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No offer for Saldado, Benteke is the No.1 target.

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Tony

Valencia have confirmed that there has been lots of interest in their striker Roberto Soldado but as yet not a single offer! It has been reported in recent weeks that a Tottenham offer in the region  of £17m had been knocked back and the club had decided to move on to other targets. With the Benteke negotiations apparently also hitting a sticky patch an increased bid was supposedly made of something in the region of £20m.

Obviously there is very little information leaking out regarding Tottenham transfers leading up to this crucial season, the figures mentioned in relation to Soldado do though seem a little on the heavy side especially when it is reported that Negredo, who top scored in La Liga last season, who is approx. a year younger than Soldado has just been signed by moneybags Manchester City for a little under £15m.

If the figure for Negredo is true then perhaps it puts a little more into perspective the unreasonable fees expected of some players. I do understand the reasoning behind such high prices for players such as Gareth Bale, just turned 24 yrs old, and Christian Benteke 22yrs, both have in front of them a number of years of development and improvement and there will also be the potential to sell on and receive the fee back, possibly an enormous profit in some cases. 28/29 yr olds though are unlikely to have any such huge sell on value after a few years of good service and their fees should reflect this. Obviously the likes of clubs such as City and even United on occasions have no such issues with huge investment for short term return, what price Van Persie in a year or two?

Based upon recent information Soldado, a very good striker, is not worth any more than a player like Negredo, of course Valencia can ask what they like and a club might have to cave into their demands if their need is great enough, but somehow I don’t see Daniel Levy falling into that trap. If he is to spend beyond what he feels is a fair price it will be for the likes of a Benteke who has enormous potential and in a few years might become an extremely important, influential and valuable commodity.

I would like to think that Tottenham will start the season with Christian Benteke, Jermaine Defoe and Emmanuel Adabayor as their strike force and in all honesty I would be extremely happy and confident with that.

4 to “No offer for Saldado, Benteke is the No.1 target.”

  1. Thierry says:

    Benteke just signed new contract at villa so thats that one out the window.

    • Tony says:

      Shocked so just goes to show don’t count on getting the players you want, united been knocked back by Thiago and it seems Spurs by villa and Benteke. This Benteke thing just doesn’t seem right though, Villa were offering £40k pw maybe a little more but they could never compete with Tottenham if they wanted Benteke, supposedly £70k pw on offer and Benteke caved after 1 day back!!! Confused isn’t the word.

  2. steve says:

    cannot believe it never saw that coming.

  3. Thierry says:

    Im shocked aswell to be honest. Maybe he was thinking he wont be the main man at spurs like he will be at villa, especially leading up to world cup. Tito is stepping down as barca manager aswell.

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