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Moutinho and Rodriguez prove Champions League not so important.

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

If you say it often enough then people will start to believe it and for years now playing for a team in the Champions League has become the equivalent of the Holy Grail in the minds of pundits, journalists and many footballers. This past year has perhaps seen some sense enter the mindset of so many as  Hulk and Witsel joined FC Zenit from Porto and Benfica respectively. They left their respective clubs who had both previously won the competition and were guaranteed entry year after year, they joined a team in the competition but with absolutely no hope of success and likely to exit at the group stage which is what happened.

More recently 2 more players have left Porto, Moutinho and Rodriguez, both considered players of great talent and being pursued by a variety of clubs, they joined Monaco, a wealthy club but one that had only just won promotion from the French second division and so with absolutely no european fixtures to look forward to for the coming season.

So some very good players have chosen the challenge of better things to come from their respective clubs as well as a considerable wage packet of course. The point is players might at last be looking at the bigger picture and choosing a career move which involves a challenge and expectation of better things to come rather than the easy option.  Right now the big challenge in England looks like it might be coming from an up and coming Tottenham team and with that in mind Gareth Bale looks certain to continue for a while yet, some exceptional players have accepted the challenge such as Vertonghen, Lloris and Dembele and led by the impressive Andre Villas-Boas it is expected that others will come on board this summer.

As has been said before of 32 teams taking part there can only be one winner, half fail to make the knockout stage and of the remaining 16 perhaps five would have a realistic chance of winning and we all know who they might be. The sooner players realise that they cannot all play for the winners the sooner some realism returns to football and the obsession with the Champions League becomes less important.


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  1. tom says:

    Looks like Falcao is not bothered about CL football either as he looks like joining Monaco.

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