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Napoli showing interest in Capoue and Vertonghen!

Posted on January 23, 2014 by Guest Writer

Most of the transfer headlines surrounding Tottenham in recent weeks has seen plenty ofinterest from Italy in a number of  their players most purchased only a little over five months ago, it has come from Roma, Juventus or both of the Milan clubs. In almost every instance they have been prepared to offer a number of players in part exchange, usually players in the twighlight of their careers or surplus to requirements.

Most of them seem to have backed off having probably got the message that Daniel Levy will not give up on some of these new acquisitions so soon and certainly not for a cut price fee, nor will he countenance taking over expensive contracts of players that other clubs are trying to remove from their books.

One Italian club though is still in there trying to pick up a bargain and that’s Napoli, they seem to be trying every trick in the book in their attempts to buy Etienne Capoue on the cheap, they have offered less than than Tottenham paid for him last August and have managed to persuade his agent to go on record and ridicule Tottenham and their asking price for a player struggling to play on a regular basis.

Apparently Napoli have given Tottenham a ” take it or leave it” ultimatum, strange as their coach Rafa Benitez must know exactly what he is dealing with when negotiating with Daniel Levy, just in case he has forgotten perhaps the Robbie Keane fiasco might concentrate his mind.

Today it is being reported that Napoli have been told by Arsenal that they are not prepared to sell their Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen and so have switched their attention to Jan Vertonghen! Now if Napoli are unable to secure a fringe player from Arsenal what makes them think that they could possibly purchase Vertonghen, who is certainly Tottenham’s best defender and a player who will probably fetch two or three times the amount of the Arsenal player on the open market.

Whether or not Tottenham eventually release Capoue on loan or in a straight sale remains to be seen but if so it does seem likely that Napoli could be the players destination, as Tottenham are financially secure and do not need the funds it is doubtful that Napoli will pick up a bargain and it would seem  more likely that Daniel Levy will turn a small profit.


6 to “Napoli showing interest in Capoue and Vertonghen!”

  1. Eric says:

    Let us wait till the summer and then let the coach decide.What if we get a new manager who has Capoue in his plans?

  2. Boobaspur says:

    …nor will he countenance taking over expensive contracts…

    What the hell does this mean? Did the Guest Writer even read back once what they wrote before they posted? No, yet we are supposed to be interested enough to read what they couldn’t be arsed to do.

    • Tony says:

      Haha, it was obviously a slow day with little happening that has not been covered time and again. Apologies from all at JTN on this occasion and agree that article could have used more realistic description of the situation ” Levy won’t pay the inflated wage demands of players not good enough for the Italians and so are not good enough for Spurs.”

  3. Boobaspur says:

    I of course don’t mean to be the typo-police, but it just makes the writer look like an amateur regardless of their actual journalism status, and makes the site look cheap.

    We all make mistakes when posting, but I think writers of these articles should hold themselves to a higher standard.

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