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Nightmare continues for United as dream duo say no.

Posted on July 21, 2013 by Guest Writer

Sometime the headlines and article accompanying it is so excruciatingly awful and clearly made up that it is both cringeworthy and embarrassing to read, but read we do. Just about every reporter, writer, hack and blogger is continuing to look for a United story where one clearly does not exist, we have had the one where Ronaldo wants to return to the club he loves, that got even bigger and bolder when it was revealed that David Moyes had an almost bottomless pit of money to spend and would unite Ronaldo and Gareth Bale in the same team so as to announce his arrival.

Obviously it soon became clear that Ronaldo was going nowhere and even clearer that Gareth Bale would be remaining with Tottenham. We know from close friends that he had firstly confided in them that he fancied Madrid and then, so as to benefit the fictional United story, either the same friends or perhaps another bunch changed their story to his favouring the treats of Manchester and in particular Old Trafford.

Now the big story is the unhappy Wayne Rooney and his expected transfer to Chelsea or perhaps Arsenal, how can that be? the mighty United already without their most famous manager  and shorn of the services of Paul Scholes in some difficulty and perhaps likely to lose the services of their current icon.

Now the dream duo is Fabregas and Bale once more, Barcelona and the player have both said that there is no chance while Gareth Bale has not just said that he will continue to work with Villas-Boas, but his deeds also scream it, he promotes BT Premier League football in his Tottenham kit, he was the face of Tottenham’s new kit launch by Under Armour and even the new FIFA game features him in his Tottenham shirt with Lionel Messi.

With six weeks to go in this transfer window we will be treated to ever more lies and fantasy but let us make clear now, Bale stays.

When looking at the United situation and their current squad it is clearly full of players once considered to be of the best around, unfortunately time moves on and the replacement process has not happened as quickly as it perhaps should have. Of the United squad very few might be chosen to start in any of the other teams that finished in the top five positions last season, Van Persie is a given and would stroll into them all, Rooney if he regains top form is another, possibly De Gea might win a place at Arsenal but beyond those few the reality is that not many others , if any,would be an automatic choice. Cleverley for me will never boss a game, Carrick excellent but probably seen better days, the jury is still out on Jones and Smalling while many of the rest are the wrong side of thirty.

David Moyes will probably ultimately succeed but it will not come easy and United might well have to stick by him for a lean year or two as they did with Fergie at the outset, in this window they might possibly have to set their sights a little lower and perhaps rely upon signing a couple of Moyes old charges. Apart from Robin Van Persie who was paid an absolutely enormous contract to join a year ago the last really big transfer that United pulled off was Berbatov in 2008. Valencia, Young, Jones and Zaha have joined for big fees but none have really made that lasting an impression as yet.

By now you would have expected United to have made their mark in the transfer market, the reality is that they are but with one of their stars wanting out and all other targets preferring to move elsewhere or remain where they are.

As a Tottenham supporter I would be lying if I said it is sad that such a great club might be beginning to struggle a little, because of all the times that United set Tottenham back by enticing their players, Sheringham, Carrick and Berbatov immediately come to mind, I hope that Rooney joins Chelsea and they have to settle for a couple of panic buys before the window slams shut. Oh the irony.




27 to “Nightmare continues for United as dream duo say no.”

  1. baleout says:

    Here is how I see the table next year

    1st chelsea
    2nd arsenal
    3rd united
    4th city
    5th liverpool
    6th tottenham

    I know ye wont agree now but just wait an c we will go backwards now

    • craig says:

      When you say we, just who do you mean because your certainly no spurs supporter, Spurs to finish above Arsenal and United with City buying their way to title favourites. If Spurs now get that prolific scorer they will be fighting it out until the end. Now they have got Chadli as well the Spurs squad is actually better than most, Soldado or Torres and it will be a title shot.

  2. baleout says:

    Come on b realistic did u ever even hear of this guy before we bought him do u actually think we can finish ahead of united and arsenal no chance mate fifth place at best wake up an realise were in the second tier of teams in the bpl dont b getting ur hopes up cause ur in for a big let down spuddy

    • Tony says:

      Don’t be a mug, a one point difference is nothing and so Spurs can easily finish ahead of Arsenal. The new player won’t make the difference on his own but Spurs have also got Paulinho as well as Sandro and Kaboul back, so you could say 4 new players. Arsenal so far nobody, United nobody and look like losing Rooney. whoever you support, and I’ve got a pretty good idea, prepare to have your hopes shattered and be brought down to earth with one almighty bang. COYS.

  3. baleout says:

    Seriously united just won the league an arsenal were the form team in the second half of the season if bale doesn work wonders again spurs are in big trouble why are ye so blind to this paulinho is good but is he a massive step up from dembele I dont think so united have the winning factor an arsenal are going to strengthen so maybe fifth is wat can b achieved

    • Tony says:

      Paulinho is not there to replace Dembele but Parker and yes he is a massive step up to him. I happen to think Bale will get even better but if he is only just as good it will be enough. With the extra goals from Paulinho, Chadli and the other new forward when he signs the top four are in big trouble. Spurs were just 1 pt behind Arsenal, 2 chelsea and 6 behind second spot how can you not see Spurs improving and a real threat. united ran away with it somehow but not ever convincing, lost scholes,fergie, rooney? and 6 of their team are well over 30 and another year older. united can’t buy a player at the moment they keep turning them down, you know the saying “every picture tells a story” and it’s United in trouble.

