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Media remain anti AVB and Tottenham:Time to rally together.

Posted on November 04, 2013 by Tony

What was a great result at Everton has somehow turned into a complete negative in most sections of the media and even with a small proportion of the Tottenham faithful and yet this season the team we faced have been superb on their own territory winning their last four league fixtures, including a win over Chelsea it should be remembered, only WBA managed a point on the opening day of the season before Tottenham came to town. Most would argue that Tottenham were the better by far of the two teams and especially dominant in the first half and yet the pundits on the Beeb and in most rags have been critical of their failure to score a goal and now the situation with Hugo Lloris’s head injury.

The strikers union on MOTD 2 seem to be the cause of much unrest almost ridiculing the Tottenham striker Roberto Soldado and calling for the introduction of Jermain Defoe, this is of course  also a dig at AVB and Tottenham in that they are questioning the coaches decision to stick with Soldado and more than that their transfer strategy in the summer. John Hartson really has little to back up his “expert” opinion as his time with Arsenal was hardly outstanding, 14 in 53 appearances is hardly what dreams are made of and a best of 15 in his one outstanding period for West Ham is on a par with JD.

The papers today all seem to be picking up on the “irresponsible” Lloris story, sprinkle that with lack of goals, Adebayor mistreatment and the need to replace Soldado with Defoe and there you have it until Robbie Savage gives us his words of wisdom again for the BBC. Under the headline “Cautious Tottenham face title struggle, says Robbie Savage”  in it he goes on to to say that the team was set up cautiously to prevent everton scoring but then admits that, particularly in the first half, AVB’s team dominated possession, territory and openings to the extent of almost 60/40 and away to a team just a point behind who could themselves have gone second with a victory, he said ” Even though Tottenham were seeing more of the ball, getting more men forward and playing the game in Everton’s half to force the home side back”. To further confound us and back up his theory that Tottenham are a defensive outfit devoid of ideas he then admits that this defensive team have over the season a possession record only second to Manchester City ( that’s right ahead of Arsenal who pride themselves on possession) more shots than any other team with shots on target only bettered by City and one other, more dribbles than any other team taking them into offensive areas quickly.

Surely it is time for a reality check, since the beginning of the Premiership era Tottenham have finished fourth on just two occasions, they are now considered to be a team of sufficient potential to achieve that feat and perhaps better it, if not this season then sometime soon, vital to that possibility is the need to have a coach leading the squad and getting the best from the group. The best we have had in modern times is Martin Jol and then Harry Redknapp and they brought just the one adventure in the Champions League but no trophies, even though Tottenham performed the right way under both those coaches and scored goals for fun they were always considered a bit of a soft touch defensively especially when Ledley was injured and that was often.  AVB has done no better so far but he has a track record of winning trophies and in his short time at Tottenham he has had to contend with the loss of Modric and Bale, on the subject of Bale was he ever more than a £40m player under Harry? only when AVB got to grips with the players and the tactics did he develop into a world class performer.

I cannot ever remember Tottenham having such a watertight defence as they have now but it is not coming with a defensive attitude as some would suggest, the team remain dominant and are one of the most effective attacking teams in the country in all but goals scored, have no doubt the squad, AVB and his coaching team will be working as hard to rectify that as the did with the defensive side of their game.

Perhaps the only report I have read came from the Daily Post headlinedEverton are shown the level needed to compete for top four slot”  this was a little more like the reality of the situation and was a decent reflection of the game, some of the content also summed up the difference between the two teams:

“It wasn’t just a groggy Hugo Lloris who belatedly came to his senses at Goodison yesterday afternoon.

Any Everton supporters giddy at their team’s impressive start to the season were given an indication of the level required to maintain a realistic challenge for Champions League qualification.”

Every Tottenham supporter should take a look at the headlines in every newspaper and on every sports channel and without fail they will be taking a dig at “irresponsible” AVB or condemning Tottenham’s lack of goals. It won’t ever stop as Tottenham have become more than a threat to the elite, Whatever happens this season the media will still get up to their dirty tricks and try to derail Tottenham, We have seen them all try and destabilise the club for the past few seasons, Modric was encouraged from every quarter to abandon Tottenham for Chelsea and then Madrid, then it was Gareth Bale to United or Madrid. Mark my words if Tottenham have a successful season AVB will be encouraged to abandon them to join one of the rich clubs like PSG or perhaps Real Madrid, any form of failure, that might only include scraping into a top four position, and he will be the wrong man for the job at Tottenham and not good enough to take them to the next level, the implication is already there and has been ongoing for a year. The continuous drip of negativity is never ending, Defoe  and Adebayor are apparently unhappy and rocking the boat, last year it was Lloris and Friedel, who will it be next? Soldado and Lamela will presumably be on the agenda you can see it building.

Tottenham are equal second, and what’s more telling is that most performances have been so dominant that everybody, the coaches, players and supporters are all disappointed that we are not doing even better, Tottenham are all but in the next stages of the Europa Cup after just half the league fixtures and are into the quarter finals of the Capital One Cup, short of being top and scoring a few more goals that is hard to improve upon unless I am missing the point and Tottenham are still regular winners of the major trophies.

This could be the best season imaginable if everybody sticks together, our club is being bombarded with negativity and it’s time for us all to pull together, we have not been successful for far too long , the occasional cup win is no longer enough when compared to the continuous success that Chelsea and United have achieved, even Arsenal before the trials of the last eight years and Liverpool for four or five years have easily surpassed Tottenham, now we have the chance to become one of THE elite minor issues must not be allowed to fester, most fed by the media to destabilise Tottenham.

