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Performance papers over the cracks.

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Guest Writer

The current Tottenham coach, and I use that word tentatively, has on more than one occasion stated that the likelihood of a position amongst the top four elite was always a tall order, in fact after one particularly heavy defeat he informed us all that the club were miles away from Champions League quality, such news of course beggars the question if Sherwood was not appointed to improve the team and maintain a challenge for a top four place then why exactly was that not the same scenario for AVB?

Tottenham went on their pre -season tour having secured the services of the Brazilian Paulinho and still featuring Gareth Bale arguably acknowledged as the third best player on the planet at the time, this following a season when they missed out on 4th by a single point AGAIN. Talk was of adding more quality and top striker to the squad and there was a feelgood factor surrounding the club as well as huge expectancy after a record points haul the previous season. Soon after it became clear that another summer of transfer turmoil involving Real Madrid  was imminent.

Tottenham spent almost the entire amount raised from sales over the summer in an attempt to offset the loss of Bale and improve the team and squad for the challenge ahead, the season started reasonably though with so many new additions the fluency of the team was often lacking though they did almost without exception dominate the opposition. For some reason the defensive solidarity of the team turned partially following the long injury to the only recognised left back Danny Rose having loaned out Assou-Ekotto.

As we all know within the space of just a few short weeks the groundswell of anti AVB opinion stemming initially from the media began to take it’s to;; on him and his players resulting in what now seems to have been a knee jerk reaction fro Levy. The same media that had hounded AVB from Chelsea and tried to do exactly the same when first appointed by Tottenham then lauded the current encumbent for some unknown reason despite him having no coaching badges nor any previous experience, nevertheless Sherwood took over and went about righting the wrongs of the previous regime by bringing back Adebayor and introducing the youngster Bentaleb.

As we all know during his time in charge Sherwood has a decent league record though has overseen exit from all the cup competitions very quickly. Of more concern is the level of performance and results, a squad of genuine quality has steadily deteriorated as most of the new additions brought to the club at great expense have in the main been frozen out.

Yesterday the players did show their pride and the ability to battle, they responded to the occasion and the great support from a Tottenham fanbase that has been sold short this season. Arsenal’s goal which took all of 72 seconds to be scored arose from errors when pressing Arsenal from the kick off leaving a number of Tottenham players out of position and vulnerable to what turned out to be a fantastic strike albeit luckily created. soon after that Oxlade-Chamberlain in particular had a couple of clear cut chances to put the game to bed before Tottenham had actually settled into their stride.

Make no mistake Tottenham escaped another embarrassment because of a couple of misses before they rallied and took the game to Arsenal. thereafter the overall commitment was impressive and though many were critical of Chadli and Townsend they were both crucial to the improvements made and took the game to the opposition at every opportunity. Yet again one of our most creative players was asked to play in a position not ideally suited to his skills, Eriksen on the left with left sided specialist Chadli behind Adebayor made little or no sense.

This blind obsession with playing Adebayor and Bentaleb for every minute of every game is now becoming annoying, though most consider Adebayor to be vital to the team he is no goal poacher and slowly but surely the goals have begun to dry up with goals in just three fixtures since the turn of the year, his workrate is impressive and he is a handful but too often in areas where he poses no danger to the keeper, the number of crosses that went into the box and flashed across goal yesterday might just have been what Soldado could have thrived upon but he was given just 8 minutes to find the goal desperately needed and only then after the introduction of not one but two other midfielders, Sigurdsson and Paulinho and  he had not a single minute with the creative Eriksen around him.

Since the victory over Manchester United Sherwood has led the team to seven defeats with five coming in the last seven games as he seems to have taken a team with a decent record and destroyed them. We are now seeing the team playing inverted wingers, a high line, creating little and managing less shots on target than at any other time this season!

I am finding it difficult to comprehend the level of support, media led, for Sherwood despite the obvious deficiencies, some say he might one day be a top coach and though that is true there must remain doubt as his anger and reactionary attitude might work in the lower divisions but doubtful in the Premiership, though Fergie was capable of losing it he also had experience and tactical awareness to back him up something Sherwood has in short supply.

The season is over for Tottenham but perhaps by retaining Tim it will ensure failure to qualify for the Europa Cup and give the new man a better opportunity of success next season.


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  1. Gunner says:

    Fair Assesment of the game but tim sherwood did not motivate the players the fact that it was a north London derby got them going and although ye pressured us for most of the game it really was in hope more than expectation of scoring a goal.

    • Tony says:

      Can’t really disagree with that and as suggested it could have been 2 or 3 to Arsenal before we got our legs. Adebayor’s continued involvement is beginning to annoy now as being the only striker his prescence should be in areas where it matters not in deep positions and out wide. Just a few half chances with that amount of attacking intent is diabolical and sherwoods substitutions are also devoid of reasoning. On a brighter note younes Kabould did better and led by example but it seems that Dawsons habit of hitting long diagonals is a sherwood tactic rather than the players lack of technique.

