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No room for Dempsey back at Tottenham.

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

The papers are full of the news that Tottenham have first option on Clint Dempsey should he return to the Premiership on loan this winter, having sold him just a little over three months ago does anybody else find it strange that there might be a fight over his services for just six weeks in the middle of a season. Tottenham have an enormous squad all battling to earn enough playing time to impress the coach so why exactly would they be considering an enormous outlay in wages and fee for a short term fix.

The situation crops up every January as the likes of Beckham and Thierry Henri hawk their services to the highest bidder and at the end of the period and after long drawn out negotiations they end up doing a bit of training and playing very little. Clint Dempsey probably still has some great qualities that he might add to a team in need of some extra players, he hasn’t got his best years ahead of him but he is still a way off decline.

One of my other beefs about these loans is that when players and unions go on about the need for players to take much needed rest, particularly the winter break, just why do so many players feel the need to seek temporary clubs? their argument is the need to retain fitness for the upcoming season due to begin in March when that is what pre-season training is for. All the big tournaments are played in the summer utilizing players valuable rest time , clubs now go on end of season and pre-season tours and you can bet that if a winter break happened then a tournament or tour would be organised and it would become an excuse to play more games and extract more money from the public for meaningless fixtures.

Maybe a few clubs struggling with numbers might have the need for a short term fix for a player like Dempsey and a number of others, but Tottenham no longer fall into that category, he performed well and worked hard last season whenever called upon but he was never a player to make the difference and that has not changed, Erik Lamela and Christian Eriksen are now the go to players to try to find the extra spark needed and making any sort of move for Clint Dempsey would be a negative step.

I just cannot see this happening.

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  1. Spursfan4life says:

    Thicko your articles are pathetic tony you really
    are full of crap. Dempsey did well for us last year and scored a lot of goals a lot more than useless soldado. I suggest you look at the facts i wouldnt mind dempsey coming back. If he gets us goals hes a lot better than a 28 million pound flop anyday. Id put dempsey and defoe upfront and sell soldado to southampton or qpr let him rot in the championship. I bet he couldnt hit the target even in the championship anyway

    • Tony says:

      Haha what a pathetic comment from somebody whoi is no fan of Spurs and never has been.You can hide behind a name but it cannot disguise the fact that you support another.Of course an idiot like you might consider selling players to make way for a loanee who had to leave in eqrly February. If you wish to make a controversial comment at least make an effort to make it realistic.

  2. Tony says:

    Well now your eleven please don’t try and kid me that you are a Spurs supporter,you have absolutely no idea of the history of a great club. The only negativity comes from fools like you. No true supporter will ever say that Spurs are or have ever been a mediocre team, they have been the biggest team in the country before Liverpool, Leeds and even United. Let me tell you that during the time I have supported the club the likes of Everton were the only club that could compete with them financially. I saw Tottenham in the semi final of the Champions League when it was only entered by Champions. Keith Burkinshaw also brought plenty of success and actually challenged for the title as well as won and reached finals domestically and in Europe and I was there. the negativity you speak of is all yours, it’s you knocking the players the coach and now even Baldini. Suggest that if you really do happen to have a season ticketthat you hand it over to a real supporter because you obviously have no idea, or is your name Victor Meldrew?

  3. Tony says:

    saw them win the double and was there when they played Benfica in the semi’s. I am a true Spurs supporter like many others unlike you. Currently those teams are bigger because of circumstance. If you knew the history you would know that the EPL started when Spurs were skint because of terrible investments by Scholar but before that Spurs were one of the most powerful and richest clubs. i know that they will be again but realise that United have a big lead at the moment. Almost caught up with pool and closing on chelsea and then it will arsenal. they all fear spurs because with CL football they will become one of the biggest in the game. Look at the facts moron without any success for years and with less than a third of the turnover of the others ten years ago the gap is closing, arsenal pool utd chavs have all been in CL for 10-15 yrs and have earned something in excess of £250m each as a result and that is the only reason they are still ahead. I don’t believe for one minute that you are a Spurs supporter as you havn’t got a good word to say about them and know nothing of their history but if you are hand in your season ticket now and find another team in a different sport.

  4. Tony says:

    you call yourself a supporter no way , liverpool were way ahead but Spurs have gone past them, sigurdsson and dempsey chose spurs over them and even willian b4 the chavs offered silly money. You are clueless.

  5. Boobaspur says:

    Lets just agree you’re both idiots in some manner or other.

  6. Tony says:

    But they will be if AVB and the team is given full support. You cannot grasp the fact that Spurs are the 11th richest club in the World and so are a top team. They are sleeping giants I agree with that and they are about to explode onto the scene. If you really are supporter you are one we could do without.

  7. Tony says:

    2008 eh, think you will find it was 2010, are you aka jay hickman by any chance you both talk the same crap. Look at the quality in the squad now and remember those days then and support AVB. This is the best squad in years with the best coach available. As I said Scholar ruined Spurs with terrible investment in things other than football and that is why they have been lagging behind during the premiership years and the CL money earned. Before that they regularly won cups and competed with every club. It has taken Enic and Levy 11 years to claw them back to where they are and they will go higher.

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