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Modric takes his place on the Madrid bench to mind Gareth Bale

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Scraggs

You couldn’t really make it up but the Mail is reporting that Manchester United have been thwarted in their pursuit of Luka Modric not because madrid particularly want to keep him but because they want to use him to help Gareth Bale settle if they manage tp twist Daniel Levy’s arm and sign him, he must feel very secure and wanted.That is going to look good on his resume and must be what he dreamt of when he agitated so much to join such a disgusting vile club last season.
Another report by a journalist suggests that perez is so anxious to sign Bale, not because they need or even want him for anything other than to claim another world record signing, but simply in an attempt to keep up with  Barcelona in the commercial race, they fear being overtaken commercially because Barcelona have the worlds greatest player, Lionel Messi and have now purchased the next best thing Neymar, a player they fear could one day be even bigger than them all.
Apparently Zidane is unhappy with the way Tottenham are handling the situation, I suppose because they won’t play ball and hand their player over the selfish, odious, weazel who was a nasty piece of work as a player is upset because he isn’t getting everything his own way.
If true, and it is a big if, Gareth Bale is loathe to hand in a transfer request because he doesn’t wish to upset the club or the supporters because of his special relationship with them, do me a favour if there is any truth to that one at all it is because by doing so he will lose his cut of any fee and any loyalty bonuses remaining on his contract, if he leaves he will have already damaged any relationship he had with the majority of supporters whereas he could give it one final year and then go after hopefully ushering Tottenham into the Champions League and helping bring home a trophy.
All this tosh about it be his one and only chance to join a “big club” is garbage, last season might have been a one off in terms of goals in his career so far but he has been tremendous for a few years now and will always have his pick of top clubs.
Every Tottenham supporter is now becoming heartily sick of these situations arising almost every summer. Levy was forced into rolling over, after an almighty fight, in the Carrick, Berbatov and Keane situations, he won the battle against Chelsea over Modric but was forced to let him go a year later only because he had agreed so without Champions League football the following year, but not until he had negotiated his pound of flesh. Now we need him to remain steadfast again and make it entirely clear to whichever team comes calling that he and Tottenham will not be forced into any situation over it’s players. Madrid were the recipients last year but they must be told that they cannot snap their fingers and Tottenham will roll over ever again while he is in control and that unless and until the deal suit’s the club it will not happen.

Just a small afterthought, I wonder what BT is making of this situation having recently signed him up to be one of the faces of the Premier League and their new launch, not happy I should imagine if he leaves for La Liga.

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