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No transfer drama in North London this summer, nobody wants to leave Spurs and nobody wants any Arsenal players.

Posted on May 20, 2013 by Scraggs

For the first time in a few few years the back pages will not involve any transfer sagas surrounding the players of the 2 North London giants. Tottenham continue to improve and the squad really does believe that they are on the verge of something special, they have all bought into the methods and abilities of Andre Villas-Boas and it is expected that Daniel Levy now trusts his coach enough to finally push the boat out and bring in a couple of special players to finally bring success.

In the other part of North London our nearest neighbours and fiercest competitors Arsenal are again celebrating what Arsene Wenger describes is like winning a trophy, 4th place. As in most of the past 8 seasons Arsenal had only the “4th place” tournament to play for from mid February onwards having been all but eliminated from all competitions by that time. This has become part of the Wenger master plan, 3months to solely concentrate on achieving fourth place while the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham, City and United at least go about trying to win a cup competition to go with a top four place.

Probably because of Arsenal’s lack of ambition and success the likes of Nasri, Fabregas, Song, Van Persie and Clichy have all been on the back pages for the past few years angling a way out of Arsenal, this year it is different, apart from an injury prone Jack Wilshere none of the top clubs have any interest in any of the Arsenal players and they should have a period of unambitious stability.

This season Tottenham have been playing catchup because of the initial upheaval when they couldn’t win a game home or away, once the squad had settled results improved and the points tally since early December has more than matched the top teams, an exciting transfer window is promised with a couple of familiar names expected to sign and quite possibly a couple of relatively unknown gems chosen by AVB.

All in all we Tottenham supporters can accept the upheaval of last summer that ultimately cost Tottenham a higher position, because looking at the bigger picture AVB was an inspired appointment and a coach that we are confident will bring success to Tottenham this coming season.





6 to “No transfer drama in North London this summer, nobody wants to leave Spurs and nobody wants any Arsenal players.”

  1. hahas spuds says:

    A huge thank you from Arsenal to Bale FC and it’s fans is as good a place as any I think. So, here goes:

    Thanks for the “entertainment” you have given us over the last season.

    Thanks for your constant bleating about being better than us.

    Thanks for beating us 2-1 at WHL in March and for kick-starting our winning run.

    Thanks to AVB and saying we were on a downward spiral whereas his team were upward.

    Thanks for the sight of the crowd at WHL yesterday jumping celebrating deliriously when they thought Newcastle had scored.

    Thanks for the sight of the bloke in a white t-shirt and his bulging eyes, as well as the two women with their dixie fried chicken filled flabby arms punching the air in delight, until it dawned on them that it was nothing more than just a cruel joke.

    Thanks to Bale and that ludicrously puzzled monkey face of his when he is denied a penalty claim.

    Thanks to AVB and his unique mix of a rocky balboa-esque shimmy cum morris dancing when decisions didn’t go his way.

    Thanks to the woman in the crowd who decided to wear a bridal head-dress who, just like her choice of club, would only get as far as being a bridesmaid.

    Above all, thank you Spurs for the laughter you have bought to our faces yet again.

    So, as my homage to our noisy neighbours, here’s a little song that you all may know. Please feel free to sing along:

    Oh when the Spurs,

    Go f**k it up

    Oh when the Spurs go f**k it up

    Seven points ahead of Arsenal

    Oh when the Spurs go f**k it up!

  2. hahas spuds says:

    only one world class player?? are you mugs having a laugh? you have Bale thats it youre sqaud is shit. you struggled to beat sundeland yesterday had to get them down to 10 men same as the week before at stoke. with out bale you would be 10th in the league. We have cazorla word class spanish playmaker, Walcott, wilshire, ramsey, Chamberlan, koseshieney. are sqaud is far more superior to you’rs. Oh and who do you think the world class players are going go to now you or us who are in the champions league. we have a 100 mill to spend. always in are shadow foys

    • tom says:

      With so many world class players how did you manage to finish the season all of 1 point ahead of Tottenham with so many poor players. Deluded gooner, and that is why Spurs will sail past you this season. Arsenal have just the 1 player good enough to make the Tottenham team if fit, Wilshire, Cazorla would make a good squad player. 1 point does not make Arsenal a better team, 6 years ago it was over 40 points. Make the most of this year when you can brag you finished ahead it will be the last for some time.

    • Ian says:

      You should go back to school and learn how to spell.TWAT.

  3. hahas spuds says:

    You said that last last year

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