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Nani to Tottenham is all fiction.

Posted on July 09, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Rumours linking Tottenham with a bid for Nani of Manchester United doesn’t add up on so many levels, firstly the fee for his services is suggested to be something like £15m, correct me if I am wrong but Nani has rarely over the past two seasons been close to being an automatic choice for his club, I would suggest that the majority of United supporters would probably prefer to see the back of him, at best he is a squad member these days, he has less than a year left on his contract, his current wage is almost £100k pw and he is looking for more!

More than one article suggests that he is being considered by AVB at Tottenham to cover for Gareth Bale when he moves to a more central position, firstly Gareth Bale was a left winger and now operates across the pitch and is able to float between positions, whereas Nani is a rightsided player, Tottenham would already seem to have far better options in Aaron Lennon and possibly Andros Townsend as well rather than take a chance on such a luxury as Nani.

Nani for Tottenham does seem a rather ambitious suggestion probably created by his own agent in an attempt to drum up interest in his client. Unless I am mistaken there has already been a little interest in the player but not from any of the big hitters, his fee has also been calculated at more like £6m due to expiring contract and his lack of real form for sometime. This one will never happen.


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