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Monaco like the Porto/Portuguese connection, don’t get ideas on AVB.

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

And now it seems that Monaco have Hulk in their sights as they look to try to recreate the Porto of a few seasons back when AVB took them on an unbeaten run and success in every competition that they entered. Moutinho, Rodriguez and Carvalho have already signed and it is expected that Falcao will sign soon.

If the rumours regarding Hulk are true maybe Claudio Ranieri should be looking over his shoulder, he was once famously replaced by a successful Portuguese manager, one that had had previous European success with Porto when Jose Mourinho replaced him at Chelsea, with so many of AVB’s old players and countrymen in one place Tottenham and Ranieri might be a little concerned at developments.

Of course not for one minute do we expect AVB to desert his post at Tottenham as he is well on the way to building a very good team as well as what is hoped a conveyorbelt of young players good enough to step up in the future. Tottenham is a project in the true sense, not a quickfix situation as the club have been building for a good number of years.

The position over at Monaco is a little strange, so many big stars signing for a newly promoted club, in a relatively weak league and without the all important Champions League football that we are constantly being told is the be all and end all of a footballers desires.

Until such time as his Chelsea contract is confirmed there could still be a shock on the cards, is it possible that Jose Mourinho might shunt aside Ranieri once more and take on the challenge of Monaco? Stranger things have happened and already there have been so many shocks on the managerial merry go round this past few weeks.

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