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Not all the players were sad to see Redknapp leave.

Posted on August 12, 2013 by Tony

During the early stages of Harry Redknapp’s reign at Tottenham most people in the game seemed to suggest that the dressing room was totally together and happy to work for him and his team of coaches, it certainly seemed so and probably was for many of the squad. Clearly the longer into his period at the club it got, the more divided the squad became and might well be one of the major reasons why the team flagged toward the end of each season.

Danny Rose has enthused at the coaching abilities and methods of AVB as did all who worked for him last season, the squad are as one and they all start the period before each fixture believing that if they work hard and their form is superior to other players vying for a place in the team then they will get their chance.Not only does AVB understand the concept of a big squad and rotation but he also realises that he needs to encourage and give each and every one of them opportunities in order to get the best from them individually and as a unit.

Rose has admitted that Redknapp had his favourites and provided they were fit to play on the day of the match he chose them rather than give other professionals their chance. He confirms that some players seemed able to miss training, while he and others like him worked hard expecting to be given their chance only to have it snatched away time and time again. Corluka, Pavlychenko, Bassong, Pienaar and Kranjcar all complained and looked for a way out to get playing time, others included Defoe, dos Santos and even Sandro who rarely got a decent look in until Parker was injured, some might remember his inclusion toward the end of the season changed poor results into good.

It was a great period under Redknapp it cannot be denied, but his lack of ability to work a squad and rotate ultimately may have cost Tottenham far more in terms of more Champions League involvement and perhaps a trophy.

We are now into a different era with a modern coach who seems able to inspire the whole squad rather than a favoured dozen or so, with that in mind it is a little surprising that Gareth Bale has changed his mind and decided to leave, but if Madrid cannot match Tottenham’s demands and he is forced to remain there is nobody more suitable than AVB to bring him back into the fold.


15 to “Not all the players were sad to see Redknapp leave.”

  1. markmac says:

    Redknapp was an arshol who just played to the media always trying to b made out to b the good guy but as we all know he was far from it.

  2. whlspur says:

    he did oversee some great moments but ultimately he cost the club with his obsession with England job. He took the team as far as he could but AVB is a cut above. His son is a complete tool though and totally anti Spurs.

  3. Spurs fan for life says:

    avb isnt a cut above Whlspur hes a cut below and out of his depth in the pl. He was lucky to finish 5th last season as a certain little welsh wizard saved avb from being sacked. Im a spurs fan and i hate avbs management style spurs have become boring with his defensive style of play the goals have all but dried up. Hes got a hard start to the season this year and without our star man avb is going to find it tough picking up points because the rest of the squad just isnt up to the same qualitys as bale. If avb fails to get maximum points in his first six games hes going to get the sack

    • whlspur says:

      Are you Gareth Bale in disguise? you certainly seem obsessed with him. AVB has already won more tophies than Redknapp has ever won and for that matter Wenger in the past 10 years. Only Mourinho of the current premiership managers has won more in fact(incl wenger over 17yrs). 4 competitions in one season at Porto, a hard time at Chelsea but the players were responsible for that. last year at spurs was a great season with good cup runs and record points total. he also helped make bale what he is rather than leave him out on the left.So if mourinho, pelligrini moyes and wenger don’t get max points in first 6 games can we expect them to get sack! Perhaps you should support Wrestling as that is more inline with your idea of fantasy.

    • Tony says:

      you really are clueless. 72 points in a season when they had lost modric, Ledley and VDV, Ade and Defoe went missing and so he had to modify Bales position in the team to get the best from him. they finished the season just 6 goals behind Arsenal with a misfiring pair of centre forwards, how is that defensive or are you saying that is also the arsenal style. When you really know about football then you might be entitled to describe some performances as poor but to say the likes of Sandro and Kaboul are rubbish, Spurs are a one man team with a clown as a coach you really are being an idiot, a gooner or a spammer.

  4. Spurs fan for life says:

    Look at tonys article its a load of rubbish sandro rarely got a chance to play ? dont make me laugh he doesnt get the chance to play because hes rubbish and gets injured all the time. Bassong corluka pav were sold because they were rubbish. Pienaar and kranjy left because the are good players and didnt deserve to be sat on the bench. How ever pienaar just could not adapt playing for a bigger club like spurs he simply couldnt handle the pressure and that affected his performances thats why he was sold back to everton. Stop being such an idiot tony and making up rubbish articles theres always a reason why players dont make the first team. Its because they arent good enough thats why they leave or get sold on

    • Tony says:

      Look at the facts once Parker signed for Spurs Redknapp rarely played Sandro in that season only choosing him when Parker picked up an injury that he took into the Euros with England. the same happened in the Champions League year when Sandro was chosen only because others were injured and he was MOM away at AC Milan. you really have no idea if they were so poor why did Redknapp want them he already had Kranjcar at Portsmouth. Many of these players were sold or went on loan because they weren’t given the chance to play. Have you heard of “rotation” why have 25 man squad and not use it. that is why harry was sacked as he had no idea how to use the squad. united chelsea and city don’t play the best 11 every game or why would RVP have ever been on the bench.You really have no idea do you. Your no fan of Spurs.

  5. Spurs fan for life says:

    He didnt play sandro tony because hes crap and over rated thats why we signed parker a holding midfielder that can hold the ball up. Something that sandro fails to do. If redknapp hadnt of signed parker and left usless sandro in the midfield we wouldnt of even got champions league football. Sandro is the worst footballer i’ve ever seen he cant pass cant dribble and cant score all he does is foul players on the edge of the box and it leads to a goal. Hes usless along with huddlestone BAE parker Kaboul rose livermoore adebayor

  6. Spurs fan for life says:

    And paulinho and soldado are poor signings aswell have you not read the articles on skysports. Valencia only flogged soldado to spurs because they are skint even jamie redknapp said spurs overpaid for a 28 year old its pathetic his true transfer valuation is 15 million how does levy like to be mugged off when he trys to do the samething. Thats 28million pounds for a striker that levy will see no profit on if he fails at spurs

    • yidarmy says:

      Jamie” played for Liverpool and Spurs sacked my dad so I hate them” Redknapp, believe what that idiot says at your peril. He is a person who thought signing Andy Carroll and Stewart Downing would turn Liverpool into title contenders haha. Didn’t fergie pay “328m for a near 30yr old RVP last year who only had 1 yr left on his contract.he scored 25goals and if soldado gets anywhere near that it will be an inspired buy. Sorry but every article I’ve seen on Paulinho suggests he is one of the buys of the summer.

  7. yidarmy says:

    you are a complete idiot or a gooner.Sandro was one of the top performing midfielders in the entire league last season before injury and is appreciated by every Spurs fan.

  8. Spurs fan for life says:

    Your a joke yid sandro is crap hes not even worldclass

    • yidarmy says:

      what constitutes a world class player in your world? world class is a misleading description anyway but if you mean would he be chosen in the best 11 players formed into a team then he is not of course, but he is good enough to be considered for all but the best few teams in the world.He is probably one of the best 2 or 3 defensive midfielders in the premiership and as good or better than anything United Arsenal and Chelsea currently have.

  9. Spurs fan for life says:

    Have you ever watched brazilian football then yid ? nobody ever hears of these players until they sign for spurs. Deluded fans

    • Tony says:

      Are you aware that Brazil have ALWAYS been one of the top International teams of all time and are always in the worlds top few. They don’t do crap international players. city have just spent £34m on a player used as cover for Paulinho and Sandro will regain his spot as soon as he regains fitness.

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