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Mourinho should not fear Mata joining rivals Tottenham! or does he?

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Tony

With rumours surfacing of Tottenham interest in Juan Mata it will be interesting to see what reaction there is from Mourinho, when it comes to Chelsea’s pursuit of Rooney he suggests that United should not fear losing their player to a competitor rather than insist on selling him abroad if he has to leave, will he consider it no problem in those circumstances? Not Chelsea’s style of course, they buy players by the bucket load and loan them to other premier league clubs to improve their chances of taking points from competitors.

As we have pointed out previously the Chelsea squad with the addition of Willian now consists of twenty-six players by my reckoning, they would all have to be registered to play in their twenty-five man squad and they are still hoping to sign Eto as an alternative to Rooney, that would increase the number to twenty-seven, with only six British players in the squad it would mean being unable to register four players. Moses has been picked out as the most obvious player surplus to requirements, also one of the cheapest, even so it would just reduce the squad size still further and still mean four other players having to be excluded.

The idea that Mata might be available is very surprising, he has been Chelsea’s star player for two seasons now and supplies a good number of goals and lots of assists. Anybody who believes Mourinho or Abramovitch would allow him to move to Tottenham is living in cloud cuckoo land, those options are only available when they directly benefit Chelsea of course.

In my opinion Mata would be the perfect addition to the Tottenham squad, he scores more goals and provides more assists than Willian and might just be the player to turn Tottenham into genuine title challengers.

Will Chelsea even consider it? not a chance but we live in hope. Perhaps Mourinho is no hypocrite and would countenance such a move but the odds are minimal if not non existant.

1 to “Mourinho should not fear Mata joining rivals Tottenham! or does he?”

  1. craig says:

    Already declined as not prepared to sell to rival, surprise surprise hypocrites. using rooney asked to leave Mata hasn’t as excuse but that doesn’t wash. What a disgusting club they are and they certainly have the right man for the job as mourinho is becoming a despised person in many countries now.

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