    • craig says:

      Arsenal were the form team once they had been knocked out of all the cups and Europe, until then they were in Spurs trail but as usual could concentrate on beating spurs and getting fourth. SAD.

  4. baleout says:

    Oh right so spurs were too busy trying to win the europa league that’s why they couldn finish 4th ha do have to laugh at that one. Please dont think ye can finish above united an arsenal cause ye bought paulinho an some guy most of us ain’t heard of arsenal have new wealth an are just going to kick on hopefully europa league wont slow ye down next year if it does the pool wil catch ye.

    • Tony says:

      And there ya go a mouthy gooner. I don’t just think Spurs can finish above arsenal I know they can and you had better hope I am right about United or its the Europa for you next season. how’s that new wealth doing for you? no purchases but a free transfer only his parents have heard of, what’s his name sanipod or something? You keep talking the bigun but no proof yet as it now seems higuain has got away, rooney to chavs and fabregas staying put. better hurry up and nab fellaini before moyes has to resort to that desperation for united. Spurs buys, Paulinho a full, regular Brazil international keeping out City’s new £34m buy and Chadli a full regular international for Belgium, probably the second best European team behind Spain. Happy days.

  5. baleout says:

    Ha ha poor spuds always hoping ye can get ahead of arsenal how many years ye been saying that for now gave up counting years ago mate our signings will come just u wait an with a fully fit wilshire an the confidence we have from the end of last year arsenal are going to do something special this year wenger consistantly got us top four with a net spend of only 10 million pounds who else in world football could do that so u keep talking up ur new signings but come the end of the season ul

    • Tony says:

      dont keep giving us the net spending what about £54m in each of past 2 years, most of that gone on released from contract like Santos and Denilson. tottenham have also had to get where they are on an even tighter budget and also lost their stars. I don’t really care if arsenal do make 4th or top 4 because what I am 100% sure of is that they will be behind spurs this time. Who else in world football could do that with a turnover of £250m thats a full £100m more than spurs, with an extra £60m paid in wages and continuous entry in CL, don’t make me laugh it has been piss poor for years. the great Arsenal led by the great Wenger has won ZILCH for 8 long years. Arsenal in the champs league is a bit like the Welsh champions taking part,you know they wont go far in the competition and it is a waste of a place.17yrs and nothing to show for it.when you gonna learn.

  6. baleout says:

    Ul realize tottenham will always b in arsenals shadow an so will the rest of the bpl


  7. baleout says:

    Come on the man transformed the club we now in a state of the art stadium will generate our own money from now on if it took a few trophless years for that than so b it now we will kick on spud had one of there best years in the prem an we had a poor one and ye still couldn finish above us stop dreaming mate wenger is leaving a future at the club so dont talk rubbish to me about winning nothing in years to come hell b known as the man who changed the face of arsenal f.c an ye will still b playing at shite hartford lane

    • Tony says:

      Another moron who has been gullible enough to believe the crap told them.cannot wait for the moaning to start when no big names arrive.

  8. baleout says:

    No need for name calling buddy but then again what should I expect from a spud. No rubbish mate we’re kicking on pity for you lot another couple of years and ye could have cought us oh well maybe united as u say will finish below ye dont go betting on it do.
    # thursday nights 4 ye

  9. JL says:

    I’m puzzled to see Arsenal fans on a Spurs page.. I for once won’t even bother to get to an Arsenal’s one.. Lol..

    Guess they’re on a lookout and probably feeling insecure with all the signings we’ve had.. Oh how pathetic that is.. Lol

  10. lol says:

    With all these arguments, I, being a Spurs fan, can either jump in or accept the fact. Chelsea->ManU/Arsenal->Spurs. Spurs need to buy a striker and then I can make it Chelsea->ManU/Arsenal/Spurs. ManU and Arsenal have not started in the market yet and Spurs are not done buying yet, so hold on a bit before all these arguments.

    • Tony says:

      still 6 weeks to go so a lot can happen, true, but Spurs probably only now need one last signing, but it has to be a biggie.

  11. baleout says:

    Only came on for the banter guys think this year will b the closet of all time five teams everyone capable of winning it should b epic may the best team win talk in may ha ha

  12. Thierry says:

    Paulinho and chadli, will not turn spurs into title challengers. I know we havent signed anyone yet but we will, mark my words. Whos stronger? Spurs+ paulinho,chadli,soldado? Or Arsenal+suarez, bender, fabregas? No brainer. Major title challenge coming this season.

  13. baleout says:

    Doubt well get cesc back mate looks like he’ll stay wit barca suarez would b good do. Soldado would b good for spurs better hurry heard the pool are favorites for him.

  14. Thierry says:

    Give spurs a run for their money?lol. Were a better team than spurs anyway, just. With fabregas back, suarez, and a solid DMF we will not just give spurs a run for their money, we will dissapear into the distance.

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