We are all in this together and together we must stand, AVB motivated the crowd for Wednesdays game and nobody let him down, the travelling support at Everton was as always amazing, now is the time to keep the faith and believe that AVB and the players will find a way to score more goals even though they have only been bettered by Arsenal in relation to points and by nobody in the cups.

Now is not the time to fall for media tricks but to rally behind AVB and his players and to see where this season takes us.



11 to “Media remain anti AVB and Tottenham:Time to rally together.”

  1. Eric says:

    I’ve noticed this season our haters have
    increased.Every online daily,football
    site,our facebook page etc will have
    more neutral fans mocking us.When ur
    on the rise ur haters multiply,we sell
    players at a premium,have one of the
    most talented managers in the
    world,have bought a completely new
    squad for a net profit and are about to
    build a new stadium
    We have numerous articles on how we
    are poor in attack,lowest goals
    tally,how Avb is an over rated coach
    who just bought a bunch of very
    mediocre but there’s not a single article
    highlighting how we have ”13 CLEAN
    SHEETS IN 17 GAMES”.A cl contender
    club would envy that record.
    We have enough hatred out there who
    keep multiplying every secong so lets
    not add to that n just get behind,they
    need our support not our hatred too
    I bet if someone had said we would be
    2nd after 10 games we would have
    brushed that away as mocking too

    • Tony says:

      They are all beginning to fear us as with success and a new stadium Daniel Levy will make Tottenham a real financial powerhouse. Tottenham were the wealthiest team of the 60’s,70’s and 80’s and landed all the big stars, it’s starting to happen already with a vastly inferior turnover but quality coaching and sensible housekeeping, imagine what Tottenham will do with another £100m or more of turnover. Tottenham with Levy, AVB and this squad have the fear factor.

  2. BigH says:

    Good article and so true. Bloody right wing media love to have a dig at us. When your rebuilding your side you need to be very hard to beat. Bar the loss against the slum dwellers we have been solid. From the solid base we can start to get our movement right, players grow in confidence knowing we are a hard team to beat and the goals will come. Then at the same time you change your mentality and never stop fighting. Over the years I have seen entertainment mainly at our expense, with a wholehearted loser mentality and that’s what the media want. Last won the championship in 1961 and for those who want us to win 5-4 or indeed lose 6-3 want us also to be losers. Its time for change….

    • Tony says:

      How many times do the pundits tell us you need a strong spine to any team to achieve success, well AVB has built a spine as wide as an oak and now that Younes is back and Vlad is finding his feet it gets even stronger add the choice of Sandro and Capoue and no matter what combination and what competition Tottenham are strong. It would be nice to take a few teams to the cleaners and wrap things up before the hour is up but it is nice to go into games believing that Tottenham really are able to compete with any team. Gotta love that the opposition fear us and know that they face a tough game.

  3. craig says:

    Just hope enough people read this as it is so true. Time to get behind everybody at the club you know the saying united we stand divided we fall.

  4. Jide says:

    I thought that I misheard tonight when a ranter on a popular sport radio station stated that ‘AVB and Spurs care more about the three points than the welfare of Hugo Lloris’ . I could not believe what I heard and I sent him a message on Twitter that what he had said was defamatory to the manager and Spurs as a football club, and I hope he withdraws the statement, as it is untrue. But he did not have the guts to respond or read the message out on air.

    It was interesting how every so called ‘pundit’ and “expert” suddenly became Professors in brain surgery. The point was, the decision was taken in conjunction with The team doctor, the same doctor who performed miracles in th Patrice Muamba situation. So what they are saying is that this same doctor would now knowingly and recklessly place Hugo Lloris in danger. It shows how myopic all these people were. I heard a lot of rubbish all day. It does not really bother me as a fan anymore.

    I have said this on this forum, if we buy both Messi and Ronaldo, the press, media, pundits and experts would still find fault with Spurs. It’s just the way it always would be. You would think we were in the bottom three and not fourth on the league table.

    Finally, it time that we fans get behind our team win, draw or lose. These folks will say anything to damage Spurs. We must be ready and willing to challenge these damaging views with concrete facts without falling to their pathetic level.


    • Tony says:

      That has got Talksport written all over it.Today it’s Vertonghen unhappy with Avb having to play left back. Same article as put out in Dec.last year by Telegraph. Anothet attempt to turn supporyers against AVB.

  5. Jide says:

    By the way was’nt Lukaku himself knocked spark out against West Ham and continued playing when he regained consciousness? Where was that Charity, the media & experts. Did the FIFA medical officer not see it fit to comment on the so called rule and policy at that time. Not one of these bodies thought it fit to blame Martinez for continuing to play Lukaku. They are all disingenuous. It’s simply double standards.

  6. Eric says:

    Completely with jide on the Lloris issue.The so called pundits fans etc aren’t experts,the doctors are,the same ppl who saved Mu

  7. pudoh says:

    I just. Keep reminding people that it would be most disastrous if spurs miss champions league football this season,which is certain,the defensive record and league position flatters yu guys,good teams. Score and concede,check barca madrid man u,who eva,well in due time yu will know what am talking of

    • Tony says:

      Unbeleivable, position flatters and yet nobody has lost fewer games all season in all competitions, 13 clean sheets in 17 games is the reason why and once the team finds the net then ,correct me if I am wrong, but that implies better results. There is not much wrong when you break it down, more shots AND accurate shots than any team, only City have more possession and dominated most teams home and away ,even arsenal as it turned out with 57 to 43 possession and more shots on goal. they have some problems but nothing that cannot be resolved and they already have the players to do it. you might not know what I am talking about. please check utd,city and chelsea results and you will see Spurs ARE better than 2 of them and level with the other, anyway in due time you will know what I am talking about.

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