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Ownership issues over it’s time to support Tottenham.

Posted on September 26, 2014 by Scraggs

Here at JTN we always believed that the interest of Cain Hoy was exagerated at best and probably non existant in reality, everybody now knows their name and that they have money to invest and that was as ENIC always said their intention at the time. While all this nothingness has been going on many tottenham supporters took the opportunity to register their unhappiness with ENIC and Levy again and again, their agenda now becoming a bit more than tiresome.

At the beginning of last season despite spending over £100m on new players it wasn’t long before AVB and the owners were getting stick from a minority but nevertheless large number of fans, as this rubbed off on the players performance continued to deteriorate as a team strong in defence turned into a defensive shambles. It doesn’t come as any surprise to see that our home form is so hit and miss, on the road our support is second to none and it has shown with our away form up there with the very best, if only it were the same at White Hart Lane.

Look on any social media site and it won’t take long to find moans and groaning toward those that lead our club, last year AVB was in the front line quickly followed by Levy and Baldini, this year Pochettino is currently immune from that same criticism but the others are all in the firing line and again our home form suffers as the fear factor returns.

So many of these whingers seem to glorify in the fact that they have a season ticket suggesting that hey have supported the club for some time, that being the case do they remember what it was like 10 years ago at the beginning of ENIC’s reign, look where we were then in relation to the past 4/5 yrs. For some reason some of our supporters seem to actually believe that we can compete with the likes of United, Chelsea and City financially when the truth of the matter is that we are miles behind those three as well as Arsenal and Liverpool.

Over the course of the last three seasons Tottenham, that means Levy and ENIC have spent £200m in the transfer market and yet because they have also managed to break even consider them to be failing in their duty and I fail to see why, it’s not about net spend it’s simply about spend, the nuts and bolts of how we do it is neither here nor there. United have forked out more than £200m this year alone and look where they are.

Perhaps it’s time to try something a little different if your a Tottenham supporter attending home games, how about getting behind the team like all those that travel to away games, they never seem to turn on the team but give them their unconditional support and how it shows with our away form as good as all the top teams and better than most. It’s about time that our supporters drove the team on at the Lane and not allow the opposition to get a foothold, how often do commentators say that the away team tries to quieten and turn home support, just think how easy that is to do at WHL.

We all become disappointed and disillusioned at times, performances and results are not always as they should be but many of us don’t quite see it the way some do, we are in a far better place than we were 10 years ago and though we have only won a single cup over that period it’s not that much better for Arsenal and Liverpool who have all bennefitted from vast sums of additional revenue.

I’ve lost count of the number of times fans have said that they support Pochettino but blame Levy and ENIC! it makes absolutely no sense but as most of us know it won’t be long before the blame game is pointed the way of our new coach, so much for imploring Levy to give our coaches time when it’s the fans who apply the pressure. Don’t for one minute think that our players are not affected by any unrest from the stands.

I’ve supported the club for a long time and will always do so, I support ENIC and Levy who for some reason remain the target of many fans, so what that they want to make a profit from the club, the bigger and more successful we become the more that they will earn so why should we care, I am no great admirer of Alan Sugar but appreciate what he did for us and he also sought a buyer that would take the club forward, even Irving Scholar and the board that almost bankrupted us took the direction that they did in an attempt to grow the club it just went pear-shaped.

Perhaps it’s time that our fans showed a little gratitude to our owners and Levy, of course they do what they do to maximise their return, that’s business, but they have also taken Tottenham, the club, back to nearer the level they once were and have still invested enormous sums on the team but managed to do so in a sensible managed way.

