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No pies, no pints, no programmes, no players bought.

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Having just watched what is the beginning of an Arsenal protest against the lies and lack of action in the transfer market by their board and Arsene wenger it seems as though there will be little in the way of queues at the game for a pie and a pint. A very articulate supporter of the club in the red half of north London seems set to launch a protest that involves refusing to buy a pie, pint or programme unless Arsenal have entered the transfer market by the time the game kicks off on Sunday, apparently this could reduce income on the day by more than a million pounds.

The instigator of this protest, which has been quite well thought out in all honesty, did not include the free transfer of Flamini into the equation and so much rests on what else can be done in the next few days, Wenger has seemed to switch his attentions to a couple of Real Madrid targets that he is hoping will become available once Gareth Bale has completed his move to them but it does seem though that even before that has got off the ground each of the players has expressed a preference of sitting on the Madrid bench rather than heading to Arsenal.

There really must be something much more sinister to this reluctance of Arsenals to spend their money, either that or Wenger has lost the plot altogether. It is all very well moaning about how difficult it is to buy the right players and that only better quality would be good enough for him and Arsenal, well Chelsea, City and Tottenham have done very well, Tottenham without the Holy Grail of Champions League football and only able to offer half the wages of the teams that finished ahead of them. Can there be any doubt that Paulinho is better than Ramsey or Arteta or that Capoue would be the ideal defensive midfielder for Arsenal, Soldado more prolific than Giroud or that any of the others would not have improved the squad, of course not so just who or what is the problem?


3 to “No pies, no pints, no programmes, no players bought.”

  1. craig says:

    times running out, the gooners have signed Flamini but he won’t count. Notice Wenger talks of the dangers of signing more than three players, could he be setting you up for your two frees and Cabaye. you gotta laugh as the club and wenger lie and mug you all off but then you have all bought your season tickets now so doesn’t matter.

  2. Spurs fan for life says:

    Times running out is it craig so how comes arsenal are winning in the cl and they just beat us 1nil with no new players. Your deluded

    • Tony says:

      let’s see if they get through the group eh. they were always going thru the qualifiers, the turkish team were thrown out the following day anyway.

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