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Moyes and United hampered by being a man down.

Posted on January 11, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

2014 has not been a good year so far for David Moyes and his Manchester United team as they have lost every game in three different competitions by a 2-1 scoreline, more worrying is the fact that two of those defeats have come at the home of the champions in what was once fortress Old Trafford. Some of United supporters have never in their lifetime seen their team lose at home to teams like Tottenham, Swansea and Newcastle as it has been decades in most cases, other than the retirement of Paul Scholes replaced by £27m man Fellaini, this is the very same group of players that won the title last season at a canter, or is it?

If you believe Moyes, with the retirement of Fergie, United also lost their twelfth man, the referee, in fact it’s worse than that he now believes that the referee has joined the oppositions ranks when they face United! So having gone from a man advantage they are going into matches a man down for the first time in more than twenty seasons, is there any surprise that they are now struggling to compete with even the most lowly of opposition?

Lessons have to be learned and quickly. Avoid the hairdryer.

Lessons have to be learned and quickly. Avoid the hairdryer.

While we know that United will improve especially with the return to fitness of RVP and Rooney, they really do have a battle on their hands to retain their top four status, though the points differential is not huge they are in for a battle with at least three clubs hoping to pinch their spot. Of more concern to United supporters is the apparent air of invincibility built up over a couple of decades which has dissipated in a matter of a few short months, even Everton, Newcastle and Tottenham are beginning to  see that what was a huge result for them is fast becoming nothing special as United are easy prey to any decent side.

Manchester United have always been loyal to their coach otherwise Fergie would have had to find another club to make history, his first few years in charge were nothing special and yet they stood by him when the fans were calling for his head. The problem for Moyes is that since those days times have changed considerably, now finishing in the top four almost always guarantees you qualification into the Champions League, just how will the fanbase and owners react if it looks a forlorn hope sooner rather than later.

Today United face eleven man Swansea and David Moyes will be hoping that his outburst focuses the mind of all referees and officials that are involved in their matches home and away, for years now that twelfth man has made such a massive diference to their season and has contributed immensely in most domestic competitions, without that edge and the extra minutes needed at the end of a game to get the result they want, they have become as vulnerable as all the rest of us, an average team but you can be sure that David Moyes will be working on becoming Mr Angry so that he can follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and give his United team back that edge and advantage that has always been so important to their success.



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  1. Boobaspur says:

    I have heard plenty of people, so called “fair weather supporters” of Man Utd say that they are “giving up supporting” their team.

    In fact I managed to get hold of a recent Utd v Spurs match programme and the kind soul, friend of a friend who was at the match has himself stated “giving up” on their beloved, inscrutable and always-winning team.

    So many people you ask, do you follow or support any team – the response from even the most unlikely type is, yeah I love Man Utd. Many are as true a fan and supporter of their team as are any of us of ours, but so many just become Utd supporters because they jump on the success bandwagon, all the way down through the generations.

    Of course other than their prone to winning ways, I have no major dislike for Utd (being a fan of a London club, I’m far from an A.B.U.), but it is refreshing for those in many cases., lifetime supporters, for once to experience just all the joys and finally some real tears that the beautiful game has to offer.

    Utd will undoubtedly bounce back, but if it takes a little longer than one might reasonably expect, then it can only count toward balancing up on all that wonderful previous success.

    • Tony says:

      We thought it a little harsh to blog this but after just a few games they are whining about injustices when every team that has faced them in 20 years or more has had to deal with similar so called injustices, some even more blatant, like the ball a yard over the line and Gomes knocking the ball sideways yet giving away a penalty while spurs were cruising at 2-0. This has been coming for United and there is no quickfix without spending a fortune. If they don’t make CL can you honestly imagine RVP and Rooney hanging around.

  2. Eric says:

    Hard times shows the kind of ppl you are dealing with

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