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No joy can come from Cain Hoy

Posted on September 15, 2014 by Eddie S

Cain Hoy Enterprises was only formed last week and yet the headlines surrounding their proposed interest in Tottenham and potential cash bid has been on the back pages ever since. some of the ENIC and Levy haters see this as the perfect opportunity to see an end to our owners involvement but they will be extremely disappointed when this all goes away by early October. A figure of £1billion has been mooted because that is the sort of figure that ENIC hope to drive the club up tobut it an unachievable figure until such time as the new stadium is closer to opening and/or until we achieve Champions League status on a semi-regular basis at least.

I have to admit that I am one of the Tottenham supporters that is thankful for the continued involvement of ENIC and the unquestioned financial wizardry of Daniel Levy, of course I would like more who wouldn’t? but at the same time I am proud that our club, because it is our club after decades of unwavering support from so many of us, is going about growing the right way.

Every club owner is involved for one thing and one thing only, to make money, in our case we also happen to be owned by an Investment Company and run by a Chairman who actually support the club and always have. We can all point to clubs and owners who have got it wrong and lost money and credibility, not to mention taken the club towards oblivion, Tottenham on the other hand have gone from strength to strength and are flirting with the really big time of the Champions League.

Seen on Twitter today

Seen on Twitter today

Of course Daniel Levy has a vested interest in making the club money as it will make him and ENIC money in the long run, but is that such a bad thing? bring some real success and deliver a bigger stadium, bigger turnover and better players and they will earn more money and that is also what our supporters want.

Following defeat to Liverpool and what was a very unfortunate draw at Sunderland social media sites were rife with calls for ENIC and Levy to go obviously coinciding with the Cain Hoy rumours, many of these supporters were imploring Levy to give the new coach time to deliver just weeks ago and yet already there are murmurs of discontent, not with Pochettino but the clubs business ethic.

Given the choice I would rather we press ahead with the ENIC/Levy model rather than any other, an Investment Company are not going to do a Chelsea or City, United have never been happy with the Glazers and only having fallen from grace has woken them up. Liverpool went through hell and dropped out of the Champions League for years before their present owners steadied the ship but rest assured they will not continue to splash the cash unless the team is consistently in the top four.

There are other great examples of poor takeovers and financial housekeeping, West Ham, Portsmouth, Leeds, Blackburn and QPR are all in a mess on the pitch though the Hammers are sorting out their finances helped by the move to rented accomodation.

I’m pretty sure that had Pochettino wanted a particular player and that players club were willing to sell, unlike Villarreal and Southampton, then Levy would have tried to make it happen, many of our supporters continue to moan about the lack of a striker but we have three competing for one spot in the team, all the talk has been about buying Bony but the club really haven’t given Soldado the chance to resurrect his reputation yet this season and just like his acquisition there can be no guarantees when it comes to strikers as we now know and we have seen with the likes of Torres, Balotelli and many many others over the years.

So we carry on as before, continuing with the project of steady, sensible growth while all the time aiming to build the new stadium and expanding in the global market and if we can achieve the real objective of Champions League football so much the better and based upon what I have seen we have an outside chance this season.

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  1. BigH says:

    I am sorry but more of the same is simply not an option anymore as money has simply changed the goalposts. ENIC haven’t necessarily been bad owners, just very poor decision makers. Einstein said the definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing time after time and hoping for a different outcome. Sound familiar? Sometimes you do need a fresh new view and the stadium is key. We have now become a good investment, new stadium, land, development all in London. Yes some credit to ENIC but mostly due to our brand and position in London. It is time for change

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