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Pellegrini writes off Tottenham challenge. Let’s hope it comes back to haunt him.

Posted on November 20, 2013 by Tony

The Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini has gone on record to write off the title hopes of both Tottenham, who his team face next, and Liverpool who are currently sitting in second place four points ahead of City. Based upon the final table of the past few seasons he might well have a point but then this is proving to be a very unusual season, already his team have lost four of eleven fixtures so far and when you take into account that they lost just six games during the whole of last season and only five the season before , then Pellegrini and his team have problems of their own to resolve before commenting on others.

Pellegrini is perhaps being a little ungracious and naive in writing off two teams currently ahead of his City team, especially when you consider he has absolutely no experience of the Premier League. Manchester City remain favourites to win the league title but they are a long way from being certainties, their strength is in attack but defensively they are extremely weak especially when their captain Vincent Kompany is absent. An away defeat to Chelsea is not such an unexpected result but to lose to Sunderland, Aston Villa and Cardiff does not warrant a coach being so arrogant as to write off two competitors at a stroke.

Manchester City have played just two teams in the top half of the table, Manchester United and Chelsea with just a home victory over United to boast of, hardly title winning credentials and if they are to challenge for the title themselves then more huge investment will have to be made in the January transfer window.

Pellegrini has managed to take City through to the knockout stages of the Champions League, something that Mancini was unable to do and which probably cost him his job, but for a coach who has held some high profile jobs he has won just the Intertoto Cup in 2004 while coach at Villareal, his short period with Real Madrid in season 2009 also resulted in a lack of success, even though he was responsible for buying Kaka, Benzema, Xabi Alonso and Ronaldo for something in the region of £200m Madrid still finished the season empty handed and he was replaced by Jose Mourinho.

With no track record of success perhaps Pellegrini is destined to be an also ran in the coaching stakes, underestimating teams is a bad habit that he has already picked up this season and is the reason why they have lost so many games to what are considered inferior teams. It seems that he has not yet learned his lesson and is perhaps doing the same with teams that have far more ability than the likes of Villa and Cardiff. Hopefully AVB will remind his team before Sunday’s fixture that Pellegrini has dismissed their ability, any extra incentive to achieve a result should be utilised and for a professional to be written off as no hopers will hopefully spur them on just that little bit more effort.

Manuel Pellegrini still has to earn a reputation as a winner despite some high profile jobs and until he has earned the right to boast of superiority surely he needs to take one of the richest clubs on the planet to a Premiership title and maybe a cup or two, a long run in the Champions League is also essential and until then a single Intertoto Cup triumph nine years ago really doesn’t cut it.


7 to “Pellegrini writes off Tottenham challenge. Let’s hope it comes back to haunt him.”

  1. wandering yid says:

    Let’s see if we can shut him up …coys

  2. mick says:

    It makes me laugh that a coach who has only been in the EPL for 5 minutes talks as though he is an expert. 4 defeats and a draw to stoke suggests that he has no idea. Still he is one of the few coaches in the premier league that can boast of winning the intertoto.

  3. Boobaspur says:

    Cheap and dirty mind games – just look at the timing of his provocation. Nothing more than a scumbag move.

    If it was AVB himself who came out with this kind of trash talk I would be equally unimpressed – except AVB and Tottenham have much more class than to engage in this type of simpleton behaviour.

    Come on Spurs, stick it to ’em!

  4. Antique Gunmen says:

    For a men who only been in EPL for a while, Pellegrini had well observe, except that L’pool thing. Big mistake to rule out L’pool after 11 matches. For Spurs, I have nothing to say than he got it SPOT ON. Overhaul of regular basis team as you did, will take a long time to cohesive. Maybe, you’ll need a whole season only to gel to each other. Ghoz, I know why Daniel Levy loves Gareth Bale more than his own blood club. GARETH BALE KNOW HOW TO WIN. LOL 100x.

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