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Ozil, Eriksen comparisons still wrankle with Arsenal fans

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Scraggs

Tottenham supporters have been more than complimentary about the performances and contibutions of Christian Eriksen since he secured a starting berth in Tim Sherwood’s team and rightly so, whether stating from the left or just behind a lone striker Eriksen seems to have found his feet and is providing goals, assists and creating lots of chances. As a result of Eriksens surge in form at the same time that Arsenal’s Ozil is finding things a little more difficult after his explosive start, some of the media has begun to question Ozil’s price tag compared to Eriksen’s, as we all know Tottenham picked Eriksen up from Ajax for around about a quarter of the fee Arsenal paid for the German maestro as a result it is probably fair to compare which club got the better deal.

Aiming to be the number one creative midfielder in England

Aiming to be the number one creative midfielder in England

Now in no way has anybody at JTN ever knocked the quality of Ozil nor have they doubted he is currently one of the best players in world football but Christian Eriksen has also been around and turning heads for a number of years, he is also still only 21 yrs of age compared to the more mature Ozil at 25 yrs old and so should improve massively in the years ahead and yet he is already comparing favourably with the more illustrious Arsenal man.

For some reason some of the Arsenal sites have picked up on the comparisons of the two and have taken to defend their man when no defence of that nature is really necessary at this point, but  yesterday I was drawn to an article on a blog site which clearly displays their dislike of Tottenham and perhaps is beginning to fear them more each season, why else would you include this logo in your header ? just gooners What I found most interesting was one of the comments from a truthful Arsenal supporter which perhaps gives a more realistic insight into the more honest perception of the player and maybe one of the reasons why Real Madrid actually released him, more shocking perhaps is the fee paid for what some perceive to be a “lazy” player. One Arsenal supporter commented as follows:-

Ithink if a lot of us on here were really honest about ozil then there would be disappointment regarding the german .he is by no means the player that we hoped YET, time will only tell us .for me he is a lazy player , he does go missing from games , especially the more important games , but , he has just been voted germanys player of the year if i am correct . so i am assuming that this guy is special . i think to say that he is the best player in the world at what he does is a bit over the top though . perhaps he was the best player in the world at what he did before he joined us but no t presently . if he is the best player in the world at what he does then all i can say is that our lovely game has hit new depths .right now for me he was a coup to keep fans off wengers back , and sometimes these signings do not always live up to expectation . i for one hopes that this is not the rod that breaks wengers back .

The perspective of most Tottenham supporters of Eriksen is that he is currently a very good player with the potential to be very special in the future, for the moment he is still just an exceptional talent, a huge asset but still only potentially a future star. For the time being we are happy to see him progress and continue to improve, he is one of an exceptional young squad that Tottenham are putting together and the club are not relying upon him to make the difference as was the case when Arsenal parted with somewhere in the region of £43m for the German.We at JTN said at the time Arsenal bought Ozil that he was a panic buy to appease the hatred of the fans following a terrible start to the season, a lack of action and spending in the transfer window after eight years of relative failure resulted in a knee jerk reaction and we still stand by that. We  shall never know whether Ozil was the catalyst for Arsenal to lead the league at this stage of the season or simply to dampen down what was a rebellion in the making, and only time will tell if he can make the difference between winning a trophy of some description and ending the season empty handed for the ninth time.Tottenham are not yet back to the days when they were the biggest spenders in the country, if not the world so until then our supporters are happy to acquire talent like Eriksen, Lamela , Chiriches and those like Bale and Modric before them and turn them into stars, of course we hate to see them leave for huge money to the richest clubs in the world but we do expect that before too long they will not need to leave as Tottenham will regain their status and compete against the very best clubs for trophies themselves.

4 to “Ozil, Eriksen comparisons still wrankle with Arsenal fans”

  1. Boobaspur says:

    I just don’t think Ozil wants to be an Arsenal player. I don’t see him staying there for too many seasons.

    That whole unnecessary debacle between him and Mertesacker at Man City shows how little he cares for Arsenal FC or their fans.

    Ozil knows he wasn’t bought for his undoubted ability, he has to know it was a ‘knee-jerk’ purchase which was more insulting given the knowledge he only went to Arsenal because he basically had no choice, Madrid wanted him out and it hurt him.

    Apparently Ozil said: ‘when the offer came in to join Real Madrid, there is no decision to make’.

    Similar to joining Arsenal, there was kind of no decision to make – but do any of us, or our goon neighbours really believe there was no decision.

    I believe when joining RM, there was no decision, in Arsenal there was NO CHOICE.

    Ozil doesn’t want to be an Arsenal player, even the goon red doesn’t suit his jaundiced complexion.

    The difference is that Eriksen knows that he was sought after and bought because he was wanted. That knowledge you are an informed purchase and valued asset must play heavy on these players minds.

    • Tony says:

      Let’s face it Ozil has dropped down a level or two with this move and it will be hard to climb back up, where can he go to from here? probably only Monaco, PSG or Bayern if any of them might want him as his days in spain at the top table are finished. Love the line

      “I believe when joining RM, there was no decision, in Arsenal there was NO CHOICE.”

      Eriksen still has the ambition and the possibility of playing for the biggest in the world while Ozil has started on the slippery slope when RM no longer wanted him. good to see that ex-Spur Modric has filled his boots and then some.

  2. gunner says:

    Keep hating you scums…mind the gap….

    • craig says:

      Can’t see any gooner hatred in the article, Ozil acknowledged as the superior player, at least for now,I also saw the same article on gooner blog site but no compliments on that for Eriksen as you might expect from you sad supporters. the comment was from one of your own and I’m sure he is not alone in his perception of Ozil.
      Mind the gap haha but it’s only a tiny step now and one result could change everything.
      we don’t hate you arrogant 8 year soon to be 9 year losers, call yourselves a big team haha, your just kidding yourselves.

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