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Moussa Dembele has much more in his locker(video).

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Scraggs

After an amazing start to last season Moussa Dembele was rightly hailed as one of the signings of the season and a player worth far more than the £15m paid for him, injury did have an effect on him as did the injury and loss of his midfield partner Sandro. Dembele still remained a key player for Tottenham and AVB was forced to continue playing him through spells of niggling injuries and on occasions out of position.

It seems that some, especially opposition supporters seem to have forgotten just what an exceptional player he is, even some Tottenham supporters have levelled accusations that he should score more goals. AVB asked him to do a job and in cahoots with Sandro Tottenham were difficult to break down when played together, this season with the addition of Paulinho to bolster the midfield and allow the three of them to cover any situation that might arise expect Dembele to become a more adventurous midfielder, he did score a few goals for the club and all were important, this coming season expect much more as he is given more freedom, just to remind everyone what he does have in his locker here is a short video of him before he left for Fulham.

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