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Only Redknapp can save us!

Posted on December 19, 2013 by Guest Writer

Let’s bring back Harry Redknapp as Director of Football surely it is the only logical step, all the backroom boys and those that Daniel Levy seem to listen to were appointed during the Redknapp years, all of them still seem to prefer the good old 4 4 2 that was the system of choice when they were at their peak and unless another coach with similar principles is appointed then at some stage in the future it will all fall apart again, the other added bonus is that the media will love us and we would forever be on the back pages with daily updates as he drives away from Tottenham’s training facility.

I find it strange that Levy and others who really matter would listen to people with an ulterior motive and are not on the same wavelength as the Head Coach, the first moment that they stepped out of line they should have been removed from the club. Maybe this is an eyeopener for any future coaches, especially at Tottenham,  that backroom staff appointed by their predecessor should also go, in some cases it might seem harsh but they get a decent pay off, perhaps David Moyes had the right idea afterall.

There have been reports that AVB only approved three of the signings, Paulinho, Soldado and Capoue and wanted some more experience with a proper playmaker , Moutinho who wanted to be reunited with his old coach as did Hulk, his other requirement they say was David Villa available for £2m. Les Ferdinand has all but confirmed the truth of the story by suggesting the other four signings were not blocked by AVB, which actually doesn’t mean that he wanted them either.

When you appoint a Head Coach and go in search of a longterm project to take the club to the next level, a level that wins trophies and ensures participation in the Champions League on a regular basis it makes sense that the club follows his principles from top to bottom, last year the U18’s and U21’s performed fantastically, the U21’s were the best out there and only really lost the final because they were away and so many of the team had gone on loan. Ramsay and Sherwood are still involved with those teams but performances have deteriorated and tactics tweaked.

Let’s consider the situation with regard to Adebayor, when Redknapp was in charge he was one of the favoured players and to be fair did well for the team, he was guaranteed to start every game at the expense of Defoe and Pavylechenko as was the case with several others who became disilussioned  with their involvement under Redknapp, Benni was chosen even when not fully fit and Rose was forced to seek football elsewhere. when AVB took over I am sure he expected big things from Adebayor but what he got when he turned up in September was an unfit player weeks from being ready to perform, that left just Defoe as his strike force, when Ade was eventually fit he then went back on his word and decided to go to the African Cup of Nations from which he returned LATE and injured and AVB still only had Defoe as a striker option. Tottenham were so close last year and a fully focussed Adebayor from day one and for the entire season would have almost certainly made a huge difference.

Not only did Adebayor let down AVB he let down us supporters, he stayed on to party with his cronies and we understand only when Tottenham sent a private jet did he return, Adebayor is probably the only person to screw over Levy and his pride is probably unwilling to accept defeat and he wants Ade to succeed.

So let’s get them all in, Harry Redknapp as the Director of Football, Jamie as PR Guru, a coaching team of Jordan, Allen, Ferdinand, Ramsay and Sherwood, let’s hope Tony Parks, the goalkeeping coach, can at some point correct probably the only fault with Hugo Lloris, catching or punching a high ball into the box. We could change our name to The Tottenham Wide Boys, very apt when concentrating on a 4 4 2 formation, a formation that will guarantee excitement as it will give every team we face the chance to get the better of us in midfield, don’t you supporters who want to see a return to the old days and the Tottenham style dream of it’s return?  it’s coming but let’s hope it doesn’t ultimately lead to days like those we experienced in 1976/77, we scored lots of goals that year 74 of them, we played 4 4 2 with Peter Taylor and Jimmy Neighbour out wide, that was an exciting year perhaps some of you who want your Tottenham back remember it we were relegated.

So as we return to type, pretty to watch but underachievers, pretenders and losers when it comes to the crunch, think for a moment of all those excellent defensive performances early in the season, wins by the narrowest of margins and involvement in all the cups, using every member of the squad and not shortchanging the supporters who pay huge sums to watch their stars rather than the kids and think of the shambles we are in now, £100m spent to play the AVB system and willing to revert back to an outdated formation after just a few months, worse still to persist with Lennon and Defoe who have proven year after year that they just aren’t good enough.

The final bonus in all this is that every animal charity will be camped in Tottenham seeking help as only ‘Arry opens bank accounts for dogs and spends £3000 per month feeding the birds, good to know when people are living on the streets and the elderly cannot afford to heat their home.

What has Levy done and who is responsible?

How it was at the beginning of November.


20 to “Only Redknapp can save us!”

  1. Eric says:

    This has to be the best article on Jtn hands down.” wanted some more experience with a proper playmaker” if he had those PROVEN players then we would have had more points but instead he got young unproven talented blokes since levy wanted to cash on them in the future,typical him.Under him players were chosen on form and hence Defoe who hasn’t done anything for a decade was dropped and that disgraceful Ade too.Rose and townsend were given opportunities.Our fans are obsessed with English player and hence we have to still persist with defoe lennon dawson and lamela eriksen soldado warm the bench.Avb was the best thing that ever happened to spurs n we blew it big time

    • yidarmy says:

      defoe and lennon are a waste of space they have provided no goals and very few assists. 4 shots on target last night, half as many as wham,when will the light go on and we get shot of players who have underperformed for years.defoe 90 league goals in 10 seasons and lennon 29 goals and 63 assists in 8 seasons and 340 games shocking.

  2. lou says:

    Can’t wait for Hull Tigers v Tottenham Wideboys.

