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North London clubs taking over from Northern softies?

Posted on September 29, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Take a look at the Premier League table and you will see Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea leading the way while both Manchester clubs continue to fall further behind. Yesterday United were beaten at home by a West Bromwich team who have failed to win at Old Trafford for thirty five years, it was no flaky win either as WBA were the stronger team overall, Van Persie and Rooney were both on the pitch but failed to make much of an impression.

Manchester City lost at Cardiff earlier in the season by a scoreline of 3-2 after leading, yesterday at Villa they held the same lead but suffered the same defeat and by the same scoreline of 3-2. We at JTN have believed that this season, along with Tottenham, Manchester City had the strongest squad and were the more likely team to win the title, nothing changes the fact that they have an enormous squad packed full of talented players and along with such quality they have some powerful players like Toure, Milner, Fernandhino and Kompany. City might argue that they were without their captain Vincent Kompany against Cardiff and were therefore weaker defensively as a result but yesterday all their hardmen were on the pitch from the start and they still turned certain victory into defeat.

In London Arsenal are leading the charge of the capitals clubs, they would seem to be lacking the strength of players like Toure and are conceding as many goals as both Manchester clubs, the difference is that Arsenal are at the moment using the strength of their attacking talent to outscore the opposition. It is a different story with Chelsea and Tottenham who both have excellent defensive records but by using completely different tactics to achieve that aim. Chelsea have some amazing attacking players but Mourinho, at the moment, has them set up to be strong defensively and do most of their damage on the counter attack, unfortunately their three main strikers have yet to hit a decent run of form.

So far this season Tottenham have as good a defensive record as any past or present and most unlike them, that hasn’t meant that the team is in anyway defensive and remain true to Tottenham tradition and are playing exciting expansive football, they lead the way in all aspects of attacking play of any team in the league to prove the point. The power and strength of Tottenham eminates from their midfield powerhouses, four of them on any given day and all good footballers.

The problem Tottenham have, for the moment, is not about creating shooting opportunities but probably clear cut opportunities for their striker in chief Soldado. AVB will be working with his squad to ensure that their main striker is fed with the type of opportunity that he thrives on, the return of Rose and Chadli will probably help as specialists on the left able to deliver the type of ball that will suit him, similarly Lennon on the right, as good as Townsend has been he has rarely provided the sort of service Soldado will benefit from. Much more of players getting to the byline quickly is what will help him immensely.

As has been said on many occasions on this site United have plenty of problems, we have said that perhaps Fergie left what he saw as a sinking ship needing lots of investment and time before they reach the very top again. Is there any area of the team in which United have real quality, defensively they are still reliant on veterans Ferdinand and Vidic with nobody making any sort of statement that they are ready to replace them, Carrick plods along, Fellaini has come in but is never going to control a game like Scholes did for years, Cleverley is not so clever in my opinion, Welbeck doesn’t score enough goals, it is doubtful even the United supporters want Nani and Young in the team, Rooney puts in the effort but really doesn’t want to be there and without goals Van Persie simply takes the place of Hernandez. Ask yourself would any United player be a certain starter in the City, Chelsea, Tottenham or Arsenal teams, RVP if he gets his goals and Rooney apart.

City have money, lots of players and a new coach but still remain vulnerable to unlikely defeats, Cardiff and Villa would have featured very highly in many supporters list of teams to be relegated but both have managed to score three goals against the title favourites. City are conceding far to many goals for it to be a simple problem to overcome, if teams go for it they are extremely vulnerable and by now it must be obvious, so much so that others will use that vulnerability against them, some will succeed, others won’t, but City look likely to lose more than champions should unless they can resolve the issues they obviously have.

Look at the table and the “Southern softies” accusations are void, the Manchester powerhouses are the ones with a soft underbelly and until Janusry there is little they can do about it.

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