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Opportunity knocked and Tottenham took it.

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Scraggs

In actual fact a number of big opportunities presented themselves and the powers that be at Tottenham recognised the fact and took the chance.

About six years ago Tottenham recognised that Southampton had a good young player on their books and offered them a very substantial fee for a seventeen year old, irrespective of the fact that he had already appeared and scored for the first team he was at the time a left back with potential and nothing else. An initial fee of £5m which with add-ons would possibly rise to £10m was a huge amount but there was also a sell on percentage incorporated into the deal. A little over a year later and Daniel Levy took the opportunity to pay Southampton a further £2m for the player in return for the cancellation of the remaining add-ons and what was thought to be a 25% share of any future transfer.

A little like Redknapp’s “2 points in 8 games” line we are all aware that Gareth Bale was not on the winning side for his first 24 premiership games for Tottenham and he ultimately lost his place in the team to Assou-Ekotto. Bale only regained his place in the team because of injury to Benni and he took his opportunity and finally made a name for himself against Inter Milan when he destroyed Maicon and scored an amazing hat trick. When Benni returned from injury Bale was moved into a more advanced position on the left and never looked back.

Andre Villas-Boas was recruited by Chelsea 2 years ago at great expense, he had just won everything in his very first full season as a coach and led Porto to a clean sweep and an undefeated season, after a torrid time at Chelsea and a lack of support he was sacked and ridiculed as a coach and man manager, seemingly unable to communicate with his squad and accused of lacking tactical know how. At Tottenham Harry Redknapp had led his team to 4th place but had courted the England job too much for Levy’s liking and lost focus and 3rd place and so he was sacked in favour of AVB. As it turned out while AVB rebuilt his reputation and led Tottenham to a record points total he to failed to gain qualification to the hallowed Champions League.

AVB in his first season recognised just how much more Bale could offer and organised the team around him, giving him free reign he scored goals for fun and enhanced his and AVB’s reputation at the same time. Gareth Bale’s stellar season attracted the interest of Real Madrid and currently it seems that he will soon become their player, but Daniel Levy drives a hard bargain and has seen the opportunity to turn this into the moment to elevate Tottenham into the big time.

Tottenham have become the team to join if any player with great potential is looking to improve, AVB has in two full seasons cemented his position as coach of incredible talent, players seem to respond to him and he seems able to enhance their ability. Hulk, Moutinho and Falcao, amongst others at Porto became some of the most sought after players and now Bale has reaped the benefits and gone from a player worth perhaps £30/40m to potentially becoming the first £100m player.

Tottenham and Levy, with a great coach leading them and a very good squad, seem set to spend that money and fill their squad with a number of talented players, it looks likely that over £120m is going to be spent on players to propel them into the big time and lead the charge for trophies and the Champions League.

Tottenham took the chance on a few opportunities that presented themselves and as a result might be about to change the landscape of English football, if they manage to do so then they should be applauded as they will have done so without the billions of wealthy benefactors, they will have done so the old fashioned way and a way that many teams are capable of replicating. Tottenham were in danger of going out of business as recently as the 90’s and were saved by Sir Alan Sugar who stepped in to buy the club.

Tottenham are not there yet, a 4th place finish and possibly a cup triumph has been the objective for a few years but suddenly the whole demeanour of the club, coach, players and supporters has changed, even though we are resigned to losing our very own superstar to Madrid, the number of quality players that have arrived or seem set to before the transfer windows closes has changed everything.

Tottenham have taken the opportunities that presented themselves and only time will tell if they were right to do so.

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