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No sympathy for Bale.

Posted on May 16, 2015 by Guest Writer

Gareth Bale is currently having a hard time of it in Madrid with the biggest ego of them all, Christiano Ronaldo, providing none to very little support for his team-mate and the fans of the club having now turned on a player that they so desperately craved just 2 years ago and who they hero worshipped after he scored all important goals for them in the Copa del Rey against Barcelona and the European Cup final against their local neighbours Atletico.

Out of the European Cup and the Copa del Rey and unlikely to overturn the lead in the title race built by their fiercest rivals Barcelona who could win all 3 competitions, the public are not happy and Gareth Bale is the main target of their wrath.

Obviously Bale being part of a team is being unfairly treated but a £300k per week salary tends to make things seem a whole lot better irrespective of events happening on the pitch. They say that after 2 years of study and living and working in a Spanish environment that Bale has not yet been able to master the language and is still finding it difficult to converse satisfactorily with his team-mates and is still to give an interview in the tongue of the country of his employers and supporters.

Many pundits in the UK have come out in support of the player, some have suggested that he should stay and prove himself, others have implored him to return to the Premiership where only 3 teams could possibly afford his fee and wage demands AND all would still heap pressure on him as to have in their ranks a player with TWO world record transfer fees hanging over him only a title and possibly winning the European Cup would then do.

The title of this piece refers to a lack of sympathy for Bale and the writer stands by that, he left the Premiership at the ripe old age of 23 after a couple of good seasons for Tottenham and just the one exceptional one when AVB built his team around the player. Many at the time preached caution about leaving so soon after one standout season and at such a young age, only the likes of Jamie Redknapp and most of the pundits who favour Arsenal and Liverpool seemed to be pushing him out the Tottenham door, strange now that they believe he should return to the premiership and give up on his “dream”.

Jamie Carragher has been trying to convince us that despite the poor showing and lethargic performances of the player that he his statistics are still up to the standard of the “Player of the Year” Eden Hazard, quite ridiculous as the latter has been consistently impressive all season and has done so in a league that produces truly competitive fixtures almost every week in both league and domestic cup competition.

Tottenham were not prepared for Bale leaving and Bale himself less so despite history showing that the very best Madrid “Galactico’s” seemed to be around the age of 27 plus when taking up the challenge. Ronaldo was the exception at 24 yrs of age but then he had won trophies galore for a number of years with United, Zinedine Zidane was 29, Beckham 28, MacManaman 27, Michael Owen was only 24 yrs of age and a prime example of how things can go wrong at Real Madrid.

Luka Modric was almost 27 when he left Tottenham to join them and has gone on to become one of their most important players despite a poor start to his time with the Spanish club. Bale’s agent has become very mouthy once again blaming the players for the indifferent form of his client and that to me suggests that he is angling for another big payday and probably a transfer to Manchester.

Almost every Tottenham supporter would love to see Bale back in the shirt of the club and had he remained with them he would by now have been a club legend and we might well have seen Tottenham in a much healthier position than they are now, he didn’t and no matter what anybody might hope for he will never appear fro them againunless he is prepared to drop his wage demands by about two-thirds and Madrid take a £50m hit on their investment.

As for Bale he needs to find a team willing to give him star billing as Tottenham did and Wales do because he is far more talented than the rest of his Welsh team-mates, unfortunately he is unlikely to find it at Madrid until Ronaldo goes and might still struggle to become the main man at Chelsea or either of the Manchester clubs.

Bale jumped at the very first opportunity and though a couple of medals last season seemed to have proved him right and he is earning double or more than he could have with Tottenham he was hardly a pauper. Now he has traded the total adoration of a great club and it’s supporters for what is now a club in turmoil and supporters who do not back him and would be happy to see him leave, he is at a club that will only entertain him until something better comes along and at the ripe old age of 25 it seems already the case.

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