Let’s do what we should be doing best and that’s supporting the players wearing the shirt in every game from beginning to end, enough of this negativity as it get’s us nowhere, ENIC and Levy have more money than they will ever know what to do with so turning on them is absolutely pointless and simply has a detrimental effect on the team, it might just as well end now it’s totally unproductive.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    I felt we had a great summer! A lot of fans seem to forget that we signed 6 players! That’s just 1 short from last season. Granted that they are are all not blockbuster signings but then again this transfer season has seen prices for players go through the roof. In fazio and stambouli we have possible captains and with dier and yedlin, we could possibly have future superstars. ENIC and Levy are good for us cause we dont know what we will get with new owners, its a terrifying thought if its all goes badly. The start hasnt been great but it hasnt been great for of top 6 teams except Chelsea! Lets get behind our team and beat Arse this weeknd!

    • Dean says:

      If only our entire support could bring themselves to do so then perhaps WHL would again become a fortress. I make you right we have spent and just perhaps we have bought wisely, only time will tell.

    • Tony says:

      Better some of the new additions are slowly introduced especially those from Spain and France

  2. BigH says:

    Is Levy himself writing this? Lets get real. The argument is not they are total shit owners, but the fact is Jo Lewis has made a massive fortune on the club, has got all his initial money back and is now in serious profit. Yes the club are financially in a better place, but we break even, so fair enough. The reality is our best players have all been sold. They have been made promise after promise, remember the five year plan?, remember we actually got permission to expand the Lane to 44,000? What happened? Nothing, as ENIC wanted to keep boosting the value of the club while being cost neutral. We have had manager after manager without, bar rednkapp, any real success. WHL has become a place devoid of real atmosphere as the emphasis by the club is keep them quite and lets be corporate, so rule after rule has been enforced. God they couldn’t even back fans on the Yid debate! Levy has a terrible reputation among Prem chairman, not because of his business meanness, but simply because he lacks authority, integrity and diplomacy, so people hate doing business with him. Look at the stadium fiasco. You watch even Liverpool and Everton would have built their grounds and we will still be in high court. It all reflects poorly on the club. I could go on and on, but lets be clear, many passionate fans have legitimate concerns over ENIC and I make no apologies for my views both as a long standing season ticket holder and shareholder.

    • Tony says:

      boosting the value of the club also means boosting turnover and the continued ability to compete at a level closer to where we were when ENIC started. As for the ground let’s not put the onus on our owners quite so much, expanding to 44k would have been meaningless in todays market and let’s not forget the government took nearly 2 years to give compulsory purchase order when it should have taken no more than 3 months and now they have appeal process to follow, what’s that all about.
      Of course you have your views on the subject but then so have others who strongly disagree with yours but as a very long time supperter I am not happy when our supporters displeasure is brought to the game and affects our players and performance which I feel it has done for too long. Let’s not forget that we are no longer a team flirting with relegation, we are not even a mid table team but are now and for the past 5 years genuine CHALLENGERS for a top 4 place, finishing there twice, we are also competing with 5 clubs capable of paying wages of 2, 3 or more than 4 times our top rate. Little steps H and a little more realism in the financial minefield of the football world.

  3. Jeremy says:

    The selling of our best players were really not up levy and enic. Bale, modric and berbatov all wanted to leave. Levy made the best out of the situation by getting maximum value out of those sales. As for the manager situation, i think JTN did a article a while ago on how most of the sacking were of legitimate issues and simply saying we went through “X” amount of managers in “X” amount of years is misleading. I feel the general frustration ppl seem to feel about enic is stemmed from the seeing clubs like man city and chelsea spend their way to the top. But those are the exceptions not the rule. Building a club’s stature through good football, sound business decision and brand management is the key.

    • Tony says:

      Of course you have hit the nail on the head in all aspects but I am surprised that there are still so many doubters. Some clubs are massively more wealthy than us and their supporters still moan, arsenal lost all their stars despite the holy grail of CL, United have gone downhill fast and other than last season liverpool have been out of contention for everything for a number of years.We remain top 4/5/6 up against clubs that can afford wage bills of more than double ours. It’s wages that matter to players as has been proven by United and even liverpool and suarez who took the money when out of CL and left when he got them in it.

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