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Mistake to sack Redknapp,No, Levy meant to do it.

Posted on July 01, 2012 by Tony

Joe Jordan has come out and said that it was amistake to axe Harry Redknapp and that he had a couple of players in mind to make the difference.He conveniently forgets that when Harry had the opportunity to commit himself to Tottenham he failed to do so,instead he continued to say that he wanted the England job,in a roundabout way.

He had no loyalty to Spurs until the job was offered to Roy Hodgson then his tune and results changed,a coincidence maybe,but we shall never know.As far as I am concerned he was 99% destined to take the England job when offered,Spurs season fell apart even though they were desperately unlucky not to gain Champions League entry.

It is now time for Redknapp and his cronies to jump off the Tottenham bandwagon,they have gone with thanks for a job well done up to a point,now it is time for someone else to try to take Spurs still higher.

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