  3. yidarmy says:

    I can’t ever recall such a backlash to a coach sacked especially after a 5-0 home defeat. There is obviously so much more behind this story that we are not yet being told but true fans are starting to question the backroom boys all employed by redknapp.coincidence?

  4. Eric says:

    Call me crazy but there seems to be a conspiracy by insiders to get rid of Avb which isn’t surprising considering Avb also decided to leave by mutual consent.Les and Tim have been known to disagree with him in the past only since they both wanted the job and both share a wonderful relation with levy and redknapp.They both played Avb with his past screwing him over being stubborn,single minded etc.My point is none of the players said anything,in fact most of then regretted it and have come out in support of him.Sources say he had bought Christmas gifts for the players on Monday but was then given his termination letter so am not sure the gifts got across.Never heard anything negative about him from the players

    • Tony says:

      seen that as well. i hope this shambles also brings down the backstabbing perpetrators but we all know they will end up at QPR. Levy is untouchable and providing he sticks to the financials all well and good but he needs better judgement on football matters and rhe peop;e he listens to.

  5. Eric says:

    @ admin its advisable to provide us with the edit and delete comment options

  6. Jeremy says:

    I really cant take the fact ade started the last game despite the tweet. To me, his celebration after was way over the top and does not prove crap except he plays when he wants to and doesnt give a crap bout spurs.

  7. Boobaspur says:

    I’m just too angry to even coherently express my frustration at the sacking of AVB.

    This article goes a long way to doing just that for many of us though.

    AVB was a proper modern football coach and we didn’t have intelligence or the faith in him to see that.

    Not even given the obvious clues that things take a while to settle as is evident from the dried up miracle producing Jose at Chelsea, or Moyes at Utd who simply walked it last year.

  8. yidarmy says:

    Agree now that Moyes getting rid of Fergies crew was the best thing.

  9. Eric says:

    Adebayor was a nuisance at Monaco arsenal city Madrid and even the gurus of man management like wenger and mourinho gave up on him so obviously he was the issue not Avb.Also it wasn’t as if he was scoring for fun and then we dropped him

  10. Jide says:

    As much as I was amused by the guest writer, I think we need a serious discussion as to how we can save this season and move our club forward. I hold my hands up, I was one of the lot that wanted AVB out. Looking back and on having time to think, I was very wrong. I did not like the slow tactics. We need to think who can we get as manager now? Who will play in a manner that will please us fan and the Board but at the same time modernise the way we play. 4-4-2 is not the answer, but at the same time we simply cannot play a rigid 3-5-1-1.

    A few days after the AVB sacking, I just took the decision to think a bit more before making my comments on this forum and just read what other folks are saying.

    Guys, we cannot keep going on about what we have lost. I really believe this season can still be saved, but we need a manager who able to modernise the way we play, but at the same time, not lose the flair we have all been brought up on at WHL. We need an honest discussion about that.

    • Tony says:

      That is an issue that must be addressed but the timing is so bad that no matter what we might think or who we would like to take over is there any real chance, the fear is that we will end up with a temporary replacement or fifth or sixth choice or worse still somebody like Sherwood who immediately switched to 4 4 2. Even that stinks sherwood is our technical director responsible for ensuring all the players at the club sing from the same hymn sheet in terms of tactics and that would be the tactics of the Head Coach. 2 days after being sacked that technical director sets the team up to play 4 4 2 and asks them to play a bit gung ho!!!!!who does that sound like? Please Jide we all like a bit of flair but lets try winning first and let the flair and arrogance follow. whoever we appoint now is going to be a gamble but it has to be somebody dead set against 4 4 2 and so Sherwood and co will have to go, i really can’t see that happening and so i fear that we might find ourselves lumbered till the end of the season with a throwback to the bad old days. As you know by now I care for the club and want the very best but this weeks events have been truly awful and there might be more agonies coming up before things get better. From tomorrow we shall try to put a better spin on things.

  11. eric says:

    What spurs style? We won using that last in 51.Its time to be realistic about our resources and expectations.We expected AVB to stroll teams by 5-6 goals.We are 6th in terms of revenue but are expected to win the title? AVB gets the highest points tally but then expected to gel in 9 new players all from different leagues after selling his best players in consecutive years?

  12. As a lfc fan I hate Levy cos he is so biased and thinks he knows more than everybody.When Brendan took over as lfc manager he didn’t have results going his way but still Ayre talked good abt him to the owners until everythin turned rosy cos the plan just as AVB was to plan 4 the future.And again why did Levy sold Bale while Ayre listened to Br abt SuSUAN luis.Spurs should look at the bigger picture and see that their problem is MR I KNOW ALL(Levy).After all he sacked Redknap when it was obvious to all it wasn’t totally Redknapp’s fault.

    • Tony says:

      To be fair he did hold out with Modric the first time when Cheksea called and proved the power was with the club all along, this year AVB said Bale was not leaving and he was a player he was counting on was only for it to happen once the money reached silly levels. But your right Ayre has always spoken well of rodgers who probably has had just as up and down a period as AVB.If sundays result had gone the other way the teams would have been level.
      Nobody at Spurs has ever said anything complimentary about AVB, they just leek comments to the press and let them stir it up, despicable and not happy with the way they go about things just like the Martin Jol dismissal.
      I wonder what might have happened had £80m been offered for suarez rather than a paltry £40m and one pound

  13. What would have happened is that Liverpool would have stuck to them giving us one player say like Di Maria who will come and lifted everybody or even Contraoe trust Henry and Brendan.

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