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No way Jose

Posted on July 30, 2014 by Guest Writer

Jose Mourinho yesterday suggested that Chelsea are the club that England will turn to for their star players of the future naming youngsters Baker, Brown and Solanke as certainties for the national team in years to come. Just how two 17 yr olds and a 19 yr old are going to be able to grow into internationals with Chelsea is not explained, let’s face it several other far more experienced and potential stars have never been given a shot at the club, they have even brought back Drogba having let him leave a couple of years back. Of course Mourinho has probably only brought this to the attention of the media to explain the terrible lack of English players in his set up.As things stand Chelsea will be supplying just Gary Cahill to the England international set up now that Cole and Lampard have gone and Terry was considered well past his sell by date long ago.

Mourinho has already admitted that he has too many over age foreign players in his squad and exceeds the 17 maximum permitted and that means that at least one of them will have to be released or omitted from the squad altogether, that’s before they even think about bringing in any more players, beyond those 17 plus Terry and Cahill it is difficult to visualise how the remainder of the squad will be made up. Can you honestly see Chelsea throwing in youngsters for important fixtures at the expense of the expensive stars that they have bought and are paying huge wages to? If the impressive Lukaku can’t get a look in and the likes of Marin and Moses, amongst others, are loaned out or disposed of what chance a teenager being given significant game time any time soon.

When Mourinho talks to the media there is generally an ulterior motive, either to play mind games with other clubs or to cover his back and this was one of those occasions, When the potential champions of England are only likely  to have a couple of Englishmen in their squad playing on anything like a regular basis  then at some point the press will give them a hard time, Mourinho will simply point to the three youngsters and his comments and probably expect us to believe that  it is true.

Chelsea no longer develop players they just go out and buy them, they will probably believe that by doing business with Everton for the loan and now sale of Lukaku that they will in the future snap up a real English player of potential in Ross Barkley,  for that reason alone I hope that Mourinho continues his current record of failure, he has now gone two seasons without any sort of success, in fact these past four seasons have been his worst in terms of success or rather a lack of it.

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  1. Bob says:

    more crap from mourinho following the departure of lukaku, in order to fight for a place in the starting lineup he had to be in the squad first, not only has mourinho brought in has beens eto and drogba but also bought Costa, what chance did he have other than a couple of pre season games.
    I actually think mourinho has lost the plot, he can’t win a trophy for love nor money no matter how much he spends. Mata gone and now the potential of Lukaku while old man carthorse terry rolls on and bringing back drogba seems odd.

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