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Mourinho”the arrogant one” AVB “The classy one”

Posted on August 24, 2013 by Scraggs

Most football supporters are pleased to see the return of Jose Mourinho to the Premier League as he is certainly a character that will add something to proceedings, particularly now that Fergie has retired. Fresh off the back of a disastrous season at Real Madrid which resulted in his sacking and being drummed out of the club by the vast majority of his players, he has somehow returned to Chelsea even more arrogant than ever before. Let’s not forget that he led Real Madrid to becoming the third best team in Spain , not easy in a two team league. Madrid managed to snatch second place toward the end of the season but Atletico Madrid beat them in the Copa del Rey leaving them totally empty handed.

One cup and one title in three seasons as well as losing the respect of his players no longer entitles him to be considered to be the “special one”, in fact apart from that one season at Inter Milan it is some time since he actually dominated proceedings in the league he works, his sacking the first time around at Chelsea was off the back of poor results and less trophies, then the one good season at Inter and three poor seasons at Madrid.

Without the ability to spend ridiculous sums on players just how would Mourinho really fare, not since his Porto days has he had to be a little reasonable in the transfer market, even then they were easily the best team in Portugal at the time and regular Champions League performers.

Yesterday his interview and attitude in respect of the Willian situation was arrogant and childish, Chelsea are more than welcome to him as there are always alternatives and Tottenham will find the answer. Just how the player fits into the Chelsea set up is a bit of a mystery as other articles on JTN have already covered, the squad does not look set up for the rigours of the Premier League, perhaps Mourinho feels that he can play a more open style like he tried to at Madrid, but he failed there and he has inferior players at Chelsea and a far more competitive league to deal with.

Over at Tottenham the coach Andre Villas-Boas has had a summer of having to create his squad, improve it and deal with the madness surrounding Real Madrid’s pursuit of Gareth Bale. He has at all times answered any question asked of him and maintained his and Tottenham’s dignity in the entire sordid affair. AVB obviously knows what to expect with Chelsea as he was let down by Abramovitch who allowed the players to rule the roost. AVB had the opportunity to walk away and join a club with even more money than Chelsea but he was honourable and remained for the challenge.

AVB has had to cope with the ridicule of the media on more than one occasion but he has remained calm and classy and reacted the right way on every occasion, his squad seem to appreciate him to a man and he is creating a squad to challenge on all fronts, no wealthy benefactor for Tottenham they are doing it all the right way and the old fashioned way. Most impartial supporters without a Tottenham complex will probably be wishing Tottenham and AVB can overcome all the other top four clubs, if they can do it then so can others if run the right way and with a little good fortune.

Mourinho once earned the right to show a certain amount of arrogance but the events of the last three seasons and especially his last in Spain, he became so reviled in Spain and even at his own club that he should really show a little humility at least until such time as he has again proven himself.




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