  2. Bigh says:

    Lets face facts. Sherwood is clueless tactically and simply does not know how to handle the players. Yesterday if they had buried their chances, we could have been looking at another man city or scouse result. We huffed and we puffed, but lacked any idea on how to break them down. I know why not play one our most creative players on the left and a left sided winger behind the striker. Also be obsessed with Bentaleb, yes lets destroy the lad. Sherwood tactics. Remember this is the same idiot who told Redknapp that Saurez wasn’t good enough and we should not buy him. I predicted many months ago the season would be properly over by March and that will now be a fact. Levi and Sherwood will blame the world for this, but the buck stops there. I can only see the anti Levi demos getting bigger after seeing the first one on Sunday

    • lou says:

      Sherwood always has an excuse or a soundbite to deflect criticism from him, “best team on planet” City, ” a class apart” Benfica, “lucky”arsenal when their keeper made one Weetabix save from a tame Ade shot from edge of box.”gutless players” 7 games lost since beating United on 1st jan and still the media back him and suggest he could be the answer and needs time!!!!! On the basis of what exactly as the team go from bad to worse with no element doing well. Sherwood wasn’t even the u21 coach he was in charge of development just how did he get the job anyway? .

  3. Jeremy says:

    I posted quite a few times on this side about my unhappiness in in which the media went bout treating avb. True we werent getting goals but we were taking steps in the right direction towards becoming a team. The negativity slowly spread to the team and avb left. Now what was a stable team now looks completely in shambles. I still do believe our signings will come good. Just take a look at holtby for fulham. He is a player that i really like and look how well he is doing for fulham. Week in week out we get soundbites from sherwood calling out for players to play with heart and he lets holtby go? Pundits like fucktards neil ashton who trashed avb’s name and hailed sherwood are now calling all of players actors and still refusing to lay any blame on sherwood’s doorstep. Please the end of the season couldnt come any sooner…

    • 4everspurs says:

      We had a plan with AVB as he went about integrating the entire squad, a solid defence suddenly fell apart once the media started to get on AVB’s back about a lack of goals as they 1st put pressure to play defoe and then adebayor and my guess is decisions on team and tactics were already being taken away from AVB before he decided to walk. Also have to ask why our only other experienced left back was allowed out on loan with no replacement? It’s no wonder Rose want’s Sherwood stay as he is another favourite of his and a certain starter with no challenge.
      Sherwood is backed by the Redknapp road show and his media cronies.

  4. davidkk2 says:

    in the past week i defended tim,but this time i think he was clueles taking sandro and erikson off.
    the moment sandro went off goons were relieved.then he throw his jacket off whn ox missed the chance,ithink it shld hve been arsene doing that.then the post match interview he was hilarously repeating we outplayed arse,and telling them to admit it.why would they care at the end of day they got.wht they wanted “3pts”.

  5. Eric says:

    Face it folks,we blew it the day we sacked avb

  6. Eric says:

    Hey Tony u said in another article about Tim causing trouble for Hodson. What was that all about and when did it happen ? I genuinely want to know, thanks

    • Tony says:

      “ROY HODGSON believes Tim Sherwood is the man responsible for getting him sacked by Blackburn.

      The former Rovers manager has spoken for the first time since his dismissal two months ago about the role his ex-captain played in his departure.

      Hodgson believes Sherwood was furious when a proposed move to Tottenham fell through earlier in the season.

      He feels the player then allowed his unhappiness to spread throughout the club, leading to massive discontent among the players.

      Results that had already been poor got worse, and Hodgson was sacked in November after a home defeat by Southampton left them bottom of the Premiership.

      Sherwood was interviewed on TV that evening and made very clear that the club’s lowly position was the responsibility of the manager.

      But now Hodgson has hit back, claiming Sherwood found fault with everything and branding him “selfish”.

      And with Sherwood again the subject of interest by Spurs, because of a contract dispute, Hodgson re-opened old wounds to slam the player’s attitude during his final months at the club.
      Sound familiar?

  7. Tom Pizza says:

    Good article Tony….Sherwood is an embarassment to our FINE club..
    1st: The Britney meltdown at Chelsea…
    2nd: Squaring up to Benfica manager similar to a pub square off …
    3rd: Throwing ball at Sagna yes he is a gooner player however we expect more dignity from our manager, leave the ball throwing to us supporters!!
    4th: Continue to play Bentaleb…is annoying I pay for my season tkt for the best player to represent my club ..not a 2 fingered salute to levy’s buying policy
    and as for playing CHADLI!!!!!!!! i will leave it as that

    Sooner he is removed from the club the better all round

    • Tony says:

      Like you i agree the sooner he is gone the better but I’m not in the majority camp on Chadli as I still think there’s a lot to his game to come.

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