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New name enters the frame at Tottenham.

Posted on June 05, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Today a new name has appeared as a potential target for Tottenham in their pursuit of a new striker, this one though is perhaps a little far fetched and stems from the players club as they are obviously looking to sell one of their assets for the best possible price. Apparently Christian Benitez “could be” a target, not,” is” a target or has been scouted, more a suggestion that because he has been the top goalscorer in the Mexican league and Tottenham are in the market for a striker then he might be the answer.

Benitez actually spent a season in the Premiership with Birmingham in 2009/10 which resulted in 3 goals in 30 appearances before he was returned to his old club due to a knee problem and a lack of interest in completing the deal from Birmingham. The player has in the 3 seasons since then managed to score 72 goals in 114 games with his best return being 30 goals during the last season. Presumably you would not expect the standard of the Mexican league to compare with the English Premier League and there would still be a question mark over the player.

This transfer window will not be about gambles on unknown players in faraway leagues as the club must get the purchase of a quality striker absolutely right, there will surely be room for a back up younger striker with potential and that might be where Rodrigo of Benfica comes in, he looks a very good player right now and one that would fit into a forward 3 rather than as an out and out striker in the mould of Soldado, Negredo and Martinez.

There is probably little doubt that Tottenham will break their own transfer record this summer when buying the striker that will actually transform them into a top four club,score the goals to ensure they qualify for the Champions League and perhaps actually win something. Not much to expect really is it?



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