levy is giving Gareth Bale the cold shoulder, not difficult when Levy is in Florida and Bale in Hong Kong, another reports that Levy has broken off from his holiday early to hold urgent talks and yet just a few days ago he and Barnett were in contract talks.

David Pleat has reported that there has been no formal bid and yet the media are full of offers between £51m and £86m, others go as high as £95 which involves just £50m cash(over a period obviously) and a couple of players surplus to requirements, Coentrao and Di Maria, they are apparently worth £45m. Unfortunately this conflicts with another story in Marca that Di Maria wishes to remain with real madrid and Ancellotti is willing to switch his position to play a role he favours for his national side,

There are many deja vu moments in this drama as it continues to unfold, Modric was upset because when he signed his new contract he was given verbal assurances that if a big offer came in Tottenham would consider it and allow the player to leave, now it seems that Bale is furious with Levy because the self same thing was agreed and he has not allowed him to go . A couple of points here, firstly, considering allowing a player to leave and actually letting him go are two separate agreements , Levy considered it and decided it was not in Tottenham’s best  interest, it seems fair to me, secondly, it was remiss of Modric and his advisors not to put such an agreement into his contract, for Gareth Bale’s advisors to exclude it having been pre-warned is a sackable offence. Obviously this is a complete fantasy created in this case by Marca who specialise in such stories.

It’s always been the players dream, boyhood club, wearing the shirt at ten blah, blah, blah heard it all before with Modric, Keane, Berbatov etc. whenever this happens the same old cliches are reeled out.

At the moment we know that Gareth Bale is contracted to Tottenham for another three years and any decision on his future is controlled by them, Tottenham are prepared to negotiate a new deal and significantly reward the player as they have done every year, clearly real madrid would like to buy Gareth Bale and have been illegally tapping him up all summer, so far they have NOT made an offer as they would obviously announce it to the world as they have done everything else.

Time for Levy to do his thing, tie Bale down to another contract or put madrid in their place, either will do.



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